5 Quietest Keyboard Switches 2023

The constant clicking noise from the keyboard switches can be very irritating, especially for those around you.

Some older models of keyboards have switches that can be very noisy, while thanks to modern-day technology, there are now keyboard switches that dampen the typing effect.

A quiet keyboard is a blessing which relieves your ears and puts less stress on the fingers while you type.

This article includes five quiet keyboard switches of 2023 that will make your life easy if you’re annoyed by the constant noise.

Also, the buying guide at the end of this article will help you buy suitable keyboard switches that best suit your needs.

The buying guide will include all the important factors that you must consider before buying yourself the quietest keyboard switches of your keyboard.

So let’s get started!


Quietest Keyboard Switch on the Market 2023

EPOMAKER Quiet Keyboard Switch

Regarding my favourite and the one that suits me, EPOMAKER Quiet Keyboard Switch is at the top of the list.

It is one of the most famous and heavy-duty choices on the list, so I decided to start with this one.

EPOMAKER Quiet Keyboard Switch is a mechanical keyboard switch providing a tactile typing experience.

It is noiseless, which is why it is also famous for its quiet operation.

You won’t disturb your roommates and coworkers while working on it.

The switch has tactile feedback, which provides a slight bump when you press the key, giving you a satisfying typing experience.

You get 30 mechanical switches in the set, and each switch has an actuation force rating of just 47 gf.

This means you will not have to put much pressure on your fingers and will have a good, comfortable and fast typing experience.

Also, for a smoother experience, these keys are factory lubed and are built with a self-lubricating mechanism to maintain a smooth experience.

And lastly, these switches are compatible with various keyboards and provide a long-lasting typing experience for you.


Key features

  • You get a total of 30 switches in the set
  • These are linear mechanical switches
  • 47 gf actuation force is required for these switches
  • These are factory-lubed mechanical switches



  • These keyboard switches are one of the most popular options on the market
  • These keyboard switches are a relatively cheaper choice for quiet keys
  • They have a self-lubricating mechanism



  • The actuation force of these keyboard switches is less than other options on the market


5 Quietest Keyboard Switches on the Market 2023

Here I’m going to review five more quietest keyboard switches.

If you’re searching for quiet keyboard switches right now, you can select one according to your needs.

It is not necessary that what works best for me will also work best for you.

Everyone has different expectations of the products they use and uses them differently.

I found EPOMAKER Quiet Keyboard Switches quiet and most efficient, but you may have a different preference.

You can select the one according to what best suits you.

So, here are 5 more options for you.


1) Akko CS Quiet Keyboard Switch

So here, the next silent mechanical switch comes from Akko.

Akko CS Quiet Keyboard Switch is one of the most popular choices of thousands of buyers, and also it is quite cheaper compared to the other options on the market.

These are tactile, budget-friendly switches which durable, and you can easily rely on them.

They are also dustproof and water resistant, protecting them from dust and water damage.

A total of 36 gf actuation force is required for these tactile switches, which is quite good and won’t put much stress on your fingers.

These have a 2 mm pre-travel and 4 mm total travel distance.

The switch is compatible with various keyboards and provides a long-lasting typing experience.

You’ll be surprised that the switch comes in 26 different colours, so you get a lot of variety if you like matching the switches with your setup.

Also, all DIY enthusiasts will love this product because of the built-in LED slot, which is SMD compatible.


Key features

  • This set contains a total of 45 switches
  • These are tactile mechanical switches
  • 36 gf of actuation force is required
  • Have a built-in SMD-compatible LED slot



  • These are one of the most popular options for quiet keyboard switches
  • They are rated for 60 million keystrokes
  • They are compatible with many standard keyboards



  • Larger travel distance may affect the typing speed


2) YUNZII AKKO Queit Keyboard Switch

Before moving forward, check out on YUNZII AKKO Queit Keyboard Switch.

This is another good and budget-friendly option. Akko.

This 3-pin mechanical switch set from Akko provides 45 keys in a set to replace more keys without spending more.

YUNZII AKKO Queit Keyboard Switch is also a good option for all DIY enthusiasts because of its compatibility with all the MX mechanical keyboards and the built-in LED slot that allows all kinds of modifications you want.

