How to Silence a Microwave

how to silence a microwave

Microwaves make a lot of noise while we heat food in them. It may seem impossible to you to silence a microwave because, normally, they are considered one of the noisiest kitchen appliances. Even after heating your food, the microwave beeps as an alarm to take out the food. This article is all about helping … Read more

How to Silence Wind Chimes

how to quiet wind chimes

Wind chimes are historically known for their beautifully musical and soothing sound. But they can be a source of noise and disturbance too. If they produce too loud or unpleasant noise every time the wind touches their pipes, we have to look for a remedy. In this article, we will discuss in detail the structure … Read more

How to Soundproof your Bedroom

Soundproof your bedroom

If you’re into soundproofing, the very first thing you should soundproof is your bedroom. Your bedroom is the place where you sleep and relax. So it should be the most peaceful and quiet place in your house. Obviously, you can’t control all the people, animals, and machinery that keeps making noise outside your house. But … Read more

11 Causes of Noisy Ceiling Fans

Noisy ceiling fan

Do you have noisy ceiling fans in your home? Are you unaware of the reason for this noise? Don’t worry! In this article, we will cover the 11 most common reasons for noisy ceiling fans. Keep reading till the end to know the cause of your ceiling fan. One of the most vexing household annoyances … Read more

Moments of Silence in a Relationship (Top 14 Benefits)

This article will unveil all the facts about why moments of silence in a relationship are important. Sitting in quiet with another person might be awkward for some of us.  We’ll say anything to break the silence, keep the conversation going, and relieve tension. However, moments of silence with significant individuals are not an issue; … Read more

How Do You Deal With a Quiet Partner (12 Ways)

dealing with quiet partner

Silence is golden, but that does not apply in every situation. If you have a silent partner who doesn’t discuss things with you and doesn’t talk about problems, this may affect your relationship. You must have heard that communication is the key to healthy relationships. If your partner lacks to communicate things with you, that … Read more

How to Spank Someone Quietly

How to Spank Someone Quietly

Spanking is common in many households, but when you decide to spank someone quietly, it may be a difficult task. This is because spanking itself is a noisy affair. Spanking with wooden paddles, belts, hairbrushes, or even hands can get incredibly loud, especially if done on bare skin. Most people prefer keeping activities quiet during … Read more

The Washing Machine Sounds Like An Airplane (How to fix it?)

The Washing Machine Sounds Like An Airplane

Sometimes appliances produce unusual noises. This may be due to any defect present inside them.  Never ignore any appliance in your home that has started producing loud noises. This may be a warning for you to get it checked before it breaks down. Appliances like washing machines should be serviced every three to four months. … Read more

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