5 Quietest Cars of 2023

Car is the name of comfort. The car you own is the best buddy if it is in good condition, noise-free and well-maintained.  

A noisy car is the source of tension and discomfort during your journey on a highway. The car has complex internal systems, which need to be checked regularly. 

There can be many factors that contribute to the noise of cars. They can indicate some internal problem in the machinery, or it may be some external factor caused by bad road conditions. 

Here in this article, we will discuss the common causes of car noise and their solutions. We’ll also share details about the quietest cars available in the market today in the current year, along with their positives and negatives. 

Later in the article, we’ll present a small buyer’s guide to help the reader select the most suitable car for them and suggest how to silence a noisy car. 

So let’s start by discussing common causes of car noise. 

Common Causes of Car Noise

The noise from the car engine can be categorized into two main scenarios: when you start the engine and when you are driving the car. 

Let’s see a little bit about them.


●    Noise when you start your engine 

We can hear different kinds of noise when we start our car, like a clicking sound. This clicking sound indicates that there is some problem with the battery. 

This problem can be easily solved. Most of the workshops do free battery checkups. 

This problem mostly arises in the winter when the engine needs more power to get started because of very low temperatures. 

Sometimes we hear squealing sounds while starting due to the auxiliary belt. When it is cold, it becomes harder, and also its grip becomes weaker, and it makes such sounds. It can be repaired and does not cause serious problems or damage to the engine. 

When the engine starts, the tipping noise is like a loud metallic noise with high frequency. It fades away after some time. It indicates that you have to check your engine oil. It needs a change. Usually, such sounds are heard on cold days or if the car isn’t started for a long period of time. But if it occurs every time you start the engine, consult a mechanic. 

●    Car noise while driving

 It has to be observed closely. Sometimes when you speed up the car, it squeaks. Sometimes, You hear noise while turning the steering wheel or accelerating or braking the car. 

When the noise is heard turning the corners or the roundabouts, it shows the problem with your power steering system. The wheel bearings, which are responsible for reducing the friction from the joints, can be responsible for the problem. 

Sometimes, this noise comes from underneath the car where the exhaust system works. 

All these noises are due to the wear and tear that occurs over time in the car’s suspension system, which is made up of multiple joints and links. 

In short, we can say that any unusual sound from the car has to be recognized on time. Problems should be treated as early as possible. It is critical not only for your vehicle but also for your life safety. 

The Quietest Car of 2023 

Cars in the modern world are generally quiet. They are made to have a comfortable, noiseless experience of travelling. 

Here we are providing the readers with a list of some of the best picks among them. 


Mercedes-Benz S-class 


Basic features

● 5 seats

● Fuel consumption 12-20 city, 21-28 highway

● All Wheel Drive 

● 439-621 Horsepower

● Updated paint and upholstery options 


The Mercedes Benz S-Class is a true luxury car. It is the peak of technology with high performance. 

All these things are there, but comfort is not at all compromised in this luxury package. You don’t feel the uneven road while driving this car. 

When we talk about the quietness of the

Obviously, we expect a luxury car like this to be super quiet. So it is the case here. 

The cabin of this car is super insulated, preventing every bit of noise from coming in. It has a semi-hybrid touch. When it is given power or acceleration, it shows its smoothness. 

It has an extravagant make, luxury comfortable seats, a spacious interior and a high-tech driving experience. So it has to be expensive, but it is even higher than one can think. 

If you want the quietest luxury car and can pay a huge price, this car is definitely worth buying. Otherwise, cheaper options are always available. 



● Luxury, spacious and comfortable

● Quiet, bump-free drive

● Strong engine



● Very high price

● Small Trunk 

5 Quietest Cars of 2023 

1.  Mercedes Benz ESQ Sedan


Basic features

● 5 seats

● Battery charging 76-92 city/ 78-99 highway


● 329-649 Horsepower 


This is another luxury series Mercedes Benz ESQ Sedan, an electric car. 

This is the top pick for today’s article after the Mercedes Benz S class because of its spacious interior and large cargo hold. It is one of the top standard cars, no doubt, its performance proves. 

This ESQ is one of the most important Mercedes-Benz cars in electric vehicles. It is comfortable, noiseless, and smooth but swift also. 

The ESQ sedan has an air suspension system that absorbs all the vibration from the road. The cabin is super insulated, which reduces the road noise. Even on a highway, you don’t feel the engine’s noise. 

It has many impressive features which make it stand out. The spacious cabin with a full luxury feel and the electric drive of up to 340 miles and smooth drive add to the positive side of the car. 

That’s why if you are searching for a comfortable car with smooth drive with Impressive battery life, you should select the Mercedes Benz ESQ Sedan. All this makes this car an expensive one. 



