5 Quietest Leaf Blowers 2023

Do you need a leaf blower?

Look around in your backyard garden or patio to find the answer yourself.

The fallen leaves can be a headache if you manually clean them.

It is tiresome, right?

So this is where you’ll understand the importance of a leaf blower.

It’s more important to have a quiet leaf blower because, usually, they are a lot noisier than any other home appliance.

You might disturb your neighbors and your own family while you try cleaning your patio.

One must not be a cause of disturbance while just cleaning his garden or patio.

So that’s where the quietest leaf blowers come in.

How would you feel if you got woken up by the noise of a leaf blower?

I know how irritating it is.

This is why I’ve compiled a list of the quietest leaf blowers after thorough research.

However, determining which of the quietest leaf blows best suits your needs can also be challenging.

So for that reason, this article also includes a buying guide that mentions some factors you must keep in mind before choosing one of the quietest leaf blowers for yourself.

First, let’s consider my pick on the quietest leaf blowers of 2023.

Quietest leaf blower on the market 2023

Sun Joe SBJ597E-SJB 6 Amp 155 Max Electric Leaf Blower is my choice because it is one of the best quietest leaf blowers that you’ll find in 2023.

This is the corded quietest electric leaf blower that will make your life way too easy when it comes to silently wiping off the leaves from your patio or garden.

This is the quietest electric leaf blower on my list that provides 6 Amps of blowing power, making you finish your work within minutes.

The good part is it does so without burdening you with extra utility bills.

Before you start with Sun Joe electric leaf blower, it will require some form of assembly.

Some people complain that the bigger and the smaller nozzles don’t fit each other well.

You just need to pick them apart and join them again.

Make sure they fit with each other in the same way.

You’ll get the maximum air speed in this quietest leaf blower, 155 miles per hour.

It will blow away all the dirt and the leaves in no time.

So you can say this little machine is more than enough when sweeping and cleaning gardens, patios and driveways.

You will notice that it cleans the porch in a breeze.

Also, you can use this quietest leaf blower for other purposes like clean sweeping your bike.

It sure will do great work.

But you should remember that this quietest leaf blower can not be used for commercial heavy cleaning.

As far as your house is concerned, it will do a great job.

If we take a deeper dive into its motor’s performance level, we will know that it delivers 12000 RPM when working with no load.

At the maximum, it goes up to 13,500 RPM.

But one negative point you may feel with this quietest leaf blower is that it works with a single-speed setting.

But that doesn’t mean it compromises on its performance.

When you use it, you’ll know it performs beyond what you’d expect from an appliance such as this.

So, the most important question arises here, how quiet is this leaf blower?

The simple answer is that you’ll not hear any whistling or screeching sound while working with it.

Also, expect it to be much less noisy than other leaf blowers from 15 – 20 feet away.

You’ll find this simple machine inexpensive but not cheap.

It weighs only 3.9 lbs.

Its weight is so low that it will make it convenient to pick it up and operate it with a single hand.

Using it with a single hand is also one of the perks.

This quietest leaf blower is small and can be packed in a box and stored away after work.

It can be stored easily in car trunks, deck boxes and broom closets.

It works perfectly for blowing away leaves, dirt and even thin snow-covered area.

This quietest leaf blower comes with a normal-length cord, so if you want to work outdoors, you might need to buy an extension cord.



  • It’s one of the most powerful, quietest leaf blowers.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry with one hand.
  • It’s portable.
  • It’s one of the quietest leaf blowers on the market.
  • It’s inexpensive.
  • It’s small in size.



  • It works with a single-speed setting.
  • You must buy an extra extension cord when you’re working outdoors.


Now that I’ve mentioned in detail my choice of the best quietest leaf blower, I’ll also further mention several other options that may be useful for you.

To know about more options, keep reading ahead.

This will help you select your choice of leaf blower that best suits you according to your needs.


The 5 quietest leaf blowers on the market in 2023


Here I will review the five quietest leaf blowers on the market in 2023.

See which one suits you best according to what your needs are.


1) DEWALT DWBL700 Elec Blower – Best Corded Electric Leaf Blower

This powerful leaf blower will be the best choice if you want to take your leaf-blowing game to the next level.

It is designed nicely, and just by holding it in your hands, you’ll realize you’re holding such a classy product.

The noise level of this quiet leaf blower is 69 dB; that’s only a bit louder than a normal human conversation.

I guarantee you that people won’t notice its sound from a few feet far when this machine is working.

The best part is that people won’t need gas to power this quiet leaf blower.

