Can You Call the Police on Loud Neighbors?

Coping with loud and inconsiderate neighbors can do a number on your sanity and sleep schedule.

It can also lead to feelings of serious confusion and stress.

Some people wonder how to deal with noisy neighbors who just won’t let up.

They often wonder whether they’re justified in calling the police on them as well.

If you have loud neighbors, then you first should try to take care of the situation by respectfully asking them if they can minimize their noise levels.

If they refuse to cooperate or nothing changes, then there’s nothing wrong with taking a different course of action.

That’s when you can call the police.

Call the police

If a police officer knocks on your neighbor’s door and asks him or her to decrease the noise, then that may be sufficient to get a positive change.

The majority of locations have specific noise ordinances in place.

If a person regularly gets warnings from local police, then he or she could get slapped with hefty fines. Misdemeanor charges are a possibility as well.

Don’t forget, either, about noise woes that are more than just irritating.

Some neighbors make persistent noise that can be alarming and perhaps even scary at times.

If you hear someone screaming for help, that may signify domestic violence or something similar and equally unpleasant. If you hear gunshots, they may signify a violent fight that could end in someone being seriously injured or killed.

If you hear anything particularly “extreme,” then you should notify the police without any delays. You don’t have to contact the neighbors directly in these kinds of situations.


Exercise Significant Caution

It can always help to conduct a bit of research prior to doing anything about neighbors who are overly loud.

You may have a neighbor who consistently puts aggressive, intense, and noisy rock tunes on in the mornings on weekends.

If you do, you should look into your noise ordinance.

If the ordinance does not restrict noisy music after a certain time of the day, then you may not have grounds to reach out to the police regarding the matter.

Don’t assume that it’s against the rules for a neighbor to blast intense music at 10:30 AM while you’re trying to squeeze in some weekend shut-eye.

Confirm that your neighbor’s noisy behavior is indeed against the rules before doing anything about the situation.


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