7 Reasons Why Being Quiet is Powerful

This article will motivate you why being quiet is powerful.

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It must be exhausting to have such a hectic schedule every day, right?

Many diverse noises are going on all around us, and they can be heard everywhere.

Some of us could be stressed out by the noise of the passing cars, the music coming from the radio or television, or even the distracting chewing of someone who is eating nearby.

Some people want to be in an environment that is noisy enough to distract them from their thoughts, while others would much rather be in a more peaceful setting in which they can find relaxation and calm.

But were you aware that simply having calm surroundings or being in an environment with low levels of noise can have a significant impact not only on our physical health but also on our mental health?

Here are the seven reasons why being quiet is powerful.


7 Reasons Why Being Quiet is Powerful


1. It encourages being mindful

When you practice mindfulness, you learn to center yourself in the current moment by allowing your body and mind to relax.

If you’re feeling the want to activate your thoughts, try shifting your focus to the present moment instead.

Sometimes if we think too much, we get lost in our thoughts and that will lead us to be anxious and lose control of the situation.

Being quiet and steady and simply focusing on the current situation will help us to gather our thoughts and make better decisions.


2. Being quiet means being creative

Why Being Quiet is Powerful- creativity improves

Although coming up with ideas in collaboration with other people has its own set of advantages, some of the most creative work can be accomplished when all distractions are removed, and the sole attention is placed on the task at hand.

It’s good being around people.

It makes the work easier.

But when you are alone, you will be more focused on the idea that comes into your mind, and your creativity will outshine your expectations.

You can focus more if you are alone and it’s quiet, with no arguments or someone insisting on ideas that could lead to conflicts, right?


3. Self-love and self-awareness

self love

The ability to notice and understand your thoughts and emotions without making judgments about them is one of how silence can help you establish better self-awareness.

When we are alone and quiet, we become aware of what we feel at that moment.

We will start analyzing the situation and the emotions that we have.

We can reflect on what we need to change or what flaws we aren’t aware of that might be hurting other people.

When we have self-awareness, it will also lead us to a greater appreciation and love for ourselves, which is a natural consequence of having self-awareness.


4. Activates cells in the brain

brain mri scan

Being quiet stimulates brain growth.

Our feelings will have time to develop and enable us to access things or emotions.

Being busy and surrounded by loud noises every day leads us to ignore our feelings.

When you’re alone in your bedroom, it’s best to have peace and quiet and let your brain stimulate those ignored and repressed moments.


5. It teaches patience

Why Being Quiet is Powerful - 
hour glass, patience

Many of us are unable to enjoy the benefits of quiet because we are constantly surrounded by noise, both from the television and from the activities of our everyday life.

Because of the hectic nature of modern life, practically everyone has a bad temper when it comes to frustration.

The building of calmness and peace begins with developing an appreciation for silence.

When you make it a habit, you will avoid being quickly frustrated and losing your temper.

When you train yourself to appreciate the quietness of the situation, you’ll have more patience for dealing with the stresses of everyday life, such as sitting in traffic or waiting in a checkout line.


6. It helps to improve insomnia


When it comes to sleep, who doesn’t like some peace and quiet?

Aren’t we all in favor of a restful night’s sleep?

In point of fact, anxiety that is brought on by excessive noise during the night can have the same effect on one’s ability to get quality sleep as a medical condition that is expressly aimed toward affecting sleep.

You will likely enjoy a more restful night’s sleep if you can carve out some time throughout the day to focus on doing nothing but being still and quiet.


7. Being quiet improves focus and concentration


When students are required to take critical tests, they are not permitted to have loud music playing in the background.

There is a good explanation for this policy.

The elimination of background noises promotes improvements in both focus and concentration.

When there is less noise in our physical surroundings, we are better able to fully understand the content that we are reading.

When our minds are trying to concentrate on anything else, it is easy for us to become distracted or irritated when something loud comes in and disrupts our train of thought.


How to Bring More Quiet Into Your Everyday Life


Turning off the phone

This might be hard for people who live their lives holding their mobile phones every day.

But giving yourself a break from social media, checking emails or other activities you need to do on your phone could help you gain a quiet and calm time (even for a couple of hours).

You never know, that might be the break you need.


Do nothing – don’t overbook your monthly schedules

Simply doing nothing helps us a lot.

We get busy because we tend to overbook our daily schedules, too afraid to say no.

We could consider organizing what is important and what is leisure.

It’s good to hang out with people or get busy to divert our attention from overthinking.

But sometimes those moments could lead to more stress.

There’s nothing wrong to give yourself a peaceful and quiet day, alone.



Many of us have either become accustomed to noise or even afraid of it.

We live in a world that is constantly buzzing with activity and noise.

A world in which our normal activities are complicated by a multitude of interruptions and duties.

This routine is an investment in the person that you are.

You can exert more influence on your day by doing so.

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