10 Best Hair Clippers For Toddlers (A Comprehensive Guide)

Hair clippers for toddlers are an essential tool in a parent’s arsenal.

A few years back, I had my hands full with two young kids, and trying to keep them looking neat was a real challenge.

Thankfully, the hair clipper industry has come out with some great products that make it easy to get good haircuts at home.

In this article, we will review the ten best hair clippers for toddlers on the market today – I have narrowed down all of your choices into one comprehensive list, alongside a buying guide.

10 Best Quiet Hair Clippers for Toddlers

1) Philips Kids Hair Clipper HC1091/70

With years of experience in making great appliances, Philips demonstrates the same skill in Philips Kids Hair Clipper HC1091/70 series.

As a kid’s hair clipper, you can be sure of two things- it’s efficient and quiet.

With that, you can comfortably skip trips to the barbershop and be your kid’s barber. This gives you a new level of confidence as you get to trim the delicate kid’s head.

It’s never easy trusting someone else with your kid’s delicate skin, especially in the initial moments!

This hair clipper comes with a safe cutting system. The system goes a long way at avoiding those cries and wails by quickly catching and cutting the kid’s soft hair. The system doesn’t pull the hair or scratch the toddler’s soft skin. By far, this is the best feature to look out for, besides the quietness.

Talking of quietness, the Philips Kids Hair Clipper HC1091/70 is super quiet. It doesn’t disturb the child while in operation.

Whatever the haircut style you want to give your child, this hair clipper provides multiple comb lengths ranging from 1mm to 18mm.

You could be your own child’s hairstylist.

After cutting the hair, this clipper can be washed in water without damaging the electrical parts. The electrically conductive parts are fully insulated to take care of this.

The clipper comes in a rugged storage pouch designed to absorb shock in case the package drops. The case is also hardened and easy to clean and store.

Charging the cordless clipper takes eight hours with a 100-240V outlet. This is a considerable period, given that one full charge can last over ten rounds of shaving.


  • Super quiet – ideal for squirmy and autistic kids
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It can be washed in water
  • Has a safe storage case
  • Various rounded comb lengths


  • The 18mm max comb length leaves very short hair
  • It comes with a one-sided diagonal comb

2) Meetcare Baby Hair Clippers

The Meetcare Baby Hair Clipper is equipped with an enhanced fine cutting unit.

The unit is excellent at catching and cutting a baby’s soft hair without mauling on the hair or scratching the tender scalp.

This is due to a specially R-shaped and widened corner design on the outside and ceramic blades on the inside.

The result is a perfectly smooth and rounded outside and an extremely sharp blade on the inside. This combination yields a totally safe and comfortable shaving experience for your toddler.

The Meetcare Baby Hair Clipper uses a precision motor and Advanced Noise Reduction technology. This combo reduces vibrations, and thus the noise to just 50dB.

Haircuts will never be a nightmare for your toddler again.

Cleaning the clipper is also as convenient as everything else. Apart from having an IPX-7 water resistance rating, the entire clipper body can be submerged in water for cleaning, although that shouldn’t be prolonged.

The manufacturer provides a brush to remove excess hair on the machine so that you only clean it in water for a short period.

Although the continuous usage time for a single full charge is 60 minutes, the clipper can be charged from almost any outlet that accepts a USB cable. You can charge from a USB charger, an adapter, a power bank, or even from your desktop PC if you’ve got no other outlet.


  • Reticent and smooth, especially for special needs kids
  • It’s light and low on vibrations, thus easy to use even for the inexperienced
  • It has a variety of blades to cut hair to various heights
  • Works efficiently even on thin hair


  • Not very efficient on overgrown hair
  • Retains a lot of cut hair in the blade area even after cleaning

3) Bololo Baby Hair Clippers

Bololo Baby Hair Clipper is excellent for an autistic child or an infant. This clipper is ultra-quiet, lowering the noise level to a mere42 dB. This noise level is lower than most other hair clippers for infants in the market. This is further enhanced by the smooth rounded corners that massage the baby’s skin while shaving them. That’s quite convenient. You could wait for your toddler to fall asleep and clip all their hair comfortably and without waking them up!

