How to Soundproof a Room for Free?

This post covers how you can soundproof a room for free.

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Soundproof a Room for Free

Recently, most people have been working from home; therefore, there is a need for a little peace from the bustle and hustle of the outside world.

However, as the globe gets busier each day, dampening the noises and vibrations is getting hard, particularly for those working remotely due to the pandemic.

So, it would be best if you had solitude to be productive.

There are various ways to soundproof your room for free.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to control the outside noise surrounding your home, especially from your neighbors or the streets.

However, do not fret. We narrowed down some of the soundproofing solutions to mitigate those challenges.


1. Blankets

hang blankets on wall

Most people have blankets that have lived in their closets for years now.

It’s time to unleash them as dampeners.

They are incredibly useful for soundproofing your home.

Therefore, you could use them for free.

Hard surfaces such as plaster, drywall, and tile do reflect and amplify sounds.

Therefore, covering walls with thick blankets will help soundproof the room since soft surfaces will absorb sounds.

Virtually using any soft material works best, but the thicker, the better when compared to thinner fabrics.

For instance, suppose the sound vibrates from the walls, hang the thickest blankets with the help of some nails or prop on some broom handles.

It’s a free and cheap way to muffle the annoying vibrations.


2. Rugs

rug on the floor

Besides the sounds bouncing off walls, it’s reflected on hard floors too.

If your house is full of hard surfaces from varnished wooden floors, tiling, laminate floors, or marble floors, you realize that it transmits sound waves easily, and, for this reason, laying a rug is a simple solution for soundproofing.

Rugs are a perfect vibration dampener, especially if your noisy neighbors downstairs play their music loudly and heavy footsteps like an individual working out on a treadmill, dropping things, hammering, jumping, or always arguing.

Again, placing a huge thick rug will help; the thicker, the better.

You can also get an extra thick pad to put under the rug for extra protection.

Therefore, if your room has a hard surface, the impact sounds from your house will create vibrations that travel easily and quickly through the floor down to the neighbor.

On the other hand, the reverse is also true; a hard floor transmits vibrations coming from the ceiling clearer than a soft floor that muffles vibrations.

Installing a thick rug throughout the room dampens the impact of sound waves; though it will not make the house impenetrable, it improves the wholesome acoustics in the room.

Another advantage is that the thick rug will muffle your steps too.

So, if the neighbor ever complains about your heavy steps, the rug will keep the peace.


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3. Curtains

blankets as curtains

Most people claim that soundproof curtains are a misconception, but the reality is that thick multi-layered curtains significantly assist in reducing the sounds that get inside your room.

The multiple layers dampen the vibrations and sound energy used as the waves travel through them.

In this case, you need not invest in costly thick curtains, you can hand a blanket on the rails, and it will be highly effective at no extra cost.


4. Egg cartons

egg cartons

For those searching for a method on how to soundproof a room for free, then the egg cartons will suit your needs.

But have you ever stumbled on this idea of soundproofing a room using egg cartons?

Though there is a commonly held belief regarding the egg boxes as soundproof for a room, the truth is that the egg boxes are an excellent option for lowering echo in a house.

Their peculiar shapes and uneven surfaces are the core features that make them dampeners.

It means that when the sound waves hit the egg cartoon, they deflect off in various directions rather than bouncing back in unity.

For those looking forward to making a cinema or studio room have an acoustically appealing sound and don’t mind aesthetics, then hanging the egg boxes is the solution.


5. Rearrange your furniture

rearrange furniture

Strategically rearranging the furniture in challenging areas breaks up the sound waves.

It dissipates the sound energy faster than allowing it to bounce around the room freely.

You could add one layer to insulate the walls that allow in the street noises by pushing the bookshelves or wardrobes against them.

If you have canvas paintings hanging or any soundproof wallpaper, you could strategically place them in areas where sound waves travel through; it works well.

You could move the upholsteries against the wall that, allows sound vibrations to come in to help absorb them if the noises are disturbing and you are trying to focus on work or school assignments.

You could move the armchair or couch to act as a dampener that prevents the walls from sound amplification as the drum skin does.


6. Window stripping

window stripping

Most interior doors lack weather stripping; therefore, adding some around your doorway perimeter muffles the vibrations.

It’s a cheap and effective way of soundproofing a room.

Typically, it prevents moisture from entering the room via the external windows and doors and acts great as a door soundproof.

Weather stripe has a slender tubing made of rubber that you peel and stick around the interior windows and door frame from where the window or door meets the frame.

The seal is tight and affordable, and you can install it effortlessly.


Final verdict

With this guide, life in your room has been made peaceful and quieter.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to soundproof a room from sound vibrations such as tree rustling, dogs barking, the din of sirens, traffic, honking horns, airplanes, teens blasting music at the top of the volume, and other sound intrusions in and around your room.

Though the number of solutions to dampen the sound waves are high, our detailed information on more advanced and simple techniques that incorporate sound-absorbing items will save you from breaking the bank and increase your creativity on soundproofing methods.

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