● New spacious interior

● Outstanding performance and quiet drive

● Battery range is impressive

● Big cargo hold 



● Price is super high


2. Cadillac Escalade 

Basic features

● 7 seats

● RWD, 4WD 

● 277-420 horseplay

● 14-22 city /19-27 highway


This Cadillac Escalade is a big vehicle. It is a big truck-based SUV (sport utility vehicle). Obviously, it has a big and spacious interior, but it is not noisy at all. 

It has the capacity to absorb the vibration and the noise of the road. Hence it is a quiet and smoothly driven vehicle. 

When you have to converse in a big vehicle like this, you have to struggle a little bit. But this car has small microphones in the cabin to overcome the problem. 

The Cadillac Escalade is definitely a large luxury SUV. It has three engines to ensure a smooth drive. Its interior gives luxurious, comfortable vibes when you sit and travel. 

Its infotainment system is outstanding. It has three rows of seats where 7 adults can fit. It has a big cargo hold and a very effective towing capacity. 

So, we can recommend Escalade for the readers to purchase if they want a big, spacious, luxury SUV. It is modern, with the latest features and technology. It can definitely prove to be a comfortable and quiet ride. 



● Luxurious and spacious interior

● Big cargo capacity

● Smooth and balanced drive

● Latest and most advanced technology 



Fuel consumption is not economical 

3. Jeep Grand Wagoneer


Basic features

● 7 seats

● Fuel consumption 13-14 city/ 18-20 highway

● 4 WD

● 471-510 horsepower 


So, here comes another SUV Grand Wagoneer with all the technology and services one imagined in his SUV. 

The towing capacity is impressive. It can tow 9870 pounds with horsepower ranging from 471-510. 

It has a quadra lift air suspension system and an automatic adjustment system, so you don’t have to stop the vehicle from raising or lowering the suspension. 

This quadra lift air suspension system guarantees a smooth and noiseless drive. Aldo, the spacious cabin of the Wagoneer is ensured against noise because of the rear seat entertainment systems. Because usually, more noise comes from the backside. 

It has two powerful engines, which will be helpful in quiet driving. It has other technology specifications and a big cargo hold. 

So, it is definitely a yes if you want to have a powerful luxury truck price is obviously a little high, but it is a cost-effective option that pays you back in comfort and convenience. 



● Powerful and effective engines 

● Spacious and comfortable cabin

● Latest tech and features

● Smooth, noiseless drive



● Fuel consumption is not economical

● High standards concerning price

4. Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid 2023


Basic features

● 7 seats

● 260 horsepower 

● Front Wheel Drive

● 82 electric/ 30 gas


This Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid car is another big, spacious minivan on our list. It has a wide and spacious cabin with three rows of seats. It also has a lot of cargo space. 

It has a smooth drive and a super-insulated interior, providing a soothing travel experience. 

The prominent feature of this minivan is a plug-in power train. This makes the car travel up to 32 miles in electric mode before the engine starts.

This powertrain is controlled by the changing transmission, which is noisy because of its variable nature, but it is not noisy in the case of the Pacifica. 

Regarding the infotainment, it has a rear seat touchscreen system with a TV and games. 

It is spacious, economical in fuel usage and has many safety features. Precisely speaking, it has all the prominent features which you want in an efficient and cost-effective minivan. 

Customers are concerned about the high price, but it is the only plug-in hybrid minivan with sole electric driving. 



● Spacious interior

● Fuel efficient

● All electric drive feature 

● Modern and user-friendly features 




5.  BMW i7


Basic features

● 5 seats

● 81 City/ 85 Highway

● All Wheel Drive

● 536 horsepower 


The discussion about the luxurious, smoothly driven and quietest car is incomplete without talking about BMWs. 

Here we are getting to know the BMW i7, a German-made, electric luxury car. It is certainly a next-level luxury car with smooth drive, zero noise and modern styling. 

BMWs are the latest, modern and stylish. And i7 is one of them. It has two electric motors, giving 536 horsepower. The electric range is 328 miles. 

Its unbelievably high price can give a shock. But the energy efficiency saves a lot of money later. So it is a practical vehicle too. The luxe feel of the car is the cherry on top. 



● Royal feel of the interior

● Lavishly comfortable seats 

● Powerful but smooth driving 





The Quietest Car: Buying Guide

Now, we have come to the point of discussion where we have seen the details of the best and quietest cars in the world.

Next, in the article, we will outline the major points one should keep in mind before buying a silent car. 

All the points discussed below are directly linked to a maintained and quiet car. 


●    Know your budget

Thrst and the basic step before doing any big deal like buying a car, you should have a clear idea about your budget/ resources. Obviously, it demands that you should live in reality, not Youtasy. 

