Why Do Some People Play Their Music So Loudly? (3 Reasons)

We’re all familiar with one neighbor, friend, or family member who can’t seem to play music at normal levels.

Why do some people play their music so loudly?

Is their intention to disturb others?

The truth is that there are different reasons why some people play music so loudly.

Some of them might even surprise you.

Let’s dive into them.


1) Extroversion

There’s one fundamental difference between introverts’ and extroverts’ brains.

Extroverts are less sensitive to dopamine and need more external stimuli to feel comfortable.

This means they need to play music more loudly than introverts to feel recharged and enjoy the melody.

Extroverts need more brain activity and external activity to be at optimal brain functionality.

So they probably don’t want to disturb or upset you when they play loud music — It’s just what their brains ask for.


2) Belonging

When people are in a group or at an event, the need for belonging and being part of a group is powerful.

It helps manage stress and be more emotionally healthy.

Everyone wants to feel part of a group, and this statement becomes truthful when the music is so loud that all you can do is dance the night away.


Because it feels as if the entire group is sharing the same experience: Listening to that music.

As a result, more emotional connections are formed.


3) Escapism

Last but not least, another key feature of playing loud music is that it helps you drift away.

Your concerns and inner thoughts vanish into the music as you dance and sing.

Most people need a break from their lives now and then, especially during weekends and at events.

Loud music is the perfect way to mix in with the crowd and forget about our worries and everyday responsibilities for a while.


The Bottom Line

Some people feel the urge to play music loudly due to many reasons.

Three of the main reasons are:

  • They’re extroverted — The brains are different, they need more activity
  • They want to belong to a group and share the same experience
  • They want to dance the night away and forget about the world

Though there are more reasons, and every person is a world unto themselves, these are the most frequent.

Other reasons include feeling emotions present in the song more intensely or social disinhibition.

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