Quiet Places to Live in California (Top 7 Picks)

This article will unveil the top 7 quiet places to live in California for silence lovers.

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California is known as “The Golden State.”

This state has plenty of attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re considering moving to California, you’re probably asking yourself, “Where should I live in California?”

There are a lot of different areas you can live in, making it hard to choose where to move.

Here are some quiet places to live in California that are perfect for young adults who like having their space and do not want the hustle and bustle of city life.


1) Los Altos

Los Altos

Los Altos is a quiet and peaceful place to live in California.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Altos is known for its beautiful rolling hills, picturesque views, and proximity to Silicon Valley.

The town has a population of around 31,625 residents, according to a 2020 survey.

Los Altos offers residents an array of quality schools and recreation facilities that are perfect for families looking for a safe place to raise children.

The town’s unique topography provides residents with plenty of outdoor space for hiking or biking, making it an ideal community for outdoor enthusiasts.

Los Altos’ climate is also perfect for year-round outdoor activities like fishing or golfing at one of the many country clubs in the area.


2) Crestline


Crestline is also a quiet place to live in California.

It is also known as the “Queen of the San Bernardino Mountains” and has a population of about 4,428 residents, according to a census conducted in 2020.

Crestline was founded in 1850, making it one of the oldest incorporated communities in Southern California.

The city is bordered by the San Bernardino National Forest on its north side.

It includes many hiking trails ideal for nature lovers or those who enjoy outdoor activities like mountain biking, horseback riding, and rock climbing.

The town boasts an impressive collection of historic sites, including the Crestline Historical Society Museum and Museum of the Chinese Eastern States in downtown Crestline.

They offer exhibits that tell the story of this historic area through photographs, artifacts, and other memorabilia from its early days as a mining town up until the present day when it became an agricultural center for Kern County’s citrus industry.

Several other museums are located around town, including Crestline’s Museum of Art, which houses over 3,000 pieces, including paintings by local artists and works by famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol, among others.


3) Redwood City

Redwood City is another quiet place to live in California.

It’s the best place to raise children and start families.

It’s a great place to work, too, with many high-tech companies.

Redwood City also has more than its share of excellent schools and park spaces.

It also has many amenities like parks and libraries that residents use.

The city has a population of 85,385.

In addition, Redwood City has one of the lowest crime rates in the Bay Area!


4) Julian

Julian is the fourth quiet place to live in California.

It’s a quiet town in the San Diego County area.

This is not a place you would want to live if you like a lot of noise, traffic, and crime.

But if you are looking for a quiet place to live, then Julian is a good choice.

It has very little crime and a low unemployment rate, making it an attractive place to live.

The main attraction of Julian is its beautiful scenery.

There are many parks and trails in this area where people can enjoy hiking or biking.

There are also several lakes where people can go fishing or boating.

Julian also has several shopping centers.

So, residents do not have to travel far for shopping or entertainment needs such as movies, theaters, or restaurants.

There are also many restaurants in this area.

Residents do not have to worry about eating out every night either because there are plenty of options available at their neighborhood strip mall or other small malls located throughout the city limits of Julian, California.


5) Wrightwood

Wrightwood, California, is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

It has a cool climate, many trees and birds, great hiking trails, and some of the best wineries in California.

If you are looking for a quiet place to live in California, this might be it!

The town of Wrightwood is about 40 miles from Lake Arrowhead, California.

It is about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles.

The city is surrounded by mountains, forests, and streams, making it a wonderful place to live.

The population of Wrightwood is around 4,525 people, which means there are plenty of jobs available if you want to work outside of the house or shop downtown at night.

The community also offers many schools for kids and several churches for people who wish to worship God with others.


6) Ojai

Ojai, California, is a small town located in Ventura County.

It is known for its beautiful views and quiet atmosphere.

It is a great place to live if you want a quiet, peaceful place to call home.

Ojai residents enjoy all the city offers, including shops, restaurants, museums, and more.

Ojai is also known as an area where artists can be found working on their art year-round.

Many galleries throughout the city host local artists who display their work around town during various events throughout the year.

There are plenty of activities to do in Ojai, whether you prefer to stay indoors or outdoors.

Residents can enjoy biking and hiking trails that connect them with nearby cities such as Santa Paula and Fillmore, CA.

Also included in this list are tennis courts, basketball courts, and baseball fields where families can spend time together playing sports or just relaxing outdoors on a sunny day!


7) Fallbrook

Fallbrook is also a quiet and peaceful place to live in California.

Fallbrook is located in San Diego County, and the population was 31,701 people at the 2020 census.

It’s close to many famous places like Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo, making it an ideal location for families and retirees to enjoy.

The town also has several parks and beaches nearby and an active community theater group that puts on plays throughout the year.

There are also plenty of shopping options, including several grocery stores, restaurants, and small boutiques open on weekends.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to live in California, Fallbrook is an excellent choice!


Final Thoughts

From camping in the Redwood Forest and Crestline museums to being surrounded by nature’s beauty, there are many ways for you to live peacefully and quietly in California.

You’ll also enjoy the urban setting and serenity within the confines of your backyard.

So, these were the 7 quiet places to live in California.

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