5 Quietest Breast Pumps of 2023

A breast pump is a simple machine that helps new and lactating mothers express the maximum amount of milk in a short time so that they can continue breastfeeding their child for a longer period.

Many women in the modern era are working; they must stay away from their kids for long hours. 

Newborns and little ones shouldn’t be bottle-fed in the early months of their life. 

What is Breast Pump?

Many different types of breast pumps are available in the market to solve this problem. They are reasonably priced, easy to use, and very helpful in strengthening the mother-child bond.

Breast pumps consist of pump engines, tubing, and flanges connected to the collecting container.

Typically a bottle is attached to this system to contain the milk. Also, in the case of an electric breast pump, you have extra wires attached to this system, and you have to sit near the power supply unit.

But now, many cordless breast pumps are also available to perform this task more effectively.

In this article, we are more concerned about doing this task in a quiet and calm environment. So that you don’t become conscious about yourself and also the surrounding people don’t get disturbed. 

We will be discussing the variety of the quietest breast pumps, with their pros and cons. 

We hope this information will be worth reading for taking you to the quietest breast pump purchase decision. 


Which is the quietest breast pump on the market 

As we discussed earlier, it can be uncomfortable for new moms to express milk with a loud and noisy machine. 

So, here we are with the details of our quietest breast pump. 


Philips Avent single electric breast pump 


Basic features

  • Electric
  • Silicon material
  • Single expression 
  • Clear 4oz bottle 
  • Light pink color


This is the quietest and most affordable breast pump on our list. It combines nipple stimulation and suction at a time to have quick and better milk flow.

Its silicon flange can adjust to any size and shape of the breast. Also, it is very soft and comfortable for painless expression.

It has 8 stimulation and 16 expression levels to maximize milk supply appropriately.

The pump display is very clearly readable to better record each session.



Most of the qualities have been described above. But not to mention, it has very few parts.

That’s why it’s easy to assemble, use, and clean.



It has a single expression system with fewer accessories but is highly priced.


5 quietest breast pumps of 2023

The quiet breast pumps ensure that the lactation process may occur in a non-disturbing environment. 

So, here we are with a list of quiet breast pumps of 2023 available on Amazon.

1)  Elvie pump double silent wearable breast pump

Basic features

  • Double pump
  • Electric
  • Lightweight and portable 
  • Silicon material
  • Rechargeable battery operated 

This breast pump has been the most comfortable, noise-free, and handy breast pump on our list. 

Unlike many other breast pumps, which require you to sit still and be cautious about the process, this is the most handy and easy-to-use quiet breast pump.

This is lightweight and portable, meaning you can carry your nursing bra through your home.

Even if you are sitting somewhere between many others, you can still use it, and nobody will ever know you are expressing the milk. 

There also come BPA-free bottles with this breast pump that, when filled, can easily be stored in the fridge and are microwave safe. 

It is battery-operated, and these batteries are rechargeable. They get charged a maximum of 2 hours, and then they can be used for 6 to 7 hours. 

The free Elvie app can also be used to monitor the operation of this breast pump. You can stop its operation anytime you want through the app. 

But the smart sensors in the pimp are also responsible for stopping the function of the apparatus since the bottles are full.  

This app keeps track of milk extracted every time and shows the previous record when needed. 



  • It is portable and handy
  • Not only quiet but Virtually silent 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Closed system operation, so it is hygienic
  • 7 intensity levels to suit your personal needs 



The only disadvantage is that it is a little expensive. 


2) Baby Buddha breast pump 


Basic features

  • BPA-free plastic 
  • Hands-free and portable
  • Electric
  • Battery operated
  • Single and double pump 


It is another good option that we have to offer you. It is also portable, handy and easy to use. 

Operated with the closed system, it guarantees the backflow of milk, which ensures that the milk doesn’t become contaminated.

It has two BPA-free, wide-neck bottles attached to its system, which a3 easy to be stored in the fridge and also microwave-safe.

It has battery power. This pump can be used while charging. It has almost 90 minutes working capacity with the 4 hours recharge. 

It operates with single as well as double pumps. You can switch between the two modes easily with the remote; either you can use one pump at a time or both simultaneously. 



  • Silicon cushion with the opening of the bottles to prevent the pain of the sore, cracked nipples of the new moms.
  • Strong suction and ultimately less time is consumed to express the milk.
  • Comfortable and handy to use. 
  • Portable. 
  • Adjustable remote power unit.
  • One of the quietest breast pumps.



The limitation of this product is the short battery time.

You have to charge it for longer hours, and the battery lasts less. 


