Why Are Electric Cars So Quiet?

Are you thinking about buying an electric car?

If so, one of the questions that you are probably asking is why are electric cars so quiet?

Most of us have only driven cars with combustion engines.

It is the combustion function in a car which makes it noisy.

To understand why electric cars are quiet, it is important to understand combustion.


What Is Combustion?

Combustion is a natural chemical reaction between two compounds or more.

When it comes to car engines, there is a reaction between oxygen and the fuel of the vehicle.

The fuel is either diesel or petrol.

Both fuels make a noise when combustion takes place.

As this is an ongoing process, there continues to be a noise as the car drives along.

As there is no need for combustion when it comes to any kind of electric vehicle, there is no noise related issues.


Should Electric Vehicles Make a Noise?

When it comes to the electric cars, there is an argument for them making some sort of noise.

It would appear that many are concerned about the fact that electric vehicles don’t make a noise.

Many pedestrians say that the electric cars make them feel uncomfortable.

For instance, on smaller and narrow country roads it is next to impossible to hear an electric vehicle approaching from behind.

Drivers of electric cars also seem to be unaware that their vehicle does not make a noise.


Final Thoughts

While it is important that we reduce the fumes that are produced by combustion engines, it is essential we ask ourselves if cars should be totally silent.

Many manufacturers of electric cars are trying to come up with solution to this problem.

Noise pollution is part of the combustion topic, but we need to ask ourselves if we want our world to be completely silent.

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