Also, this quiet machine delivers a staggering 12 amps of power.

You’ll get a real professional cleaning experience when you work with it.

The maximum air speed of this quiet leaf blower is 145 mph when it works, and I tell you, this is pretty good.

And this is through a standard nozzle.

If you want to know the air volume, the air moves at 409 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

As already mentioned, this quiet leaf blower will give you a professional experience.

So this means it is suitable for small places like houses and larger places like factories.

Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, you’ll not notice any dip in the performance level.

And the best part is that the motor is dust resistant due to heavy-duty construction.

For homes, people use special nozzles that take care of crevices and concrete anchor holes.

It is called the 1-inch Concrete Round Nose nozzle.

No dirt will be left when it drives air at the crevices and concrete anchor holes.

Not a speck of dirt or dust will go unnoticed in your house.

There’s another nozzle called a 1-inch Concentrator Flat Nose nozzle.

This nozzle delivers the air at 189 mph, increasing airflow.

This nozzle is usually used to power through strong, strong, and stubborn debris.

So, I like this product because it truly is versatile.

Also, this quiet leaf blower comes with a speed control that helps you control the speed according to your needs.

It’s because of the variable speed trigger.

When you find a suitable speed to work, you can lock it down by pressing the trigger.

The same trigger works as the On/Off switch too.

Another option is a lever that lets you cycle the speed levels without locking on a particular level.

You can switch the speed by putting different amounts of pressure.

For working outdoors with this quiet leaf blower, a standard 110V power outlet will do good.

A 16 gauge extension cord is advised for outdoor work.

This product weighs 9.8 lbs which is considered a bit heavier for a product like this.

And also, it doesn’t come with a strap; otherwise, this product is best to be used outdoors as well as indoors.



  • The noise level of this quiet leaf blower is 69 dB
  • It works best for indoor places as well as outdoors.
  • It can also be used for professional purposes.
  • It has a variable speed trigger.



  • It doesn’t come with a strap.
  • It weighs 9.8 lbs., which is considered heavy for a product like this one.


2) EGO 110 MPH 530 CFM Variable-Speed Turbo 56 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Blower- Best Cordless Leaf Blower

This backpack blower comes with turbine technology and is known for its variable speed system and quietness.

It won’t be wrong if you prefer it over other brands because it won’t disappoint you.

For greater flexibility for users, this quiet leaf blower also works cordless.

It performs at only 64 dB of noise level.

The motor of this quiet leaf blower should be credited for producing less noise.

It is a brushless motor that works with less vibrations and shaking.

It is also known as a quiet blower motor.

This quiet leaf blower will serve you longer if you compare this product with its competitors.

The best part is that this device is cordless and very comfortable.

It is designed and shaped so that it looks unique and works very efficiently, even with a single hand.

But only if the hand can handle 9.8 lbs of weight.

It can be a bit heavy

And this unusual machine is weather resistant.

This means that EGO has designed this machine so that it can be used anytime, regardless of the weather.

The device uses turbine technology and a 56-volt lithium battery.

You cannot beat it in any way.

The electric motor delivers variable speeds of air volume from 250 CFM to 530 CFM at its peak with Turbo Boot mode.

If you compare it with the last model we discussed in this article, this one is better, in my option.

But it all depends on the needs of the user.

Even if you need to clean the smaller corners of your house and wipe the dust and dirt away, this quiet leaf blower will not disappoint you.

You can clean every corner of your house, patio, garden and porch with this quiet leaf blower within minutes.

This cordless quiet leaf blower works on a lithium-ion battery that can work uninterrupted for almost 75 minutes on the lowest setting.

The battery life spans 15 to 20 minutes when working on the Turbo Boot mode.

You must charge the battery for almost 50 minutes before you start working with it.

If you want to work for a longer time that is too uninterrupted, then it’s better to get another battery for this device.

It’s always better to have two batteries so you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge and stop your work.

Do you want to hear good news here?

You will get a 2.0Ah battery for free if you purchase a 2.5Ah battery.

How exciting is that?



  • This device is cordless and provides more flexibility of usage for the users.
  • It can clean every small corner of your garden, patio and inside of your house.
  • It has a quiet blower motor that produces lesser noise while we use it.
  • It has extended motor life.
  • This electric cordless leaf blower is weather resistant.
  • You get a 2.0Ah battery for free for purchasing a 2.5Ah battery.



  • This cordless quiet leaf blower provides a maximum air speed of 110mph, which is slower than other models on the list.
  • It weighs 9.8 lbs which is a little heavy to be controlled single-handedly.