It has a 43 gf actuation force, a 2mm pre-travel distance and a 3.6 mm total travel distance.

The switch also has a lifespan of around 50 million keystrokes, making it durable and long-lasting.

So overall, it is a great option for all those who are DIY enthusiasts and those who want a quiet working experience.


Key features

  • The set contains a total of 45 switches
  • These are the linear mechanical switches
  • 43 gf actuation force is required
  • 3 pin design offers compatibility with 3-pin and 5-pin keyboards



  • One of the good budget choices when it comes to buying 45 switches in a set
  • It comes from a reliable brand
  • You get a variety of good colour choice



  • The build quality and the material could have been made better


3) DROP Quiet Keyboard Switch

DROP Quiet Keyboard Switch is a perfect option for all those people who want to replace all their keyboard switches for a quieter experience instead of buying a new quiet keyboard.

The Halo True Mechanical Keyboard Switches from DROP are one of the most efficient and popular options I decided to include on the list.

This set includes a total of 70 switches, so you can replace all your switches on the keyboard for more convenience, and still, there will be spare keys left for you to store as backup.

The good part is that the Cherry MX design makes the keys compatible with almost all keyboards.

These switches fall in the medium to heavy tactile category, meaning you will experience a slightly higher noise than the other switches on the list.

DROP Quiet Keyboard Switch has a 60 actuation force and a 4 mm total travel distance.

It is also popular because of its compatibility with various keyboards and providing a smooth and stable typing experience.

Overall, you won’t regret buying this quiet keyboard switch; you will be more comfortable using it.


Key features

  • You get a total of 70 switches in the set
  • These are the tactile mechanical switches
  • 60 gf actuation force is required for these
  • Provides tactile feedback without the additional noise



  • This is one of the premium sets of mechanical quiet switches
  • You get a lot of keys in a single set
  • This is one of the best options for larger keyboards



  • The actuation force is double as compared to other choices on the market


4) Glorious Quiet Keyboard Switch

Here is the next option if you’re looking for switches for keyboards compatible with 5-pin.

There are very few keyboards that are compatible with 5-pin switches; most of the keyboards are compatible with 3-pin switches.

Glorious Quiet Keyboard Switch is a 5-pin switch, so I decided to add this next to the list.

The Glorious Lynx Switch is another very good option for the quietest switches.

This is also another 5-pin switch and comes in a set of 36 linear mechanical switches.

These switches are factory lubed, so you won’t feel the need to lubricate them often and still enjoy the silent performance.

The best part is that these switches have excellent build quality, a unique polycarbonate exterior, and a Nylon PA12 bottom shell.

You will enjoy the soft and smooth performance of these switches, which you won’t be able to experience from any other options on the market.


Key features

  • This set contains a total of 36 switches
  • These are linear mechanical switches
  • A total of 67 gf actuation force is required
  • It is compatible with all + stem keyboards



  • These are the factory-lubed switches
  • They have a 5-pin design for better compatibility
  • No customization is required



  • The installation of these switches is a bit trickier than other options


5) Outemu Quiet Keyboard Switch

Outemu Quiet Keyboard Switches are one of the most durable and reliable options.

Most of the budget-friendly mechanical keyboards have used these switches.

Even if you own one of the budget-friendly mechanical keyboards, there’s a high chance that you have already used these switches.

The reliability of these switches ensures that these switches last longer than even you might have thought.

Outemu is a very popular brand known for mechanical switches and their good quality.

Most of the keyboards that you might have seen in the market recently have Outemu switches.

Outemu also provides you with the cheapest options on the market.

The set contains a total of 20 switches, which may seem to be very little in quantity to you, but that is helpful so that you can test the switches before buying another set.

Also, 20 switches in a set with such a low price are acceptable.

These are tactile and clicky mechanical switches, but still, they are not noisy as you may expect them to be.

They require 45 gf actuation force with a 4 mm total travel time.

Outemu Quiet Keyboard Switches are also dustproof and water resistant, protecting them from dust and water damage.

Overall, I suggest you try these switches as they are not as expensive as the others on the list.

And I truly hope you won’t regret buying them because most users give positive reviews.


