How Do You Deal With a Quiet Partner (12 Ways)

Silence is golden, but that does not apply in every situation.

If you have a silent partner who doesn’t discuss things with you and doesn’t talk about problems, this may affect your relationship.

You must have heard that communication is the key to healthy relationships.

If your partner lacks to communicate things with you, that may get problematic for you in the long run.

It is very important for both partners to express their problems and love for each other.

If both partners don’t express their love for each other, misunderstandings can occur.

A successful relationship only takes place when the communication is two-way.

Both partners need to show their affection towards each other.

If one partner is silent and hesitates to talk in a relationship, other partners can feel isolated and lonely.

They can get frustrated and feel like they are talking to a brick wall.

They may feel that they’re failing at making their partner comfortable in the relationship because their partner is not being able to engage in any dialogue.

In this article, let us discuss some of the ways that will make it easy for you to deal with your quiet partner.

dealing with quiet partner

1. Choose a time

Choose a time when you feel it is better for you to talk to your quiet partner.

Try to engage in a healthy conversation.

Choose a time when you’re happy, relaxed, and comfortable.

This will make you talk in a calm tone.

If you’re under the influence of alcohol or tired and frustrated, you won’t be able to talk properly.

You might talk rudely in such situations, which can make your partner even quieter.

This won’t help; instead, you’ll be unable to get your desired results in such a situation.

Try choosing a time when you both have a little downtime.

Instead of watching television over the meal, have a healthy discussion.


2. Express your feelings

Express your feelings in front of your partner about how you feel when they’re not talking to you.

Tell them how you feel about their behavior and how you feel lonely and abandoned when you sit with them.

Also, tell them that their silence makes you feel uncomfortable and anxious.

But remember to be respectful towards them, and don’t show any rude behavior.

Try offering empathy to your partner.

This way, they may realize that their silence may become a threat to your relationship.


3. Don’t assume

It’s very important to keep asking your partner about their feelings and keep telling them about your feelings.

Making assumptions in a relationship can be very dangerous.

You cannot just judge your partner without asking them anything.

If they’re quiet, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to talk or they’re not interested in you.

It’s just that they’re quiet by nature.

Their quiet nature doesn’t allow them to talk too much.

Focus on their positive points.

If they talk less, they surely listen more.

Quiet people absorb everything that is being said and listen to you with full concentration.

This makes them good partners.

So don’t ever make assumptions about them.

If there’s something on your mind that’s disturbing you about them, just go and ask them.

Give them time to reply because quiet people usually take more time preparing their answers.

Make sure you keep telling them about your feelings.

This attitude of yours will eventually help them to open up in the long run.


4. Give time

Deal with Quiet Partner: Give Time

When you’ve asked your partner a question, give them time to think.

Quiet people take time to prepare their answers and gather their thoughts.

You must allow them this time and wait very patiently.

You don’t have to repeat your question; instead, try to ask questions that follow up on your point.

Ideally, you should ask them open questions, ones that cannot be answered by simply saying yes or no.

Your partner will prepare the answer and reply to you in the best way he can only if you give them time.

Just be very careful not to rush, and don’t be in a hurry.

Quiet people like to be dealt with patience.


5. Focus on positives

Focus on the positive traits of your spouse instead of making their quietness an issue.

Praise them for their positive traits.

Don’t show them your frustration over their quietness.

Your positive attitude will help your quiet partner to open up because he will feel encouraged.

Acknowledge them for what they did for you.

Affirmation is a good way to build the positive aspects of good communication.

6. Therapy

Couple counseling or getting therapy can work for a relationship to get healthy.

If you think that your partner or your relationship needs professional help, you should get it.

There’s nothing bad in consulting a professional.

You may get counseling as a couple or individually.

Never be hopeless; there’s always hope and you can always get help.

Getting help from an expert can also help your partner to open up.


7. Communicate in various ways

Telephone as a symbol of communication

Your partner may be quiet, but that doesn’t mean that you stop communicating with them.

Your relationship depends on communication.

It is the key to every healthy relationship.

If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable expressing their feelings by word of mouth, you can communicate in other creative ways.

For example, you can write notes and letters to each other.

It can be a simple good morning note, or it can be a lengthy love letter expressing all your feelings.

It depends on your mood, whatever way you want to communicate.

You can draw your partner a quick doodle, sketch, or a picture expressing your feelings.

These creative ideas will not only make you communicate with your partner, but they will also make your love grow.

These ideas will also include fun in your relationship.

Use texts, emails, and other forms of messages from your mobile phone to engage in a fun and healthy conversation.

This way, your partner will start enjoying communicating with you and eventually may start expressing all their feelings for you.

This tip will surely work for you because all quiet people prefer communicating this way.

This is because they need time to gather their thoughts and formulate their ideas which is not possible when communicating face-to-face.


8. Tell your needs

You need to express your needs to your partner continuously.

Tell them when you need to talk, when you need the feeling of being loved and when you need them to communicate with you.

Also, tell them when you need space, it’s not important to always keep talking.

When your partner realizes that you express everything, they will also try to change themselves.


9. Make sure you’re not being manipulated

Sometimes the case can be different.

Your partner may act silently to manipulate you.

They might use silence as a weapon.

They may ignore you or barely talk to you so that they can control you.

You must be sure about your silent partner that what is the reason behind their silence.

If they’re silent because of their nature, that’s okay.

But if they are using silence as a weapon, that should never be okay for you.

You must take action against such behavior.

If your partner is normally a talkative person, then taking on this trait might be a sign that something is wrong.

Discuss with them if you realize that this is not their normal behavior.


10. Accept the way they are

You must accept your partner the way they are.

Love them the same way as they are.

If they’re quiet by nature, accept that.

It’s okay if someone is quiet because quiet people are more intelligent and smart.

Just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean they cannot handle the relationship in a good way.

Smartness and intelligence are more important in handling relationships.

Show them that you respect them the way they are.

This will also develop a sense of love and respect in their heart for you.

If you want your partner to accept the way you are, then you must also accept them the way they are.


11. Give space

You must know that a quiet partner might like spending some time alone.

If they ask you to leave and give them some time alone, don’t take that personally.

Giving them some time alone is okay because this is how they regain their energy and recharge themselves.

Respect their need to be alone and allow them to have some space.

Don’t force them to socialize when they don’t feel like it.

It is very important to understand what your partner wants and respect their needs.

This way, they will also take care of your needs when the time comes.

Healthy and happy relationships are built in the give-and-take formula.

You give them what they need; in return, they will give you what you want.

There’s nothing bad in this as far as your relationship is going well.

When two people of different personalities come together in a relationship, they need to understand each other and also give some space to each other.


12. Be a good listener

We know it’s very difficult for a talkative person to talk less and listen more, but for your relationship with a quiet partner, you need to change yourself a bit.

Try to talk less and start listening more.

This will help make your partner feel that you are interested in listening to them and want to hear their opinion.

Let them know that their opinions also matter equally and their side of the story is also important.

Quiet people only talk when feeling that they are being listened to.

They don’t waste their words on people not interested in their opinions.

So if you want a healthy relationship with a quiet partner, make sure you make them feel valued.

Provide them with an environment where they can talk easily.

Don’t push them to talk; they only talk when they feel their words are more important than their silence.



I hope the above article will help you make your relationship with a quiet partner healthy and strong.

The stronger the bond will be between you and your partner, the more the relationship will flourish.

Just keep in mind the above tips mentioned in this article to make your quiet partner talk and express themselves.

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