How to Make a Soundproof Booth for Streaming

Today we are living in a whole new dynamic world.

The approach towards work and jobs has now taken a very different form.

Now if you are a YouTuber or social media influencer, you work from home.

At the same time, you need a separate isolated place where you can do live streaming in a quiet environment and where the surrounding sounds can’t mess with your projects.

Also, this soundproof and noise-free booth can work as a workplace for you due to its quiet and peaceful environment.

In this article, we will discuss various practical ideas to soundproof a booth for streaming, according to their cost-effectiveness.



Why a soundproof streaming booth

Social media has now being used for many purposes.

Almost all kinds of content have been displayed on it.

From makeup to cooking and religion to education, you find everything projected there.

In very few cases, you can survive only on the base of visuals.

Most of the content is sold on the basis of the right sound and audio.

For the right sound and audio, we need the right environment.

Free of noise and distraction.

Only then can we be the influencer?

If the surrounding sounds easily disturb the live streaming, then the audience may skip some of the important information or knowledge.

This way, they wouldn’t be able to connect the chain of events; soon, they’ll get bored and switch the channel.

This way, when no one can develop an interest in your work, that will lead to less rating and, eventually, low earnings.

So a soundproof booth will help you gain from your hard work.


Options for the soundproof booth

There can be different options regarding soundproof booths.

Here we’ll be discussing some of them.


Ready-made soundproof booth

In the market, ready-made soundproof booths are available.

They fulfill all the basic criteria of a soundproof booth.

This Is the easiest and fastest way to attain your required place, as they are really easy to assemble.

You can sing or talk loudly in these booths.

Either your voice will be unheard by the people outside, or it will be distant from here.

Same way, the sounds from outside will be almost unheard inside.

Thus you will be in a position to record as well.

You can search for the companies that create these booths according to your size and cost requirements.

Also, they are available in different colours and designs.

The shortcoming of this booth is that it is expensive, but its benefits are far more than its cost.

So we can say they are cost-effective.


A closet-turned soundproof booth for streaming

Sometimes we have an availability of empty, useless spaces in our house that can work magic for us.

The walk-in closet is one such place which can be easily turned into a streaming booth after making it soundproof.

The walk-in closet is a small compact space that can easily be turned into a multipurpose place at less cost.

Obviously, it is already available space, all you have to do is to invest in soundproofing material, and you are good to go.


Making a Soundproof booth of your own

A soundproof booth can be established in your home with your idea.

First of all, locate a suitable place for that.

The most suitable place would be so e corner of the house that is not used for quite some time.

For example, the garage of your home.

There is ample space for the establishment of the streaming booth.

The basic idea is to create a box-like structure where you can work without pressure from your surroundings.

Use a corner to save from the making of the whole box. In that case, you have to only add two more walls.

Make these walls with plywood sheets. You can also take a carpenter’s services if you are not comfortable doing it alone.

Then starts the door-fixing project.

Try not to install the hollow door, as it would add to the noise-making, and again you’ll have to invest in its soundproofing.

But if you have installed a hollow one, you should now cover it with a thick soundproof blanket. It has a sound-blocking ability.

The draft stopper can help in that situation.

Now that your structure is complete, you should use different soundproofing techniques.

First, take care of all the holes and cracks in the structure. Then carefully pay attention to their filling and repair.

Silicon and green glue work best for that.

Weatherstripping of the door and the windows should be done.

Take care of the floor and ceiling. Add thick soundproof rugs and blankets to them.

That’ll help reduce noise and echoes and add colour and shine to your structure.


Methods to soundproof your booth for streaming

You can do a soundproofing job yourself, also. All you need is some of the materials mentioned below.

If you know how to install them properly, go ahead with the project; otherwise, you can get professional help.

Here are the details of some of those soundproofing stuff.


Fill all the holes and cracks

The first step to soundproofing any structure is identifying the holes and cracks.

It is the essential step which makes the difference.

