Top 10 Quietest Animals In The World

Top 10 Quietest Animals In The World

Animals make a sound to get attention or to spread terror to their opponents. They even make noise to get attention.  You may be surprised to know that some animals make no noise. They don’t use their vocal abilities to communicate.  Even if they make any sound, it’s so low in frequency that it’s not … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Get Quiet Confidence

Ways to Get Quiet Confidence

Quiet confidence is when you are so sure about yourself that you don’t think of any other outcome other than success. You are 100% sure that you are never going to fail.  In quiet confidence, you don’t feel the need to speak or announce your plans. You only let your actions speak. You believe in … Read more

14 Easy Ways to Quiet Your Mind

Ways to Quiet Your Mind

Sometimes it’s essential to quiet your mind. Having too much self-talk and mental imagery can be destructive sometimes. Because of all the rush inside your mind, you won’t be able to focus on anything.  Your mind should remain calm and peaceful. You should think only when you need and keep quiet otherwise.  A quiet mind … Read more

8 Ways to Quiet Your Inner Critic

8 Ways to Quiet Your Inner Critic

Two types of voices come from inside you. One is encouraging, and another one is the discouraging voice.  Your inner critic is the inner voice that discourages you. This voice makes you believe that you are not good enough.  Your confidence may shatter if you pay too much attention to this voice. This voice spreads … Read more

Top 10 Loudest Animals In The World


Human ears are designed to tolerate sound levels up to 120 decibels. Two people talking at a regular frequency do not cross 50 decibels.  At 200 decibels, a human ear can rupture. You may feel physical pain if the sound is louder than 120 decibels. Sounds louder than this range are also not suitable for … Read more

Top 10 Noisiest Cities in the World

Top 10 noisiest cities in the world

Noise is one of the most significant pollutants in modern cities. Still, this risk is often overlooked despite being linked to an increased risk of premature death.  Noise pollution can cause health problems for humans and wildlife on land and in the sea. From traffic noise to rock concerts, loud or unavoidable sounds can cause … Read more

13 Ways to Quiet a Classroom (Without Being Angry)

13 Ways to Quiet a Classroom

A noisy classroom may sound less like an educational place but more like a fish market. Classrooms shouldn’t be noisy. A classroom is a place of learning and discipline.  Older kids can sometimes be equally noisy as the young ones. Students make friends at school and need to talk about everything in the world whenever … Read more

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