3) Worx WG584 40-Volt Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower

If you’re going for the cordless option, this Worx WG584 40 Volt Power Share Turbine Cordless Leaf Blower is another great one on the list.

It will give you nearly 30 minutes of run time, which is considered good.

It is one of the best options for those who think they cannot swing the other cordless quiet leaf blowers around.

This is because this quiet leaf blower uses two smaller batteries instead of using a single giant one.

So this makes it lighter in weight.

It uses 20 Volts batteries compatible with Worx DIY tools like drills and the saw.



  • This quiet leaf blower is light in weight.
  • It uses two smaller batteries instead of one larger one.
  • It has nearly 30 minutes of run time.



  • This device is not as quiet as other devices on the list.
  • It is not as powerful as other products on the list.

4) Ryobi RY 40440 Cordless Leaf Blower

This is another great option in the cordless quiet leaf blowers variety.

It gives you an actual run time of 47 minutes without any interruption.

Its beautiful shape and volume help in moving the debris efficiently.

It won’t disappoint you if you want to blow away the leaves or clean up the parking lot after sawdust.

The best part is that this leaf blower is one of the quietest of all the other leaf blowers.

This will provide relief to your ear and also your neighbours.

The maximum sound it may produce is 87 decibels, while the minimum is 67 decibels.

It is designed in such a way that it gives you comfortable control.

Thanks to its trigger, shoulder strap and trigger, you can easily and comfortably control this quiet leaf blower.

The straps are also well-padded and highly adjustable.

However, the cruise control lever is difficult to pivot, and the flexible blower tube is too short.

It weighs 17.8 lbs with a battery power of 40 Volt, 5 Ah.



  • This cordless leaf blower is one of the quietest on the list.
  • Its comfortable design, handle, trigger and shoulder strap make it more comfortable to work with.
  • It gives you 47 minutes of run time.
  • It works best with the leaf blowing and cleaning of the small corners of your garage and parking lot.



  • The cruise control lever is difficult to pivot.
  • The flexible blower tube is a bit too short.


5) Denali Denali 20V 400 CFM Leaf Blower Kit

Denali 20V 400 CFM is not as powerful as the one on the list, but it is one of the most affordable.

This cordless quiet leaf blower works simply with just one dial to control the airspeed.

You can just set the air speed wherever you want and push it with your thumb to boost it if you need more power.

This 20V quiet leaf blower is simple and shares the same battery as the other Denali cordless tools.

This will help in extending your run time.

It gives a fairly focused stream of air, but that can be made wider with an included fan-shaped blower tube tip.

The Denali 20V works best with blowing away the leaves quietly and cleaning the walkways, patios and driveways.

The maximum airspeed you will get out of this quiet leaf blower is 76 mph.

It weighs 8.3 lbs and gives you a run time of 13 minutes.

You will experience 88.4 decibels of sound while you work with it.



  • This quiet leaf blower is one of the most affordable ones on the list.
  • It shares the same battery as the other Denali cordless tools.
  • It provides a good airspeed that sweeps away all the dust and leaves from the patios, driveways and walkways.



  • This quiet leaf blower is not as quiet as the other products on the list.
  • It gives you less run time.

Quietest leaf blower buying guide

Buying the quietest leaf blower is not just a simple way of pointing fingers at a random product.

Selection is a process for which you need to have some guidance.

You need to know what’s best in leaf blowers and how they work.

This buying guide will help you select a suitable quiet leaf blower for your needs.

The most important thing you should consider while buying a new leaf blower is its quietness.

While most people are busy buying the most powerful turbo leaf blowers, paying attention to their noise level is important.

Noise pollution can be drastic for you, your family and your neighbours.

Try not to disturb anyone while you do your everyday chores, like blowing away the leaves.

Below we will discuss some factors you should consider when buying a quiet leaf blower for yourself.


Compact build

Leaf blowers should never be bulky and heavy.

Carrying a heavy and bulky quiet leaf blower may cause you a backache.

You may develop chronic backache if you keep using such leaf blowers for four to five years.

Larger leaf blowers pack more power, but that doesn’t mean you opt for heavy blowers and start dealing with your health issues.

You may have to constantly push the heavy and bulky leaf blowers around, and you would never like that.

Be easy on yourself and opt for a lightweight leaf blower.

The best thing is to opt for the one you can handle with a single hand so that you can use it more conveniently.

Also, a quiet leaf blower should be compact.

The more compact it is, the more lightweight and convenient it will be.

Avoid the gas powered devices

Everyone knows gas-powered leaf blowers are more powerful than corded or cordless ones.

