10 Easy Ways to Get Quiet Confidence

Quiet confidence is when you are so sure about yourself that you don’t think of any other outcome other than success.

You are 100% sure that you are never going to fail. 

In quiet confidence, you don’t feel the need to speak or announce your plans. You only let your actions speak.

You believe in yourself and your abilities.

Many people struggle with this type of confidence.

This is not the type of confidence where the person is loud and outgoing. 

 Too loud and outgoing nature is considered over-confident.

There’s a very thin line between being confident and being over-confident. Being too bold and the center of attention is not confidence.

If you want deep and genuine confidence that may have a long-lasting impact on people, you should develop quiet confidence in yourself.

It’s something that other people crave. 

People with quiet confidence are admired, and people are attracted to them.

People are not born confident; they become by how they have been brought up. 

 Building quiet confidence in yourself and having faith in your abilities is very important.

In this post, we’ve shared ten easy ways to help you build quiet confidence.  

These will help you increase your confidence and make you have faith that what you are doing is right and it’ll bring positive outcomes. 


1. Accept the way you are

The first step to being quietly confident is to accept yourself the way you are.

Think of your strengths as well as all the weak points.

You should be fully aware of yourself. 

Accept yourself. With acceptance comes change. Take steps to change all the things you want to be modified in yourself.

Everything that cannot be altered, leave it and accept it.

Learn how to let go of things that cannot be changed.

Don’t let those things lose your confidence. 

 Focus on your strengths as much as you can.

Learn to make maximum use of your strengths. This will be the first step toward success. And at the same time, this will increase your confidence. 

 Your quiet confidence will show others that you are fully aware of your abilities and have strong faith in yourself. This quality attracts people a lot. 

“Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it.”– Bruce Lee


2. Follow your interests

Many people follow the wrong interests to please the wrong kind of people.

You should know what your interests are and make an effort to follow them instead of doing what people think is right. 

 Don’t be a victim of what society thinks.

Do what pleases you instead of doing that which will please others. 

Many people fall prey to others’ thinking.

For example, you wanted to attend an art school but were admitted to a science school. Just because people think there is no scope for art these days. 

This way, you compromised on your interests.

How would you be successful in a field where you have zero interest?

How will you gain confidence in what you do when your inner self disapproves of it? 

 Instead of wasting time doing things that don’t interest you, do what you want.

Don’t be a victim of societal pressure.

Build your quiet confidence by following your interests and bringing out positive outcomes. 


3. Engage more with quietly confident people

You must have heard this famous saying:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

 This is very true.

The type of people you surround yourself with has a significant influence on you. 

 Try to sit in the company of quietly confident people, and engage more with them.

Have conversations. Try to learn from what they say and do.

Try to practice what they do and how they behave.

It’s more likely you’ll improve your quiet confidence. 

 People with quiet confidence have a positive vibe that attracts everyone around them.

They are always ready for corrections and never compare themselves with others. 

 They only compare themselves with the person they have been previously and what they wish they should become. 


4. Have patience with yourself

 Ways to Get Quiet Confidence - have patience

Have patience with yourself.

There’s always room for improvement, no one is perfect.

Be patient and grow because nothing happens overnight.

Let go of the things that didn’t work for you. 

Even if you fail this time, be patient. It’s not necessary to always be the topper.

Promise yourself to learn from your mistakes and do better and harder next time. 

It’s perfectly okay to fail sometimes, only if you promise to work hard the next time.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Be patient and keep on going with quiet confidence.


5. Develop eye contact while you talk to people


Start making eye contact with people when you interact with them.

This could be challenging initially, but with practice, it’ll get easier. 

 You should let others know that you are pretty confident about yourself.

Eye contact makes you look more at ease with yourself.

This self-assurance is vital. 


6. Speak less, listen more


Confident people tend to speak less and listen more.

When someone speaks, they listen to them very carefully and try to understand whatever they say.

This way, they manage to respond in the best manner they can. 

 Wise people are confident, and they stay quiet.

They only speak when they feel the need to make themselves apparent.

When they think that speaking is better than remaining silent, only then do they speak most respectfully. 

Those with quiet confidence make sure they listen intently to others.

This gives the impression of how genuinely interested they are in listening to others.

You’ll become easily approachable.

People will compliment you for this. 

“Quiet is the new loud.” – Patrick Stump


7. Celebrate your success

Ways to Get Quiet Confidence - Success

Celebrating your success is the most important thing to do if you want to increase your quiet confidence.

All confident people celebrate their success with others. 

 People who want to gain quiet confidence need to love themselves.

They don’t go low when they fail but take it as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

And when they succeed, they celebrate it with everyone. 

 Celebrating their success also helps them to get encouraged for the future.

They get to know about their abilities when people compliment them.

They commit to themselves with the quiet confidence that they’ll continue to shine like this. 


8. Smile more often

 Ways to Get Quiet Confidence - Smile More Often

When people smile more, they are happy and content in their lives.

Their smiling face shows they are confident enough in their skin.

Smiling people are easy to connect with.

They are more approachable, and their quiet confidence is depicted on their face. 

 Smiling more often will change the way others respond to you.

This way, your inner self will feel appreciated and add to your confidence.


9. Stay positive

stay positive

Stay positive in all situations.

Focus on the good.

This could be done by surrounding yourself with people who give positive vibes. 

Avoid comparison with other people.

Don’t think that if someone else fails, you’ll too.

Remember, someone else’s reality is not yours.

Everyone has a different path in life and a different story. 

You should learn from the mistakes of others and yours too.

Remind yourself that surrounding yourself with negative vibes will only do bad to you. 

Trust that you can face any challenge that comes your way. Nothing is impossible for you.

These thoughts will help you gain quiet confidence.

“Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because someone’s version of reality is not your reality.”  – Shannon L. Alder


10. Be kind and praise others 

Be kind and praise others

Start praising others, and you’ll notice a boost in your confidence level.

To get quiet confidence, you should trust your abilities so much that you should never be afraid of spotlighting others.

It would help if you pointed out what you see well in others.

Don’t get insecure. People with low self-esteem hesitate to acknowledge the strengths of others.

This could be because they envy and get jealous of successful people. 

You should be comfortable in being kind enough to say words of encouragement to others while noticing that they’re good at something. 

When you’re kind and generous to others, they’ll get the vibe that you are easily approachable. 

They’ll get to know how nice of a person you are and how you want to make this world a better living place.

People will compliment you more often, which is very rewarding. This will help you boost your quiet confidence.

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