3) Ameda portable Hospital strength breast pump 


Basic features

  • Electric
  • Lightweight, portable
  • Battery powered
  • Freezer-safe storage bottles


Ameda MYA portable hospital strength breast pump is next on our list of the quietest breast pumps.

It is also very easy to use as well as an easy-to-handle kind of machine to express milk.

Moreover, it really has made the life of new moms easy. It has a small, fist-size motor weighs less than half a pound.

It is very easy to carry in the pumping bra without any hassle.

Alsot has a small rechargeable portable battery; full charge will last for almost 2 hours.

If the battery runs low during milk expression, you can connect it to the power and recharge it while using it. 

The memory function stores the last known settings. 



  • 10 different expression levels
  • Hospital strength suction function means you never have to switch it to the highest level even while using both pumps simultaneously.
  • Virtually quiet. It can easily be used around the house or at work.
  • Multiple other brand accessories can be attached to the basic model.
  • Functions are fully customizable.


 Less battery time 


4) Spectra Baby USA breast pump


Basic features

  • Electric
  • Hands-free, portable
  • BPA free
  • Timer included


Spectra Baby USA breast pump is next on our list of the quietest and most efficient breast pumps. 

Again, it has many qualities that we discussed earlier but with a price that is the lowest of all.

This product has gained a lot of fame due to its features but at a minimal price.

It has no noise or annoying sounds which can disturb others and the sleeping baby.

Its kit has everything a new mom can desire to help her through this breastfeeding journey. 

Any part of the suction pump that comes in contact with the milk is BPA-free. Also, the bottles that are used are fridge and freezer safe. 

The speed and strength of the suction can be adjusted, and lactation becomes easier than ever.  

The pump is very reasonably weighed, and the battery-operated system ensures the non-stop working of the system. 



  • Little maintenance required
  • Easy cleaning due to the closed system and irreversible milk flow.
  • It properly replicates a suckling baby, resulting in maximum milk extraction without any pain or pulling.



It has no considerable drawbacks, except that its battery time can be upgraded.


5) Momcozy double wearable breast pump, hands-free


Basic features

  • Electric
  • Low noise
  • Painless, portable, wearable
  • Silicon material,
  • Battery powered

Again, this is an efficient and quiet breast pump with 2 modes and 5 levels.

You should start with the lowest massage mode that imitates the suckling baby.

That enhances milk production, and thus, the baby gets satisfied. 

It is made up of silicon material that ensures the soft interaction of this machine with the mother’s body.

Thus no pain or irritability occurs.



  • Efficient milk production in the short time
  • Double mode and five-level pump
  • Prevents milk leakage 


It doesn’t have any automatic functions.


Different types of Breast pumps

There are a variety of different breast pumps available in the market.

They are different according to their making and functions.


Some of them are as under

  • Natural suction breast pump
  • Manual breast pump
  • Cordless breast pump
  • Electric breast pump
  • Portable breast pump

Parents often get confused and find it difficult to decide between these many different types.

But, you should choose according to your budget and needs.

Before discussing the qualities of the quietest breast pump that one has to consider while buying one, we should be aware of some of the basics of any breast pump.

A breast pump is a medical device that, according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), helps the lactating mother to maintain and increase the supply of breast milk. 

As mentioned above, a breast pump can be manual or electric; it can be single expression (pumping one side at a time) or double expression (pumping both sides simultaneously). 

They can be open systems or closed systems. 

Let’s look at some of the characteristics we have just mentioned.


Closed-system breast pump

A closed-system breast pump uses a barrier between the different parts of the breast pump, such as flanges, valves, breast shields and connectors etc.

These parts can be hard to clean, but the barrier prevents the moisture of milk and the one created from the heat of the mother’s body from affecting the motor of the breast pump.

This way, a hygienically better environment can be achieved.


Open-system breast pump

This kind of separation doesn’t exist in an open-system breast pump, which we have mentioned in the closed-system breast pump.

Thus, when using an electric breast pump, there are more chances of milk backflow.

This way, there is more risk involved in milk contamination.

Electric breast pump

An electric breast pump is one that is connected to so e kind of electric supply or batteries for the milk expression.

This is easy to use and ideal for mothers who express their needs frequently and want to have more in the given time.


Manual breast pump

A manual breast pump is the one that is manually used. They are affordable but require patience during use.

Wearable breast pump

A wearable breast pump is a cordless or wireless breast pump.

This is easy to wear inside the bra and can be carried through places, as it doesn’t require cords to be attached to it.

Single-expression breast pump

A single-expression breast pump allows milk extraction from one side at a time. 

It is a good one while you are nursing from one side and want to save the other side.

Especially in the initial months of nursing. 


Double expression breast pump

As the name reveals, double expression pumping is the breast pump that allows the mothers to express from both sides simultaneously.

