How to Become a Quiet Person in 10 Easy Steps

If you are someone who talks a lot but wants to learn how to become a quiet person, then this is for you!

Even though there’s nothing wrong with someone who enjoys talking, sometimes we wish we could be quieter, whether to fit in more easily socially or to take control of what comes out of our mouths.

The recipe for becoming a quiet person is very simple, and here I’m sharing ten easy ways to do it.

Being talkative is okay; however, being quieter can also help you improve your relationships with others and even your relationship with yourself.

When we spend less time talking, we take the time to hear our thoughts more clearly.

This helps you better control your thoughts and emotions.

But let’s dive in and explore the best ways to become a quiet person.


1. Learn How to Relax


One of the most common reasons some people talk more than others is because they have too much going on in their minds.

And while this can be very productive, it can also be equally disruptive, as your mind literally has a mind of its own.

So the first thing you should do when learning to become a quieter person is take control of your mind.

Some of the things that you can do to relax your mind include:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Start a new hobby

The easiest way to relax your mind is to focus on something that can give you a purpose without using your mind as much; this will help you quiet your mind and learn how to function without concentrating on what is in your mind.


2. Start Journaling

Start Journaling

Another way to learn how to become a quiet person is to learn how to organize your thoughts.

We all drive busy lives, which can lead us to bottle up many things inside. This can create overwhelming pressure on yourself when controlling your thoughts and emotions.

Starting journaling will help you organize those emotions and thoughts; a journal can give you a different perspective of yourself.

And can help you to become calmer and in more control of how you feel and what you say.


3. Think Before You Speak

Think before you speak

Talking before thinking is one of the most common reasons people talk so much.

One thing that differentiates quieter people from talkative people is their ability to think before saying anything.

There is a clear-thinking process that prevents them from saying a lot.

But when it comes to talkative people, that process doesn’t really exist.

So the next time you are in the middle of a conversation, why not try to think about what you will say before saying it?

This will help you keep a quieter pace when it comes to talking but also help you practice listening more to your thoughts and, of course, the other people around you.


4. Don’t Interrupt the Conversation

Another way to become a quiet person is to stop yourself from interrupting a conversation.

Waiting for others to be done talking will help you be quieter and understand other people’s points of view more profoundly.

More often than not, we miss what others are trying to say because we are busy talking.

Taking a step back and listening to what others say will help you become quieter and engage in the conversation.

In the beginning, this may feel frustrating, so try to use methods to stay focused, such as breathing.


5. Observe Others

Have you ever noticed how other people behave in a conversation?

It’s extremely easy to miss those things when you are talkative, but once you learn how to become a quiet person, it will be easy to observe what goes around you.

You can read the conversation from body language to emotional expressions even when someone is not talking.

This will also help you recognize how others feel without saying a word.


6. Ask the Right Type of Questions

When we are busy talking, we don’t think about asking the right questions.

And what are the correct types of questions?

Well, any kind of questions that are not focused on you.

And this is because when we are in a middle of a conversation, we tend to think more about how we feel, which can lead us to talk a little more.

But when we shift that focus to someone else, we will instantly talk less but hear more.


7. Use Body Language

One of the things that you can do when trying to learn to become a quiet person is to use other ways to communicate without needing to talk.

Body language, for example, is a great way to ensure others that we are listening to what they are saying without needing to inform them of this.

Also, body language will give the feeling that you are participating in the conversation, even without talking much.

A nod or a smile will ensure that others are paying attention and enjoying the chat without needing to talk.


8. Allow Others to Take the Lead

People who tend to talk more than others tend to take the lead in a conversation.

But if you are trying to become a quieter person, then this is something that you shouldn’t do as much.

Allowing others to take the lead and become a quieter part of the conversation will allow you to become quieter, yet it will also help you become a more active listener.


9. Spend Time with Your Introverts Friends

If you happen to have introverts in your group of friends or co-workers, spending time with them will show you how you can also become a quieter person by watching how they behave in a conversation.

Trying to learn to become a quiet person in a group of people who talk a lot can be a little more challenging than when doing it with people who naturally speak less.


10. Don’t Forget to Take Time for Yourself

While you can use many techniques to become a quiet person, one of the things that you should never forget to do, is to spend more time with yourself alone.

Often, we behave in a certain way because we spend too much time with others but rarely alone.

But taking the time to appreciate yourself will instantly help you with your quest to talk less with others.


Final Thoughts

There’s nothing wrong with talking too much or too little, but it’s always okay to improve ourselves to become the best version we can be.

Learning how to become a quiet person will help you improve your relationships, but above all, it will help you get to know yourself better.

So enjoy the process and take the time to get to know yourself a little more while building stronger connections with the people around you.

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