How to Deal With Quiet Customers (8 Proven Ways)

Who is a quiet customer?

A quiet customer is a person or user who does not give much feedback about your services, products, or brand.

They are the users of your products or they are the ones to whom you provide services but they do not reveal much information about your services.

Over time they may just disappear without giving any explanations.

This would not be fair to your brand.

How would you come to know whether your customer is satisfied or not if they don’t give any type of positive or negative opinions and feedback?

Having quiet customers is also a drawback for you because the unsatisfied silent customers will one day leave your brand or disappear without telling anything.

It is very important for the customer to convey whatever they feel about your product or your services in order to stay satisfied with everything you provide them.

For example, if you own a brand of clothes, a quiet customer would buy clothes from you and then disappear for a very long time without giving you any positive or negative feedback.

This should be something which you should be worried about.

You can only run a successful business if you take care of customer service and be aware of how satisfied your customers are.

Quiet customers can even be a threat to your business because they hide the most valuable thing; feedback.

Even a very unsatisfied customer that gives you feedback is better than a quiet customer because at least you get to know where you need to improve in your business.

For this, it is very important not to take feedback negatively.

Always take feedback as constructive criticism, only then you can be successful.

In this article let us discuss some of the effective ways by which we can deal with quiet customers.


1. Identifying quiet customers

Identify Quiet Customers: Magnifying Glass

Ask your sales team to identify quiet customers in your customer database.

When a lot of customers disappear without leaving any trace, you should know they are quiet customers.

Look for any information about these customers and try to reach out.

Also, ask your sales team to assess which was the point when there was a greater loss of customers.

This will help you in figuring out what made the quiet customers go away so quietly.

Did you know that making new customers can be a lot more expensive than keeping the ones you already have?

So make sure to keep your customers satisfied even if they don’t tell you what makes them unsatisfied.

You should go the extra mile if you really want to bring your quiet customers back and get feedback from them about what made them leave your brand.


2. Ask for feedback


If your customer is silent that doesn’t mean they don’t want to give feedback.

Sometimes people only give feedback when they’re asked for it.

Most people like to feel heard.

It’s very important that you reach out to your customers and ask them for their opinion about your products.

If you don’t ask your customers for their feedback, they might think that their experience doesn’t matter to you.

If you find there’s any problem, you must contact your customers personally and give them an explanation.

This will make them feel relevant and that their experience and opinions matter.

Also, this will help you make important decisions about where to improve and how to improve.

You’ll be able to make a better shopping experience for your customers next time.


3. Incentives

Sometimes your customers are quiet because they are now changing their loyalty.

They may start using another brand quietly, without you even knowing.

Usually, customers change their loyalty when they get incentives or special discounts from another brand or service provider.

To deal with these types of silent customers, you need to regain their attention by offering them personalized discount coupons, a service upgrade, or any extra complement which could be attractive to your customers.


4. Communicate loop

To build a solid relationship with your quiet customers you need to change your strategies.

Your quiet customers should not feel that you’re only contacting them to make sales.

Staying connected always offers good results.

Make your quiet customers curious about your brand and your services by using a segmented and programmed email chain.

This will help in making your customers contact and interact again with your brand or shop.

Your emails can include marketing content, ebooks, new features, tutorials, and invitations to any events conducted by your brand.

This will be a great help in getting attached to the silent and gone customers.

You can also use social media to start a relevant campaign, especially for quiet customers.

Using social media and emails as a source of conversation is better than making direct calls and text messages.

Calls and text messages should only be made taking into account the profile of your customer because sometimes calls can be overwhelming for them.

Lastly, one of the very effective ways to keep your customers in a communication loop is by using surveys.

If possible get them filled out anonymously so that even hesitant people can participate.


5. Listen to the customer


Always listen to your customer when they have to say something, their information can be of great help to your shop or brand.

But if the customer is quiet or gone, don’t wait for them to contact you because probably they never will.

If you have their email, send them some information that you think might make them curious or interested in your brand.

Such as a promotion of a product that is the updated version of what they have already bought some time back.

You can also ask them what bothers them about your brand, what they want you to improve, what interests them more and how you can provide with a solution.


6. Deal with objections

Get prepared for all the objections a quiet customer may have.

You need to have all the knowledge about your products and how they work.

Provide your quiet customers with all the knowledge and information about the products they purchased from you.

This will help in gaining their trust and adding value.

They will surely contact you next time when they need to.


7. Make apologies

A satisfied customer will never be your brand without any reason.

Customers only switch to another shop or brand when they find the company constantly failing at providing the desired level of service.

You need to understand how important is customer service while you deal with your customers.

Reach out to all the customers yourself and hear out their problems.

Make sure you identify where the problem started and why your quiet customers switched from your brand.

Also, make sure to admit in front of your customers that mistakes have been made at the company’s end and make apologies if your customer faced any loss.

If you make the customer valued it will definitely work in the interest of your brand.


8. Easy return option

Dealing with quiet customers: Returning Money

Make it easy for your old and quiet customers to return back by making providing them with all the convenience you can.

For example, have payment and shipping information saved on their account so that they don’t find the need to fill it out again and again.

But make sure it should be all done with their consent because it’s very important to have their consent to store their data.

Also, make it easy for them to recover their old password and access data on your website.



If you think everything is fine just because no one is complaining, you may be wrong.

Quiet customers are those customers who don’t complain and tell you about any problem they face with your brand.

They switch to another brand without even telling you because they are quiet by nature.

This type of customer is very dangerous and can be very damaging to your company.

Try to get feedback from quiet customers so that you can improve in providing your services better.

Just because nobody’s complaining doesn’t mean that everything is going perfectly because quiet customers disappear without telling you anything.

So, customer services are very important in this aspect.

Make sure you learn how to deal effectively with quiet customers in order to reach new heights of success in your business.

We hope this article will be a great help to you.



What could be done to encourage the quiet customers to give you more required information?

Don’t just sit and wait for your quiet customers to give their feedback themselves.

To get the required information from your quiet customers make sure you ask them through explain their impressions and experiences.

This will make them feel valued and relevant.

Also, this will help them open up.


What to avoid when dealing with quiet customers?

To have a good experience with your quiet customers here are some things that you should avoid:

• Tell quiet customers they are wrong

• Disagree with them

• Only think of sales

• Make promises you can’t make

• Argue with them

• Make them feel they are at mistake

• Fail to seek clarification

• Treat quiet customers like numbers

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