20 Ways to Live a Quiet & Peaceful Life

We have made our lives so busy nowadays, and we find no escape from this.

Most people are stressed and eagerly looking for ways to live a quiet and peaceful life.

Every day when we wake up, there’s an endless list of demands that we have to fulfill.

There is so much going on in our minds that even when we sleep, our brains remain active.

 We may find the time to rest physically, but we are mentally tired. We are constantly distracted by the continuous noise going on around us.

The ideal life is a life that has peace and quietness in it. Our goal should be a simple life where less should be more.

There should be less noise, less clutter, fewer distractions and fewer people.

Only those people should exist in your life who spread positivity.

We should lead a quiet and peaceful life with dignity instead of leading a chaotic life.

It’s better to be mindful of your surroundings and be grateful for everything you have.

It’s important to enjoy your life, slow down and live the moment.

Don’t be too consumed by all the responsibilities and expectations of others. All you will achieve is stress, exhaustion, and mental chaos.

Run out of this daily grind and try to live a quiet and peaceful life.

In this post, we’ve shared 20 ways to live a quiet and peaceful life.

Follow some of these and enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest.

Let’s get started!


1) Reduce the use of social media

Live a Quiet & Peaceful Life - Reduce using social media

Having too much screen time and using social media can disturb your peace of mind.

Primarily social media shows people who are very content and happy in their lives.

It’s not always true what you see on social media.

When you start comparing your present with others, this is where the problem begins.

It’ll bring more negativity to you, your mind will become tense.

 There will be no peace left in your life.

Remember, someone else’s reality is not yours. No one is perfect.


2) Avoid being involved in other’s matters

Try not to poke your nose in other’s matters.

Their life is as private as you consider yours.

Avoid being involved in what’s not your concern.

Even if someone invites you to be a part of their problem, try not to take their problems as your own.

You can guide them but don’t get involved in their matters.


3) Stop overthinking

Try not to be consumed so much in your thoughts that you destroy your mental peace.

Keep your mind quiet, and give it a rest.

Overthinking will only lead to negativity.


4) Don’t overburden yourself with commitments

 do not over burden

We overbook our life by making too many commitments.

Prioritize your life. See what’s more important and cannot be neglected.

And also, watch out for things that are not very important and are consuming your energy and time.

Accept that not everything can be done that’s on our calendar.

Some things need to be left out for good.

This way, you’ll find yourself more at peace.

Even teach your children not to over-schedule themselves.

If working extra hours or hanging out with friends after school drives you crazy, then there’s no need to do so.


5) Enjoy the silence


In this busy life where you cannot find a single peaceful and quiet place, all you yearn for is a moment of silence.

I know it’s hard but try to escape from this noise.

Turn everything off and spend some time alone all with yourself.

Just sit and close your eyes.

Try to take in all the silent surroundings.

Quiet your mind and enjoy peace.


6) Be grateful

Appreciate everything good you have in your life.

Be grateful for all the blessings.

Take out your notebook and at least write any five things daily for which you are thankful.

This practice will make you more humble and will motivate you to take better care of all the things you have in life.

You will be at peace after knowing how much you have in your life that you should be thankful for.

Try to memorize this quote by Oprah Winfrey.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”


7) Moving to less crowded areas

Pack up and move to the countryside.

Buy yourself a home away from city life and all its noise, and you’ll be able to spend some quality time with yourself and your family.

This will bring some peace and quiet to your life.


8) Simplify your life

Your Life Matters

Try to simplify your life where ever you are.

Try to prioritize your life.

Leave the things which are not essential for you.

Work only for that which is important to you.

Appreciate what you have. You need to stop running after all the useless things.

To lead a quiet life, you need to look inwards.

Prioritize those things which interest you.


9) Mind your own business

To live a peaceful and quiet life, you should mind your business.

Indulging in those things which don’t concern you will only be a waste of time.

Useless things will drain your energy.

It would help if you only think of things that are important to you.


10) De-clutter your space

clean space

If your external space is clean, so will your mind.

Remove all the extra things from your surroundings.

Try to make an effort every day to organize your things.

This will help you manage your thoughts and keep extra stuff out of your mind.

You must stay away from extra things to organize your thoughts.


11) Live in the present

Don’t make your mind wander to the past or the future.

An unhappy mind is a wandering mind that does not live in the present.

Try to live in the present and make peace with your past.

Stop worrying about the future.

Focus on what’s going on in the present; you will remain more peaceful.

Your peace of mind is immensely affected by how much you live in the present moment.


12) Be kind to others

Live a Quiet & Peaceful Life - Kind

You know how you want to be treated.

Treat others as you want yourself to be treated by others.

Being kind to others can bring peace to you.

Be generous in giving compliments.

Learn how to appreciate the struggles of others.

Your generosity and kindness will be a source of peace and happiness.


13) Block out negativity

Remove the entire negative aura from the surroundings.

You know that you are not perfect, and no one can be.

You should know how to block the negative comments about yourself from others.

Hear criticism, but only if it is constructive. Constructive criticism helps you improve.

Don’t pay much heed to the negativity around you.

Keeping that negativity in your mind would not let you live a peaceful and quiet life.


14) Don’t be materialistic

Get rid of the materialistic approach.

You don’t have to go on vacation every weekend to post pictures of that on social media.

You don’t have to wear new branded clothes at every event just because people like it that way.

This materialistic approach will only tire you instead of making you happy. You will lose your peace of mind.

If you want a peaceful and quiet life, you must live a simple life.

Only do what makes you happy instead of doing things to impress people.


15) Be comfortable in your own skin

Make peace with imperfections.

Be comfortable in your own skin.

No one can be perfect, so be happy with who you are.

Let your confidence speak.

Surround yourself with people who accept you the way you are.

This way, your inner self will be confident and peaceful.

Your mind will be quiet and de-cluttered from all the extra thoughts.


16) Avoid arguing

Try to avoid arguing as much as you can.

There is no use in arguing with a fool.

Let them have the joy of being right and satisfying their ego.

Arguing will be useless if the other person is not ready to understand anything.

You will only drain your energy and gain nothing.

So it is better to avoid arguing and let others be happy.

This practice will help you live a peaceful life in the long run.


17) Life isn’t fair

Accept the fact that life isn’t fair to everyone.

Once you accept this fact, you will be more at peace with yourself.

 It will become easier for you to compromise on some things and not complain.

You will do the best you can with what you have.


18) Spend time close to nature


Nature helps in reducing stress, making the mind quiet.

It’s the best therapy.

The birds chirping, the sound of the waterfall and the sight of lush green mountains or forests can be so soothing.

It provides you with inner peace and makes you happy.

Take time from your busy schedule and sit in nature for some time.

You will notice amazing effects on your body as well as your mind.

Take deep breaths and try to inhale as much fresh air as possible.


19) Do nothing

Sometimes it is acceptable to do nothing.

Just relax and enjoy the peace.

Get yourself away from all the workload and stress.

Find a quiet place for yourself and sit with your eyes closed.

This will not go useless; in fact, this will be an important step toward keeping your mind quiet and peaceful.


20) Practice solitude

Give yourself 20 to 30 minutes daily to sit in solitude.

Find a peaceful place and sit all by yourself.

Get your chaotic mind quiet.

Enjoy the peace around you.


So these were 20 ways to live a quiet and peaceful life.

Try one or two ways at the start and if you find them effective try to follow others.

They are simple to do and most of them even don’t cost you a penny.

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