How Do I Make My Classmates Be Quiet During Class?

This post will highlight the ways to ask classmates to be quiet during class.

Ask Classmates to Be Quiet During Class - classroom

If your friends are being noisy during class, it makes it harder for you to learn.

It can become more difficult to concentrate and hear what’s being taught.

This can be frustrating, especially if you’re keen on performing well in your studies (which you should be).

Therefore, it will be helpful to understand some ways to help you reduce the noise from your classmates.

Here are some tips for quieting them down while being polite and not offending them at the same time.


1) Socialize Less During Class

While this sound like an obvious one to start with, socializing less yourself can help resolve the problem.

Whenever you talk in class, too, you end up feeding your friends the fuel to keep on chatting.

However, by avoiding getting involved in the chat, they might be less likely to chat with you and others around you.

Your removal from the conversation might be a signal to them that they are disrupting your concentration and ability to learn.

If they know this is important to you, then that might lie in your favor too.


2) Ask Them to Stop

Ask Classmates to Be Quiet During Class - STOP

Rather than giving your classmates direct orders to stop (which might come across as rude), you can ask them to politely.

Just let them know that you want to ensure you can perform as well as you can and get the best grades possible.

If your friends are causing the noise, they’ll likely be inclined to stop as they’ll appreciate that you want to do well.

If it’s classmates that aren’t your friends, they’ll probably still want to support you (especially since they’ll know that scoring well on your tests and exams is good for your education).

When you approach them with kindness, they won’t feel hurt or offended and honor your wishes.

You can always tell them that you’ll speak with them after class.

That way, they’ll still know that you’re interested in what they have to say.

Being nice like this will also help you keep your close friends.


3) Move Chairs if Possible

After remaining silent in hopes that they will stop, and after asking them to, if they still haven’t changed, ask your teacher if you can move places.

Perhaps, you’ll want to do this quietly rather than in front of the class.

Wait until after class has ended or you’re on a break, and then approach your teacher and give them your request.

Let them know that you’re being distracted and that you’ve tried asking them to stay quiet, but they haven’t decided to do so.

If you’ve been assigned where to sit, this might be the best way to do it.

Otherwise, if you haven’t been assigned seats and are free to move anyway, you might not even have to ask to change to another desk.


4) Write Them A Note

paper and pen

If you don’t feel comfortable approaching your friends to their faces, you can always write them a note instead.

Sometimes, it can be easier to write down your feelings rather than speak them.

This can especially be helpful if you can feel yourself becoming angry or frustrated by the noise their making.

That way, you might come across more gently.

If your teacher doesn’t like passing notes during class, you can write down your thoughts and give them to your classmates afterward.

Whenever you do this, they’ll know that it’s distracting you.

Hence, it will allow them time to think about their actions.


5) Participate More in Class

Ask questions during class.

This can be an excellent way to silence your classmates briefly.

Whenever you ask a question, when your teacher is drawn to you, it might prevent those around you from chatting.

This is because they might be afraid they’ll get caught when the teacher looks over them.

If this happens enough times, they might decide to stop talking as much during lessons.

It will also help you to keep up with your teacher and avoid missing out on important information.

The information you feel you’re struggling to hear when your friends are talking.



Having noise in the classroom can distract you from your learning.

If you follow these tips, you might be able to quiet your classmates.

This will also make it easier for you to focus on your lessons.

That way, you can still have the best chance of getting the grades you want and deserve.

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