But there is more hassle with gas-powered leaf blowers.

This is because gas-powered leaf blowers run on engines.

And then it’s obvious that the engines will require frequent tunings and maintenance.

However, corded and cordless leaf blowers do not need much maintenance.

Gas-powered leaf blowers will also cost you more.

Along with maintenance, you will need to buy fuel and oil.

Also, know that gas-powered leaf blowers will also make more noise.

This is not only the case with leaf blowers; any other tool or device that works on a gas-powered engine will make more noise.

A gas leaf blower will sound like a siren going off, so I will vote for cordless and corded quiet leaf blowers.

Also, finding an appropriate fuel for your gas-powered leaf blower will be difficult.

It is a difficult task.

These leaf blowers that operate on gas will also emit chemicals that may harm you while you use them.

Some manufacturers may claim gas-powered leaf blowers to the quiet, but that’s not true.


Check the motor quality

Once you have decided to buy cordless or corded leaf blowers, check the motor’s quality before buying it.

The motor’s quality will decide how efficiently your quiet leaf blower works.

The best of all the leaf blowers are those which work on multiple speed levels.

But some users prefer the leaf blowers, which work on a single speed level.

It’s all up to your choice.

But technically, leaf blowers with multiple speed levels work better.

You can use single-speed level quiet leaf blowers for small patios or lawns.

You must test the device before you buy it.

So try operating it and keep it running for a few minutes.

If the device gets hot too quickly, it’s a big NO.

These types of devices end up dying too soon, or they end up at the repair shop within the first six months of usage, or even before that if the user is too much.


Get the right battery

You must check the battery life if you opt for a cordless quiet leaf blower.

Make sure you get the right type of battery for your device.

Cordless leaf blowers work best when you need to move around the house too much for cleaning purposes.

They are more convenient to use.

You can sometimes even handle them with a single hand.

But the drawback is their battery life.

Make sure you choose a battery that gives you at least 45 minutes of run time if not more.

To increase the battery life and for its long-lasting health, you need to give breaks after every fifteen minutes when you work.

It is always a good practice to give the battery a breather.


Go for models with less noise

It’s always best to go for a quiet leaf blower.

Everyone prefers working quietly without making noise and disturbing their neighbours.

Would you like it if your neighbours kept giving you looks while you kept making noise with your leaf blower?

You never know if the time you choose to clean your lawn is your neighbour’s time to nap.

No one wants to get noticed, right?

So you should prefer buying a quiet leaf blower.

Electric or battery-operated products make noise within the range of 60-70 dBA.

To test randomly if your leaf blower is too noisy, you must stand at least 20 to 25 feet away while the leaf blower works.

Standing right next to the leaf blower and then judging its noise level is not the right way to check it.

Noise pollution is a big problem only if we try to understand it.

Contribute your share in making less noise and controlling it.



1) What are the benefits of a quiet leaf blower?

Quiet leaf blowers help reduce noise pollution.

Especially battery powered leaf blowers are designed in such a way that they help in reducing all kinds of pollution, specifically noise pollution.


2) Do quiet leaf blowers cost more than noisy ones?

Yes, quiet leaf blowers may cost more than noisy leaf blowers.


3) Can I make a noisy leaf blower quieter?

To make a noisy leaf blower a little less noisy, you can run it on a lower level.

Setting the motor at a lower level means less noise.


4) How do quiet leaf blowers compare in power to traditional models?

Quiet leaf blowers can be as powerful as traditional models.

A leaf blower’s motor that makes more noise doesn’t necessarily have to be more powerful.

Even quiet motors work very efficiently.


5) Are quiet leaf blowers suitable for both residential and commercial use?

Yes, quiet leaf blowers are suitable for both residential and commercial use.


6) Can quiet leaf blowers effectively handle different types of debris?

Yes, quiet leaf blowers effectively handle different types of debris.


7) Do quiet leaf blowers require any specific maintenance or care?

No, quiet lead blowers do not need specific maintenance or care; all leaf blowers require maintenance and care.


8) Are there any health or safety concerns associated with quiet leaf blowers?

There are no health or safety concerns associated with quiet leaf blowers.

Only gas-operated leaf blowers emit high levels of gases and chemicals that are harmful to health.


Author’s note

Finding the right kind of quiet leaf blower is not an easy task.

You need to know your priorities and which device suits you best.

You must take care of several things I’ve mentioned in the buying guide.

I’ve also discussed several quiet leaf blowers that are best according to my research.

I hope this article will help you get the right quiet leaf blower.


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