10 Tips on Walking Without Making Noise

This post covers the secrets of walking without making noise.

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You may find different circumstances in your daily life where there will be a need to walk quietly.

Whatever the reason may be, learning how to walk quietly counts as a valuable skill.

Whether you’re trying to sneak out of your sleeping baby’s room, making it possible to stroll through a forest without disturbing the wildlife, or you need to tip-toe away from a dangerous situation, it’s important to know how to walk past quietly.

Walking without making any sound is an art you must know.

You may take a little time to master this art but remember one thing; practice will make it perfect.

In this article, let us discuss some of the tips and tricks which can help you walk without making any noise.


1. The right footwear

right footwear

The first important thing you must do to walk quietly is to wear the right footwear which does not make any noise.

Trainers, Moccasins, or any other flexible, soft, and light footwear will make your footsteps as quiet as barefoot.

Footwear like boots, heels, or hard, inflexible soles will make your footsteps louder.

Any new shoes prone to squeaky will also make a certain kind of sound.

Barefoot will be the best option if you want a completely silent walk.

Being barefoot will give you full control of your feet.

At the same time, it will also help you to feel the surface of the floor so that you may use the flexibility of your feet before putting your full weight on a step.

But be very careful because walking barefoot may turn out into the noisiest walk if you accidentally step on something sharp.

The resulting cry of pain can become the loudest of all the walks you may have walked to date.

Walking barefoot would only be the best option if you’re walking indoors.

You should opt for a soft training shoe with a flexible sole for outdoors.

It will also allow you to feel the ground.


2. Crouch while walking

When you crouch while walking, you lower your center of gravity.

This will help in reducing the risk of tripping over anything.

This is because you are more stable when you crouch and have the minimum chance of blowing your cover.

There’s another benefit of crouching; you slow down.

You cannot walk fast in such a position, so you are automatically less likely to produce any sound while walking so slowly.

And the most important advantage you will avail by crouching is that it makes you less visible.

Of course, if you’re concerned about not being heard, then not being seen will also probably is important for you.


3. Placing your feet right

The way you place your feet also impacts how much sound your feet produce while you walk.

Here are some ways in which you can place your feet right so that you can walk quietly.


The fox walk

If you fox walk, you will probably make less noise.

This type of walk is mostly practiced by hunters who don’t want to make any sound while they walk so as to catch their prey easily.

This type of walking is the quietest of all the walks.

It can be used in pretty much all circumstances.



Whatever type of walk you choose for yourself, the main point is to be very careful and slow so that you can make adjustments to your walk according to the situation.

Tip-toeing is another way in which you can walk silently without causing any noise.

You just have to put all the pressure on your toes on the floor.

Be careful to slowly shift the pressure from one foot to another feet’s toe.

Also, be conscious about where you are placing your feet; otherwise, your silent walk can turn into the noisiest and most disastrous walk.


4. Transferring weight

Be very careful while transferring weight to ensure that you are walking quietly.

It might be difficult to transfer weight from one foot to another with a bend in your knees and at your hip.

But bending has a benefit; it will dampen the impact of your steps.

It works the same way as the suspension in the car.

Slowly shift the weight from one foot to another while being very cautious and alert. I’m sure this will help you to walk silently.


5. Watch out

While you walk, watch where you place your feet.

If you’re not being careful enough, the same silent walk can turn into the noisiest of all.

For example, if you step on a twig while walking in a forest.

Or you step on a loud toy while trying to sneak out of your sleeping baby’s room.

Keep your eyes constantly on the floor while you walk.

Even the smallest of things can cause significant noise.

Be alert not to step on any obstacle.

If any obstacle comes your way, remember to walk around it rather than through it.

If you have the option of walking on a soft surface, give preference to it.

Avoid walking on any hard, uncovered surfaces such as wood, tiles, or concrete.


6. Be cautious of your surroundings

You should know about all the surroundings while you walk.

Be spatially aware of what’s around you.

For instance, if you’re walking through a forest, be aware of all the trees, shrubs, and bushes.

Try to avoid getting too close to anything.

Sometimes just walking past a normal shrub or bush can cause immense noise.

Or in another case, if you are moving into a room, be aware of all the furniture and other items in that room.

You may knock something down accidentally if you are not being careful.

So it is very important to be cautious while walking silently to avoid any accidental sounds.


7. Clothes

Wearing the right kind of clothes is another way to walk silently.

Sometimes clothes can cause some noise too.

Some stiff materials of clothes, like waterproof jackets, may cause a swishing sound when you accidentally get rubbed into another surface.

Preferably wear soft materials when you intend to walk silently.

Soft materials will help you eradicate the fabric noise.


8. Stop and walk

Being aware of when to stop and when to walk is an essential art to master.

For example, if you’re passing through a place where you hear a certain kind of noise, you can be a little less careful while walking and increase your speed.

That noise will act as a cover for you.

But if that noise suddenly stops, your cover is gone. Now you can’t afford to make any kind of sound.

You have to stop and be very still at that very same moment.

So mastering the art of being still and observing pin drop silent is also important.

You should know when to walk and when to stop immediately.

When the noise acting as your cover dies, you should also stop and get still.


9. Prepare beforehand

If you get the time to prepare beforehand for a situation in which you have to walk quietly, then there are some very basic measures that you can take.

These will help you reduce a great amount of noise that may be produced as you walk.

• Before you start your quiet walk, stretch.

Stretching helps in making you feel looser.

It will also help avoid clicking sounds your joints and bones may produce at the wrong moment.

• Before you start your walk, neither eat too much nor go empty stomach.

Eating too much makes your body louder and heavier.

• Remember to attend to the washroom before you start to walk quietly.

Otherwise, this may cause a problem for you in between the walk.


10. Breathing

It’s very important to take slow and measured breaths while walking.

You may also want to hold your breath, but that would not be a good idea.

You can either breathe from your mouth or your nose but keep breathing in a controlled way.

It will reduce the risk of inhaling or exhaling too loudly when you feel suffocated.

It would be best if you breathed normally while you walked; otherwise, you might get caught up.

Due to the adrenaline rush in your body, your breath might quicken.

But before you continue your walk, try to catch your breath.



We have discussed ten easy ways in the above article to walk silently.

Learn these new skills, and then it is up to you how you want to use them.

Use your newfound ninja skills to prank your friends and family.

Or you may also use them when you encounter dangerous situations while walking in the woods.

You will find plenty of different occasions when making a silent getaway would be essential.

Learn and implement!

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