What is an Acoustic Enclosure?

What is an Acoustic Enclosure

An acoustic enclosure, which is otherwise referred to as a sound enclosure, soundproof enclosure, or noise enclosure, is an area or chamber with walls on all sides that holds loud equipment. For the best performance for acoustic, the outside of the enclosure must be comprised of a solid, tightly packed material like galvanized steel. The inside needs … Read more

Are Air Source Heat Pumps Noisy?

Are Air Source Heat Pumps Noisy

Air source heat pumps are basically no noisier than a typical central air conditioning unit. In fact, they may be quieter. Air source heat pumps usually produce levels of 40-60 decibels, while central air units produce around 50-80 decibels. To put it in context, 80 decibels is the sound of a garbage disposal running. They … Read more

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