Why are Dead Loved Ones Usually Silent in Dreams?

The loss of a loved one is terrible for many who care for the person who has passed away for a variety of reasons.

Then some have dreams about a loved one that makes us wonder if they are trying to tell us something from beyond the grave.

Let’s find out why our dead loved ones are usually silent in dreams and what we can do about it.


Exploring ghostly unspoken messages

why are dead loved ones usually silent in dreams?

For centuries, many people have reported more and more about the number of dreams that happen where a loved one appears in their dreams.

It’s widely thought that spirits can revisit the living in dreams, and is seen in many cultures across the world.

The one strange fact that always becomes obvious is that a loved one will never speak in a dream, or has very few words that make little sense.

This has also caused many to think that dead people are trying to contact living family members to tell them something important.

But is there any truth to this or is it a deeper meaning that is part of our complex method of thinking?

Some experts might say that guilt and coping with death are difficult for our brains to handle.

This is why seeing someone we care about in a dream who is silent is a riddle that can be answered rationally.

The main reasons are the feelings that each person is dealing with and the level of closure that hasn’t been resolved.

In other words, letting go is hard to do when everyday feelings can affect you- even when you dream.

Another reason can also help to solve deeper problems that include being able to talk with loved ones who are still living about your feelings.

This is why this is a riddle for many who must solve these problems individually.

And though grief counseling can take a long time to solve, this doesn’t mean that dreams with loved ones will end right away.

Some feel that unspoken words from those who’ve passed are more of a feeling than what is heard in your dream.

Everyone has a different dream experience that is easier to figure out when you talk about it with others unless you suddenly understand what the most-obvious meaning could be.

Dreams can also seem very real which makes seeing those who have passed away feel more meaningful and powerful.

Even if you haven’t seen those who are gone in years, the feeling can be sparked by looking at old pictures or memories that resurface suddenly.

This is why seeing someone in your dreams who are dead, will appear younger than they were when they passed away.

Even those who have better control of their feelings that don’t immediately have dreams with loved ones might see them doing nothing.

They can be quietly sitting in a chair, in a bed sleeping and smiling, or seen in the distance simply waving hello.

Not every person who has passed away and appears in a dream is getting a message either.

It’s simply part of our memory that helps us relate to recent feelings that come up from time to time.

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