The Bololo Baby Hair Clipper is meant for toddlers who are just fine with just a few hair length needs. It packs four comb lengths; 3, 6,9, and 12mm. This variety is enough for most toddlers (or rather parents who decide how their baby’s haircut should look like).

The clipper has a good level of water resistance (IPX-7). You just detach the cutter head in one move for cleaning, and you can clean the insulated body in water. This makes cleaning easier and much faster than with those clippers, which disassemble into several parts.

A single full charge will last the Bololo Baby Hair Clipper for up to 90 minutes. This is equivalent to 18 rounds of shaving on average! Along with USB charging, this is one of the best hair clippers for toddlers.


  • Super quiet clipper for special needs children
  • It has a long-lasting battery
  • It can be charged from any USB outlet
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Plastic posts holding the combs are prone to breaking when cutting long hair.

4) LUSN Baby Hair Clipper

The LUSN Baby Hair Clipper combines a 28-tooth clipper head design with the R-shaped rounded corners clipper head design. The result is a smooth cut for your baby and a smooth operation of the machine. The clipper quickly catches and cuts the toddler’s thin and soft hair without pulling or scratching the toddler’s tender scalp.

LUSN Baby Hair Clipper has a 2.0 ultra-quiet motor with a maximum noise of 50 dB. The motor is mounted on shock-absorbing attachments to reduce vibrations and enhance a calming experience for the kid while shaving. This is one of the clippers that you don’t hear the vibrations even when shaving near the ear.

The LUSN Baby Hair Clipper head can be detached from the body for easy cleaning. Since the body is IPX-7 water-resistant, you can wash it in water with a sponge or even shave wet hair (although this is not recommended as the clipper can pull the hair). On the other hand, the clipper head can be washed with the included cleaning brush to release hair accumulated around the blade area.

The clipper comes with three guide combs, a child haircut cape, hairstyle models, and lubricating oil. The style guide and style combs are very useful for parents who are learning how to use the shaver while the lubricating oil ensures the blade remains in mint working condition.

The included USB cable can power the clipper in case the battery runs empty in use. Even so, the minimum 60-minute runtime for a full battery can run several rounds of shaving.


  • It comes with lubricating oil and guide combs
  • Has shock-absorbing motor attachments to damp vibrations
  • Super silent and smooth for children with sensory processing impairments
  • Easy to use and clean- given the user manual
  • It works fine for adults too


  • It doesn’t have a hair suction feature

5) IWEEL Baby Hair Clippers

The IWEEL Baby Hair Clipper comes as a complete package with four guide combs, a cleaning sponge, and an antistatic bib. There is a sideburns comb and a thinning guide comb among the four guide combs. You do not have to struggle with the same comb to clip all the areas; plus, these guide combs easily attach and detach from the clipper head.

The IWEEL Baby Hair Clipper is a low-noise model (45dB). The low noise makes it a suitable choice for kid’s suffering from sensitivity conditions. The noise level isn’t enough to wake the toddler when in operation. The low-noise feature combines with the soft rounded blade corners to ensure the clipper doesn’t nip the toddler’s skin. The blades themselves are constructed from ceramic and titanium metal to enable them precisely cut even the most rigid hairs without pulling.

The IWEEL Baby Hair Clipper has an LCD screen that shows you how much battery charge is left. This way, you will never run out of power unexpectedly. Despite the presumably delicate LCD screen, the clipper is still water-resistant. You can shave your toddler fresh from the shower and then wash the shaver in water, all without breaking a thing.


  • It has an LCD battery level screen indicator and lasts up to 90 minutes on a single charge.
  • Has sharp and tough titanium blades
  • It comes with guide combs to guarantee a smooth all-around shaving experience.
  • It’s ultra-quiet and won’t wake your baby when shaving
  • Easy to use (attach and detach guide combs) and clean


  • Battery dies quickly if left uncharged for long (6+ months)

6) Baistom Baby Hair Clipper

Baistom Baby Hair trimmer is a three-in-one appliance that can shave, trim and carve. This kid’s clipper has three separate cutter heads, which enable the three functions. It can thus be used to shave a kid’s soft head and areas like the chest, shoulders, underarms, legs, arms, stomach, and groin in adults.

