66 Splashy Self Help Quotes and Sayings

Self Help Sayings

In this post, you will find amazing self help quotes and sayings. Short Self Help Sayings   “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.” —Mark Twain   “Courage increases with confidence. Confidence grows with self-trust.” —Dr T.P.Chia   “Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson   “Helping others … Read more

71 Clever Quotes and Sayings

Clever Sayings

In this post, you will find amazing clever quotes and sayings.   Short Clever Sayings   “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” —Unknown   “Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.” —Holly Black   “Beware the clever man that makes the wrong look right.” —Lawrence Hill   “When life gives you lemons, squirt … Read more

70 Amazing Quotes and Sayings

Amazing Sayings

In this post, you will find amazing quotes and sayings. Short Amazing Sayings   “Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.” —Conan O’Brien   “You fall, you rise, you make mistakes, you live, you learn.” —Unknown   “Those who have courage and faith shall never perish in misery.” —Anne Frank   “It’s not that I’m so … Read more

64 Best Quotes and Sayings

Best Sayings

In this post, you will find best quotes and sayings. Short Best Sayings   “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” —H. Jackson Brown, Jr.   “When you don’t learn the best, you will teach the worst.” —Israelmore Ayivor   “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” —Benjamin Franklin   “Do your best and … Read more

68 Precious Business Quotes and Sayings

Business Sayings

In this post, you will find amazing business quotes and sayings. Short Business Sayings   “Hire character. Train skill.” —Peter Schutz   “Keep your mind young by continuing to learn about your business.” —Frank Bettger   “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” —Mark Twain   “The best way to predict … Read more

Amazing 100+ Diet Quotes and Sayings

Diet Sayings

In this post, you will find amazing diet quotes and sayings. Short Diet Sayings   “Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose!” —Unknown   “A diet is the penalty we pay for exceeding the feed limit.” —Unknown   “Nothing burns more calories than dancing in 5-inch heels.try it.” —Ariana Grande   … Read more

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