 You want a luxurious car, and your budget doesn’t allow you. Then don’t haste and buy a second hand. Prioritize the new car. 

New and small cars will be better than old and big cars. After all, smooth and quiet travel should be the goal, not the status consciousness.

●    Selection between the new and used car

Once you know your budget, then you come to the point of how big or spacious a car you need. 

If you require a bigger car according to your circumstances, see the budget and whether you can afford a new one.

If not, you can search for an old one in better condition. The car’s condition is all that matters to have a peaceful and silent ride. Always count on the analysis of cost and benefits.

●    Clearly know what you need 

Always have a clear idea about what you need, and then plan to buy the car. Decide according to your requirements, budget, lifestyle and taste. 

After that, analyze the features and specifications of the car you are trying to buy. For example, what size, model and fuel specification would you prefer? 

●    Do take time for research

Everything is now available online. Take some time to search for the vehicle you want to buy. 

This can not only help you make a clear picture of the specific car in your mind, but it can also help open the door towards maybe some other better and beneficial option. 

This will help you negotiate better with the car dealers and ultimately lead you toward a better deal. 

●    Have a test drive before purchasing

It is very important to help you decide about the car you purchase. Do take some time to have a test drive so that you can know whether whatever research you have done online is correct. 

You can even have the idea while sitting in the car while parked. Still, the interior, system and control can be checked. 

After that, don’t hesitate to ask further about the vehicle from the dealer. 


●    Never decide in a hurry

Investment in your favourite car is not a short-term deal. It has to go a long way and almost a lifetime with you. 

That’s why it shouldn’t be an impulsive decision. You should go through all the details about the car before and at the time of buying it. 

Search for the details available online on the company’s website as well as the customers’ reviews. Consider all the details about car leasing/financing because different options are always available. 

When purchasing, check the functions and features properly so you don’t have to regret them later.

●    Do consider the resale value of the car 

This is the last but not the least point to be considered. Every car has a different resale value because every car has different features. 

A lot of things matter, like the fuel efficiency, the engine power, the brand of the car and most importantly, the availability of spare parts for the particular car. 

All these things contribute to the car’s resale value, and you should have checked it priory to be safe. 


How to make a noisy car silent

Noisy vehicles are always irritating and disturbing. They create stress on the passengers and even on the drivers. They can be distracted easily, and thus, any unpleasant experience can take place.

So here are some of the tips that we want to share to make a noisy car peaceful. 

●    Check the tires and the exhaust system of the car 

Mostly the problem is within the vehicle. The noise of the road, the swift wind, or the car’s exhaust system creates such noise. 

Old tires can produce a lot of noise with friction from the road. They should be changed as early as possible. 

Actually, all these sounds are not only the source of tension and distraction, but they are like the alarm to warn us against any potential danger. 

Old and worn-out tires are a potential risk, especially on the highways. Other things to be checked that are noise sources are loose belts and other fittings. 

●    Fix the weatherstripping to block noise

Again we’ll talk about the wind noise coming from the little holes or minutely open corners of the car doors. 

To fix the problem, we use weatherstripping on the doors and windows of the car. They are easily accessible from automobile shops. These little things make a huge difference in noise reduction. 


●    Use of noise-dampening and sound-deadening materials 

Some vehicles have in-built sound deadening materials installed in them. But you must mostly install these yourself when you buy the new vehicle or after some time when it becomes noisy. 

Acoustic foam or panels can be added to your vehicle (new or old). These are easily available and cheaply applied. 

Sound-dampening material like dynamite absorbs the sounds and vibration from the engine. It is a thin and flexible material which has self-adhesive properties. 


●    Use of soundproofing sprays

Soundproofing sprays can also be used to control noise. They are obviously liquid, used to reach those parts of the car which are out of reach, like under the car. They are heat resistant, so they have to be applied in good quantity.


●    Regular maintenance of the car

Like any other machine, a car also needs regular maintenance. Regular tuning and maintenance work contributes a lot to the vehicle’s overall health.

All the car’s moving parts have to be lubricated regularly; it will protect the parts from friction, which is a major cause of noise. 

We already talked about the tyres, belts, exhaust and suspension system. All these have to be taken care of. 

●    Addition of a partition

This is a very effective way to separate you from the cargo area. It is done basically to make the car’s heating and cooling system effective. But it contributes a lot to noise reduction.


Author’s note

So now we are here to conclude our discussion about the quietest cars and how important it is to have noise-free, smoothly driven cars for peaceful travelling.

We also discussed in detail the world’s most famous and quietest cars and their positive and negative points. 

In the last part of the article, we tried to make a buyer’s guide for readers interested in purchasing quiet cars. We also gave some suggestions about how to make a noisy car silent. 

Hopefully, the information is worthy for the readers. And will prove to be helpful in making the decision. 


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