The baby trimmer has rounded stainless and ceramic blades that roll smoothly over the baby’s skin while catching and trimming hairs with ease for baby safety. Unlike the standard stainless steel-bladed trimmers, the Baistom Baby Hair Clipper doesn’t induce scalp sensitivity.

The trimmer motor has a vibration suppressing mechanism. This reduces the noise due to vibration to a mere 50dB. This is an important feature when shaving a toddler, given the numerous ways that the shaver can be used on grown adults. The mild vibrations won’t disturb a toddler while shaving.

The body of the Baistom Baby Hair Clipper is fully water-resistant. You can safely shave after a shower and even clean the clipper in water. All three heads can also be cleaned underwater without damaging a thing.

You need only two hours to charge the lithium-ion battery, after which you can use the shaver continuously for up to 60 minutes. If you don’t want to wait for the battery to charge fully, you can still use the shaver while connected to the power adapter.


  • Has three cutter heads for multiple hair clipping applications
  • It can efficiently be used on toddlers and adults
  • Suppressed noise makes it ideal for shaving toddlers and kids with sensitivity disorders.
  • Easy to clean thoroughly underwater – water resistant


  • Has very short guards thus cuts the hair very short

7) PLYFORCE Baby Hair Trimmer

The PLYFORCE baby hair trimmer has an ultra-quiet feature of 50db with lower vibrations that clear your baby’s fear. The clipper is suitable for all hair types and comes with a set of perfect accessories for your home, barber, and salon use.

With PLYFORCE, you do not need to worry about pulling your baby’s hair since its blades are ceramic-made. Ceramic blades are best as they leave no scratches on your baby’s skin. Its high-performing motor is perfect for a comfortable hair clipping experience and a professional look after that!

You can toss this trimmer into your luggage when traveling since it’s free from any cords. Trimming your baby’s hair is also relatively easy as it has a light and easily manageable power button. It also features an ergonomic design that gives a good grip.

Maintaining it is also relatively easy as you can clean it in between the trims, thanks to its high water resistance. Drying it after use is necessary to avoid any water retention that might lead to rust spots.


  • Produces low vibrations and operates quietly
  • Its accessories give a barbershop experience at the comfort of your home
  • Its ceramic blade doesn’t irritate the skin
  • washing in between trims is easy


  • Can rust if not dried properly after use

8) SWEETLF Hair Clippers

SWEETLF hair clipper features an R-shape blade design that’s easy on delicate skin. It’s small and lightweight that you can carry it easily in a backpack or pocket. The clipper also comes with a Micro USB cable that can be recharged by plugging into a 5V 1A power adapter or any other USB-enabled charger.

After fully charging, you can use the clipper for 45 minutes, which is enough time to have a clean haircut. The blades are easily washable and easy to maintain. Wash the blade in time after use. SWEETLF is not waterproof and therefore should not be dipped in the water fully. Rinsing the blade part after use is enough.

The blades come with a maintenance lubricant that, before use, should be wiped off with some paper towels or cleaned with water. Because of the baby’s sensitive skin, baby oil can serve as an alternative lubricant.


  • Washable blade head
  • Easy to connect on a USB power source
  • It comes with a complete grooming kit for DIY hairstyles
  • Lightweight


  • Not waterproof

9) RTICS Baby Hair Clipper

A baby’s safety during haircuts is a major concern to every parent. Well, with this clipper, there is no need for worry as it guarantees you safety. It features ceramic and stainless steel R-shaped rounded tips that produce low friction without shaking.

The haircut you chose for your kid adopts a patent noise reduction motor with a 43db sound. The noise levels are by far the lowest when compared with other clipper brands in market. Its 4200 rpm power enables a quick haircut with less noise.

The overall waterproof rating of the cutter is up to IPX7, and its hair trimmer is washable. Disassembling the cutter head is quite simple for easier washing. With its in-built 500MHA lithium battery, you can work with the clipper continuously for an hour as you check the power of the hair clipper through the battery display.


  • It cannot hurt skin no matter the angle used
  • Best for kids with sensory issues
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for thick hair as it gets pulled.