It is helpful for mothers who stay away from their babies for long hours and want to have an excessive supply for their babies because they usually pump only instead of nursing.

Hospital grade pump

They are high-quality suction pumps and are exceptionally efficient. Many leading breast pump brands offer hospital-grade models.

Hand expression

This is another manual milk-expressing method that involves using hands only, not any pump.

It is certainly an option but not a very popular method.


Quietest breast pump Buying Guide

Mothers often get confused, specifically new moms, about their purchase of breast pumps. 

Here we can give a small guideline about the factors that should be considered to make your purchase worthwhile. 


●    Customer reviews

Consumer reviews are the first and foremost indicator of any product’s quality.

They can definitely give you a reliable idea about whether you should go for that product or not. 


●    Personal experience

The products mentioned above are being used by many of us and in a close circle of friends.

That’s why we have been able to mention them here.


●    Convenience

Convenience is the preference whenever you have to use a product so many times in a day or on alternative days.

You’ll always be going for a good convenient product, although it may be a little more expensive than what you can pay. 


●    Price

Obviously, the budget matters. Whenever you have to choose between different brands, you’ll always want the best fit according to your given budget.


●    Reputation of the brand

While making a purchase, always go and check the reputation and reliability of the brand you purchase. 

Today information and feedback are available on the internet.

Do spare some time for this purpose, so you don’t have any regrets in the future.


●    Portability

Many different types of breast pumps are available in the market.

They differ in this respect, that is, portability. 

Some have to be attached to some power supply, while some are cordless and wireless to help the user be free and mobile.

So what is your preference? Choose according to your circumstances.


●    Your lifestyle and pumping needs

Every mother has a different lifestyle and pumping needs.

Some are working, and others are stay-at-home moms.

That’s why some moms are always present with their children to nurse while others have to pump more than nursing. 

So all these contribute towards decision making.


●    Suction strength 

Not all the pumps are created with the same suction capacity, so check for its mmHG, which is a measure of mercury showing the suction strength.


●    Quietness of the pump

This is the most important point to remember while purchasing a breast pump. 

Always check for the reviews of the product, whether its motor is on the louder side or not. You can’t assess accurately until you have used it yourself, but product reviews can help.


●    Additional accessories offered

Consider the additional accessories given with your breast pump, such as nipple cream, nursing bras, milk storage bags, etc. All these help in the nursing process.

If you are eager to buy the quietest breast pump, having all the above points in your mind, focus on the following.

  • It should be battery-operated instead of the power plug.
  • It should have a silent mode, which can help you express milk while the baby sleeps.
  • It should be operating through a closed system so that, along with silence, it would also give you protection from germs. 
  • Adjustable settings of the breast pump are another important factor to remember for silence.
  • The budget of a customer matters a lot.


What makes a breast pump silent

Here we can give our readers some general tips on making their noisy breast pump silent. 

  • Replace the cover’s flap and close the lid of your breast pump
  • Put it in your travel bag or suitcase while travelling.
  • Put it in a drawer or cabinet or put it somewhere away at a distance.
  • Mother may wrap a towel around it. A hand towel would reduce its sound.




1) What is the benefit of silent breast pumps?

A silent and quiet breast pump will not make any unnecessary noise, and a mother can use it without being self-conscious.


2) Does a silent breast pump cost more than the noisy one?

No. A breast pump’s price depends on many factors, such as its portability, battery life, etc.

So only the quietness does not contribute towards higher prices.


3) Are all electric breast pumps noisy?

Not all breast pumps are silent.

They have some extent of noise.

The same is the case with the electric breast pumps. 


4) How can I determine how loud a breast pump is before purchasing it?

This decision-making is hard because no one actually knows about breast pumps’ silence before purchasing them.

Only consumer reviews and ratings can give clues about it.


5) Can I make a noisy breast pump quieter?

Yes, you can reduce the noise level of your breast pump to some extent by putting it away in a cabinet or drawer. Or you can wrap it in some sound-absorbent cloth.


6) How long do quiet breast pumps typically last?

As a rule of thumb, remember that the breast pump parts have to be replaced after 90 days; otherwise, the worn-out parts will reduce the suction strength of the pump.


7) Do all quiet breast pumps have the same suction power as louder ones?

Suction strength is adjusted according to the needs, just like all babies don’t have the same suction behaviour. 

Author’s note 

The quietest breast pump provides peace of mind and the best value for money.

It makes you confident anywhere in any situation. 

You can concentrate not only on your baby but also on your daily tasks.

The ones discussed in the above list are chosen from many available on Amazon.

This is to help and guide you so you can have an idea while purchasing one.


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