The Washing Machine Sounds Like An Airplane (How to fix it?)

Sometimes appliances produce unusual noises.

This may be due to any defect present inside them. 

Never ignore any appliance in your home that has started producing loud noises.

This may be a warning for you to get it checked before it breaks down.

Appliances like washing machines should be serviced every three to four months.

It’s one of those expensive appliances one cannot afford every year. 

Besides washing and keeping the washing machine clean, you must also get it serviced regularly. 

If you hear any unusual sounds during the wash cycle, it’s a warning for you to get it checked as soon as possible.

Check it and try to diagnose the problem yourself if you can.

Otherwise, make sure to consult an expert. 


In this article, let’s see what problems can cause your washing machine to sound like an airplane and what you can do about that:


Common Causes of Washing Machines Making Airplane-Like Noise


1. Concrete Blocks

Have you ever wondered why your washing machine is as heavy as a car?

Most washing machines have concrete blocks placed inside them, which makes them so heavy. 

The role of these concrete blocks is to weigh down the drum of the machine so that it may not try to fly off. 

These days, most washing machines have two concrete blocks.

One concrete block can weigh as much as 25 kg. 

Washing machines have extremely heavy motors. The concrete blocks also help the motor to stay balanced

In some cases, these concrete drums can become loose. This could be due to any reason.

Your machine may start producing a loud airplane-like noise. But there is no need to worry; this can be fixed easily. 

You have to take the top off after unplugging the washing machine. Look for the first drum and tighten up if it is loose. Then look for the second drum and do the same.

This may make your washing machine sound better. 


2. Broken Drum

Another reason your washing machine is making loud noise may be the broken drum.  

A broken drum may produce a loud airplane-like noise during a spin cycle.

The banging of the broken drum with the outer tub during the spin cycle may produce a loud noise. 

A broken drum may cause more damage to your washing machine if not fixed urgently.

Either get the drum fixed by an expert or get ready to buy a new washing machine. 


3. Broken Agitator

In old washing machines, an agitator is used to wash clothes during the wash cycle.  

Your washing machine may sound like an airplane; if the agitator is broken, malfunction of the agitator may cause the machine to produce airplane-like noise. 

 For this, you have to get the agitator repaired, or you should buy a new one. 


4. Worn Out Tub Bearings

Maybe the tub bearings have worn out. This can also be the root cause of your washing machine’s loud noise. 

If the bearings lose their lubrication, this may also cause them to produce unusual sounds.

It would help if you lubricate the bearings with mechanical grease to work smoothly. 


5. Broken Drum’s Belt

Your drum’s drive belt may have worn out. This can cause a loud noise during the wash cycle. 


6. Overloaded Tub

If you overload the tub of your washing machine, it may cause a loud noise.

This will be due to the heavy pressure on the wash drum and the motor.

Always remember not to overload the tub more than its capacity. This will damage to your washing machine.

The washing drum may also start spinning unevenly. 


Important Tips to Remember

There are some important things that you should remember if you have a washing machine.

To increase the life of your washing machine, take care of these things:


  • The feet of your washing machine should be balanced
  • The load you put inside the washing machine should be evenly distributed
  • Always check around the wash drum for any coins that may have gotten inside
  • Clean the filters on regular bases
  • Keep checking for the lubrication of the parts inside the washing machine
  • If you hear any unusual sound, look for any item that may have been stuck in the outer drum

Remember, there is always a reason for your appliance’s noise. Things inside your washing machine may be worn out, or the internal components may be loose. The noise is never without reason. 

Check it as soon as possible to diagnose the problem. Once the noise occurs, the problem needs to be fixed.



In conclusion, a washing machine that sounds like an airplane can be a cause for concern.

It’s important to address the issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Simple fixes such as tightening loose parts or lubricating the motor can help, but seeking professional help may be necessary for more severe issues.

Regular maintenance can also help prevent loud noises in the future.

If the issue is major, replacement may be necessary.



1- Why does my washing machine sound like an airplane?

A: There could be several reasons, such as a faulty drum, worn bearings, or a damaged drive belt.


2- Can I still use my washing machine if it’s making loud noises?

A: It’s not recommended as it may cause further damage to the machine. It’s best to address the issue as soon as possible.


3- How can I fix my washing machine if it’s making loud noises?

A: You can try replacing worn bearings, tightening loose parts, or lubricating the motor. It’s also a good idea to seek professional help.


4- Can I prevent my washing machine from making loud noises in the future?

A: Yes, you can. Regular maintenance such as cleaning the drum and replacing worn parts can help prevent loud noises in the future.


5- Should I replace my washing machine if it’s making loud noises?

A: It depends on the severity of the issue. If it’s a simple fix, it’s usually more cost-effective to repair the machine. However, if it’s a major issue, replacement may be necessary.

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