10) HOMIEE Ultra Quiet Baby Clippers

The HOMIEE baby clippers have advanced noise reduction technology. Its high-quality pure copper and copper shaft DC motor enables it to work in the lowest vibrations and with a working noise of 40db. This feature makes it ideal for use even when your baby is asleep, causing no disturbance.

The clipper’s head is a unique widened R-shaped round corner design that makes the clipper’s outer part appear rounded and sharply on the inside. Half of its cutting mechanism is ceramic for long-lasting and sharp blades that do not heat quickly.

Its unique sealing design makes the trimmer waterproof and easy to clean when dipped in water. The trimmer comes with a brush that makes cleaning blades much more manageable. It also comes with three guide combs for comfort and ease to give your baby a nice haircut.

The trimmer is very convenient as all it needs is a battery recharge. It could take 5hours to charge fully for up to 60 minutes before it runs low on power.


  • USB rechargeable
  • It is noiseless and comfortable to use
  • Runs smoothly
  • Easy to clean


  • No known setback.


Best quiet Hair Clippers for Toddlers Buyers guide- Things to consider when buying hair clippers for toddlers.

Different hair clipper brands vary. A low-quality hair clipper can be loud, which is accompanied by screams and crying from the baby.

So you understand why getting the best quality clipper could mean a lot to you and your toddler. Not only will the baby be calm when clipping, but it will also be a fun activity they will always look forward to.

Other than the noise level, there are other factors you should consider before purchasing your toddler’s hair clipper. They include: –

a) Safety

Safety is a major concern, especially for a person purchasing a clipper for the first time. We all want kids to be safe, but there’s no need for much worry.

All you need is to go for that clipper with well-designed guards and a proper protective mechanism to reduce the risk of any injuries. A clipper with serrated ceramic blades won’t pull your little one’s hair.

You can also check out a cordless clipper that won’t get tangled around your kid’s body. The only setback of such a clipper is the pricing, as they are relatively expensive compared to the corded ones.

b) Easy to use and maintain

Children get bored when they sit for long. So you want to ensure that before they throw tantrums, you will be through with the haircut. Check out for a clipper that can quickly turn on and off and with different changing speeds.

On maintenance, a clipper that’s easy to clean is best. Aim for that which can immerse entirely in water without stopping to wipe the clipper.

c) Type of motor

Hair clipper motors can either be magnetic, pivot or rotary. Magnetic motor clippers work efficiently with both AC and DC power supply. The motor clippers run at high speed, thanks to the electromagnetic principle. This motor, however, is noisy when compared to the other motors and could require extra maintenance.

Most hair clippers in the market use the rotary motor. Its speed and blade power are superb, making it usable for both dry and wet hair. Rotary motors require minimal maintenance.

The pivot motors are pretty similar to the magnetic ones, only that they generate twice the cutting power. The increased power is perfect for effortless styling on wet hair and is widely used by experts in haircutting.

d) Blades

Blades are the key determinant of how the haircut will turn out. The most common blade materials are ceramic, stainless steel, titanium, and carbon. The carbon-made blades stay sharp for long with the last maintenance. Ceramic blades don’t heat quickly and steel blades boast of their strength.

e) Noise level

All hair clippers produce some noise when in use. However, some produce less noise than others. Clippers with 40-50 decibels (dB) of sound are the quietest and the most preferable for your toddler’s haircut.

f) Accessories

Some clippers might come with a set of extra accessories like the taper lever, styling comb, oil, and cleaning brush. Look out for that clipper with these additional products to facilitate proper styling, detangling, cutting, and combing your baby’s hair.

g) Weight

The clippers’ weight will determine the quality of the haircut. Heavy clippers might be hard to use, especially when reaching areas that might need an easy to hold and angle clipper.

h) Size

A small clipper that fits in your hand well is perfect. It will be easier to hold, and in case of a kid squirms, you can easily follow them.



After reading this article, you should be well informed on what to look for in a hair clipper. The clippers must be easy to use and have an adjustable blade so they can accommodate both short and long haircuts.

If you are looking for a set of hair clippers to keep your toddler’s hair neat, check out our comprehensive list that includes all the best options on the market today. We hope this article has helped narrow down some buying decisions.

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