How to Stop Worrying About Noisy Neighbors

It may be the most helpless feeling if you have noisy neighbors and cannot do anything about them.

But now you should end worrying about all your noisy neighbors because this article is all you were looking for.

So, let’s look at what you can do if you’re too stressed out because of your noisy neighbors.


1. Relax

Relaxing aesthetics

First and foremost, practice relaxation.

There are many options, like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and tai chi.

Take classes and see what works for you the best.

See if you have any place near your home where you can go and spend some time to clear your mind of all the noise.

Visit a place full of greenery, go somewhere in nature or see if you find a river bank where you can sit for some time.

When you deliberately practice relaxation, your mind will start functioning like that.


2. Leave

Try to spend weekends and other noisy days out of the house.

Of course, you shouldn’t be forced to leave your house, it should be your choice, but you should also take care of your mental health.

If you know that your neighbors are noisier during the weekends, make plans to spend with friends or in nature.

This may be the best decision for your mental health.

Go out for a walk in nature, go for a coffee date at a peaceful restaurant, or sign up for any fun activity on weekends.

If you get informed that your neighbors are planning a party on Saturday, make a prior plan for yourself.

Before the noise from your neighbors makes you mad, try to avoid that noise as much as possible.


3. Exercise

Noise can be very stressful for you, especially if you constantly face it.

It can cause a lot of mental as well as physical health issues.

During stressful times our bodies release a hormone called cortisol.

Getting rid of this hormone is very important because it causes many health issues.

The only way to get rid of it is to increase physical activity.

Be physically active, do a lot of exercises, dance, play outdoor games, or go for a walk regularly.

You can also join martial art classes to make sure you get a chance to get rid of all your anger and stress by kicking and punching.


4. Noise-canceling headphones

noise-canceling headphones

Invest in noise-canceling headphones or earbuds when you feel that the noise from your neighbors is getting really on your nerves.

Wear those headphones whenever you’re trying to sleep or relax and your neighbors are causing too much noise.

If you think that headphones are out of your budget, then you can buy earbuds.

They can also be really helpful in blocking all the noise from outside and help maintain peace of mind.


5. White noise machine

A white noise machine can also be another very nice solution to block the irritating noise from the neighborhood.

White noise in the background will help block all the sharp voices and the banging noise from the outside.

If you don’t want to step out to buy a white noise machine or your budget doesn’t allow you to buy one right away, you can easily find “white noise” on YouTube.

Play that from YouTube on your computer or mobile phone device or your LED at a loud volume.

White noise also aids in sleeping; if you have trouble falling asleep, try white noise to relax your mind so you sleep more peacefully.


6. Shift your bed

If you and your neighbor share the same wall, try not to place your bed along that wall.

If your bed is already placed near that wall, shift your bed to the opposite wall.

This will help in reducing the amount of noise you listen to.

If you can, rearrange all the furniture.

Also, move your couch away from the wall you share with your neighbor.

The farther you are, the more noise, the better it is.

You can also move to another bedroom.

If you have the option of shifting to another room, do that.

You’ll hear more noise when you share the same wall with your neighbors.


7. Rugs

carpeted living room

All the soft materials in your home dampen the noise, and all the hard surfaces reflect that noise forming more echoes.

Floor and wall tiles, wooden furniture, and concrete floors make the sounds sharper for the ears.

Adding more soft materials inside your home makes the sounds less sharp for the ears, making you feel relaxed.

So when you try to reduce noise pollution inside your house, make sure you place a lot of rugs.

Rugs are also aesthetically pleasing for the eyes and give a more nice look.

They enhance the interior of your house as well.

So, head to a store, and buy a few large-sized rugs for your home.

If you have large empty rooms in your house, fill them with some furniture, soft rugs, and wall hangings.

This will help in reducing the echo and making the sounds softer.

If you have a low budget, visit a thrift store nearby to buy furniture to fill the rooms.

Seal cracks

Some older houses have a lot of holes inside their walls.

These holes let in the outside noise making the inside of your house noisier.

Take a tube of caulk to fill in all the holes and see whether the noise has lessened after the caulk dried.

If you still find that the noise has not reduced, look up for more holes.

Most doors and windows have cracks around them.

Fill in all the gaps around the windows and doors; this will help a great deal to reduce the noise from your neighbor.

You will notice that a great amount of noise has reduced after the windows and doors get fitted and tighter.

You can also add weather stripping to your windows to make your house more soundproof.


8. Acoustic light fixtures

If you are allowed to make changes to the lights and if you have the budget, then try to install acoustic light fixtures in your house.

These are specially designed light fixtures that help in reducing the noise inside the house.

The more light fixtures you add to your house, the more they will absorb the noise.

This will definitely help in canceling out the noise that constantly comes from your neighbors.

You shift from one rental house to another; you can easily take these light fixtures out and plug them into your new house where you shift.

These acoustic light fixtures can be easily found at any hardware shop near your place.


9. Talk to your neighbors

If you haven’t yet talked to your neighbors about how disturbed you are because of their noise, do talk to them.

There’s a high chance that they understand what you’re going through and how upset you are about the noise they’re causing.

You can go, ring their bell and have a very polite conversation.

You may be very mad at them, but remember getting angry can never be a solution.

Your kindness and politeness will make them realize your situation, and they will probably be cautious next time they make any noise.

Make sure you tell them how much you are bothered about all the noise and how damaging it can be for you, them, and the environment around you.

There’s a high chance your neighbors will cooperate with you.

Even if they don’t, you have other solutions.


10. Talk to your landlord.

If you find that your neighbors are not making any changes even after you’ve talked to them, talk to your landlord about this problem.

Mention how problematic your neighbors are becoming for you and how upset your life is because of them.

Your landlord will probably talk to your neighbor, or he will talk to the property manager or the manager of the society.

If the issue continues after trying all these things, you can report it to the police.

After all, your mental health should be your priority.

Peace of mind is everything that you need to be worried about.

If you don’t get peace of mind, all the aspects of your life will get disturbed.


11. Report to the police

If you’ve tried all the other tactics and nothing is working to stop your neighbors from making noise, report it to the police.

This should be your last option because it isn’t a great way to foster neighborly relationships.

Many countries and cities have noise ordinances to make sure everyone is safe from all the damage noise pollution causes physically and mentally.

For instance, many cities ban loud noise after certain hours, like from 9 pm to 7 am.

If you hear any loud noise after 9 pm, report your neighbors to the police on the non-emergency number.

There’s nothing wrong in reporting them because it’s technically illegal to be super loud after certain hours, but you will definitely not remain on good terms with your neighbors after that.



Living with a noisy neighbor can be very exhausting for you.

Your mental health and peace should be everything you should be worried about.

Constant encounters with noise can make you physically as well as mentally disturbed and fatigued.

I’m sure all the tactics and techniques mentioned in the above article will help you stop worrying about your noisy neighbors.

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