Silicon or acoustic sealants like green glue are the most commonly used sealant to fill these gaps.


Acoustic foam panels

Acoustic foam panels are thick and dense sound-absorbing panels installed to reduce the echo and reverberation of the sound waves.

Thus they make the sound quality better.

You enjoy doing the live streaming, and the listeners enjoy listening.


Acoustic caulking

There are many types of acoustic caulks available in the market. Acoustic caulk, such as green glue, is the best for filling the holes and cracks in the structure of the booth.

They can be filled in even the tiniest holes and seams.

Thus travelling of sound waves can be stopped.

Acoustic caulking compliments the other soundproofing methods and helps achieve 100 percent results.



Doors are often hollow, and thus they transmit the sound waves across the booth.

Weatherstripping the door and window of the streaming booth is essential for soundproofing.

Add weatherstripping to the door from the inside and check its movement is perfect.

This doesn’t allow sound to pass and thus helps make your streaming successfully.


Draft stopper

It is needed for the door soundproofing.

It is a perfect solution for the door, which has to get soundproofed.


Thick blanket

Among the soundproofing solutions, thick materials were always good and cheap.

A thick blanket is a very good idea for the soundproofing of the door and booth walls.

They are sound absorbent and fix reverberation problems effectively.


Plywood sheets 

Thick plywood sheathing helps reduce sound waves travelling across the room.

Inside voices will remain, and outside noise will not disturb your work.

As mentioned earlier, covering them with a thick blanket will help you make them more effective.


Decoupling the walls

A little lengthy and somewhat expensive, but a truly effective idea is decoupling the booth’s wall.

This will take far more extra care of the noise problem.

Installing the second layer of drywall into the original wall and filling them with good soundproofing material will give you almost complete soundproofing.


Soundproofing of the ceiling of the streaming booth

It would be a luxurious task for many people to soundproof the ceiling of the streaming booth.

But if you are doing the professional thing and earning good from your job, then it’ll be okay to invest in it.

Moreover, if you live in an apartment building, you have to take care of the neighbours living upstairs.

Acoustic panels would be recommended to cover the ceiling. Thicker acoustic panels would be very helpful.

Cover the maximum ceiling area with the thick acoustic foam panels and make your ceiling soundproof.


Soundproofing of the floor

The floor is the hardest area of the room.

It reflects the sound waves with extra force.

Thus it creates echoes and reverberation, and the sound quality gets badly affected.

Thick carpeting and adding layers to the floor can do best.



Live streaming or recording is commonly used for business, entertainment and even educational purposes.

Soundproofing of the streaming booth is not only necessary but also beneficial for the job you are doing.

There are many ways to do that.

A ready-made soundproof booth for streaming is an easy thing to do.

Little expensive but a helpful option.

It will make things easier.

Closet turned booth is a blessing, as it will prove to be a cheap and effective method.

DIY soundproofing is also discussed in detail; any of them of their combination will work.

A good soundproof streaming booth can attract more and more listeners and thus make your business flourish.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials do I need to make a soundproof booth for streaming?

A: Some materials you may need include acoustic foam panels, mass-loaded vinyl, green glue, sound isolation clips, and drywall.

2. How much does it cost to make a soundproof booth for streaming?

A: The cost of making a soundproof booth for streaming can vary depending on the size, materials used, and complexity of the design.

However, it can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

3. Can I use a closet or small room as a soundproof booth?

A: Yes, you can use a closet or small room as a soundproof booth, but you may need to add additional soundproofing materials to reduce noise leakage.

4. Do I need to be handy to make a soundproof booth for streaming?

A: While some basic DIY skills may be helpful, you do not need to be a handyman or have extensive construction experience to make a soundproof booth for streaming.

There are many tutorials and guides available online that can help you get started.

5. Can a soundproof booth eliminate all external noise?

A: While a soundproof booth can significantly reduce external noise, it may not completely eliminate all sounds.

However, adding additional layers of soundproofing materials and creating an airtight seal can further reduce noise leakage.


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