Key features

  • There are a total of 20 switches in a single set
  • These are tactile and clicky mechanical switches
  • A total of 45 gf actuation force is required
  • These are one of the ideal choices for hot-swappable keyboards



  • These switches are suitable for typing as well as gaming
  • No loud clicking sound
  • These are also suitable for DIY projects



  • These switches are not as silent as the other options on the market


Buying Guide; Quietest Keyboard Switches

This buying guide contains all the important factors you must consider while buying the quietest keyboard switches for yourself.

These factors will help you decide on which type of keyboard switches best suit you.

Every individual has different preferences and different needs.

Maybe what suits you best will not suit you because you have different preferences than me.

I’ve reviewed several products in the above article and mentioned which is my favourite.

After going through this buying guide thoroughly, you will be able to decide which one of the products is your favourite.

Selecting a single product from the above may not be as easy as you think.

Make your decision carefully after going through the buying guide.

So let’s get started.


Types of switches

There are three types of switches

  • Linear
  • Tactile
  • Clicky

Linear switches have a smooth keystroke with no tactile feedback.

Tactile switches have a bump you can feel when pressing down on the key.

Clicky switches have an audible click sound when you press down on the key.

So, each type of switch has its feel, and it is up to your preference which one you like more.

You must choose a switch that best suits your typing preferences.

If you like a smooth keystroke experience without feedback, you better use a linear switch.

And if you prefer a tactile bump when you press down on a key, buy the tactile switch.

For those who like an audible click when they press on a press, clicky switches may be the best option.


Actuation force and travel distance

When discussing keyboard switches, do you know what actuation force and travel distance are?

Let me tell you.

Actuation force is the amount of force required to register a keystroke, while the travel distance is the distance a key needs to be pressed down before it registers a keystroke.

So, actuation force and the travel distance are very important factors that need to be considered if you prefer a keyboard with a light touch and shorter keystrokes.

In this case, you must choose switches with lower actuation force and a shorter travel distance.

You must also know that actuation force and travel distance affect the noise level, typing speed, and accuracy.

Most people prefer quick typing and accuracy, so they must buy switches with lower actuation force and shorter travel distances.



The material used in the construction of the switch and the build quality is one of the major factors affecting the switch’s noise level.

A switch’s components, like the stem, housing and dampeners, also need to be constructed with a material that does not contribute to the noise.

Materials such as nylon and polyoxymethylene help create less noise and dampen the noise produced while pressing the keys.

Some materials like plastic can cause the switches to sound louder due to how sound resonates through the material.

So it is very important to consider the material of the switches when you’re looking for quiet switches for your keyboard.


Switch set

As mentioned in the article above, some switches come in a set of as few as 20 switches, while some come in a set of as many as 70 switches.

You must first know about the keyboard layout you’re using to ensure you’re buying the most compatible option and then buy the switches accordingly.


Advantages of Quiet Keyboard Switches

There are many advantages to quiet keyboard switches, some of which are:


Reduced noise

Quieter switches can help reduce the keyboard’s noise while you type on it.

This can be a huge advantage if you work in an office or a shared space without disturbing others.


Reduced strain

Another advantage of the quiet keyboard switches is the reduced strain on your fingers and hands.

If you type a lot for longer periods, this can be especially important for you.


Discreet typing

Did you know that quiet switches can help you type more discreetly?

Yes, it’s right.

This is useful if you’re working in a public space or don’t want to disturb anyone around you.


Improved focus

Quieter switches can also help you focus better on your work by reducing distractions and making it easier to concentrate on what you’re typing.


Better typing experience

A better typing experience can be another great advantage regarding quieter switches.

When you don’t have to put a lot of force while pressing a switch, it will be a more comfortable and easier typing experience.


Improved typing speed and accuracy

As mentioned earlier in the article, quieter switches help you type more quickly and accurately with fewer mistakes.

When you’re typing quickly, it can be easy to accidentally press the wrong key or make errors, but quieter switches can help make typing more precise and efficient.


Author’s note

Choosing the right kind of quiet switches for your keyboard may not be as easy as you think.

You need to consider many factors, some of which are also mentioned in the above article.

The above article includes several of the most efficient and quietest keyboard switches you may like for working or gaming.

Now is the time to replace your clicky keyboard switches with silent ones to make your life peaceful.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and buy yourself the quietest keyboard switches that you think are best suitable for you according to your needs.



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