Quotes From The Silence Of The Lambs

The silence of the lambs is a movie released in 1991 and was inspired by a novel from 1988.

It is said to be a true storyline.

The title itself doesn’t sound scary, but the movie has a psychological horror story.

The film is written by Ted Tally, and the novel it is inspired from is written by Thomas Harry.

It is a story of an FBI agent searching for a serial killer.

In this post, we’ve shared some of the most fascinating quotes from the movie.


Quotes From The Silence Of The Lambs


“Lambs. The lambs were screaming.” – Clarice Starling


“I’ve no plans to call on you, Clarice. The world is more interesting with you in it.” – Hannibal Lecter


‘’Brave Clarice. You will let me know when those lambs stop screaming, won’t you?” – Hannibal Lecter


“Clarice, your case file. Goodbye, Clarice.” – Hannibal Lecter


“No! He covets. That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Clarice? Do we seek out things to covet? Make an effort to answer now.” – Hannibal Lecter


“A Census Taker Once Tried To Test Me. I Ate His Liver With Some Fava Beans And A Nice Chianti.” – Hannibal Lecter


“Don’t you feel eyes moving over your body, Clarice? And don’t your eyes seek out the things you want?” – Hannibal Lecter


“I’ve been in this room for eight years, now Clarice, and I know they’ll never let me out, not while I’m alive. What I want is a view where I can see a tree or even water. I want to be in a federal institution far away from Doctor Chiltern. I’ll help you catch him, Clarice.” – Hannibal Lecter


“They don’t have a name for what he is.” – Clarice Starling


“Well, Clarice. Have The Lambs Stopped Screaming?” – Hannibal Lecter


“A pretty young woman to turn him on. I don’t believe Lecter’s even seen a woman in eight years. And oh, are you ever his taste? So to speak.” – Dr. Frederick Chilton


“You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well-scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste.” – Hannibal Lecter


“Jack Crawford is helping your career, isn’t he? Apparently, he likes you and you like him too.” – Hannibal Lecter


“Not ‘Just’, Clarice. What Set You Off?” – Hannibal Lecter


“He won’t come after me. He won’t. I can’t explain it… He – he would consider that rude.” – Clarice Starling


“But I thought the “yourself” reference was too hokey for Lecter, so I figured he’s from Baltimore, and I looked in the phone book, and there’s a “Your Self Storage” facility, right outside of downtown Baltimore, sir.” – Clarice Starling


“If Lecter thinks you’re his enemy, maybe we’d have better luck if I went in by myself.” – Clarice Starling


“Oh, he’s a monster. Pure psychopath. So rare to capture one alive. From a research point of view, Lecter is our most prized asset.” – Dr. Frederick Chilton


“Hester Mofet. It’s an anagram, isn’t it, Doctor? Hester Mofet, “The rest of me.” “Miss the rest of me,” meaning that you rented that garage?” – Clarice Starling


“You see a lot, Doctor. But are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself? What about it? Why don’t you – why don’t you look at yourself and write down what you see? Or maybe you’re afraid to.” — Clarice Starling


First I tried to free them. I… I opened the gate to their pen, but they wouldn’t run. They just stood there, confused. They wouldn’t run.” – Clarice Starling


“I don’t know. I didn’t have any food, any water, and it was very cold, very cold. I thought, I thought, if I could save just one, but… he was so heavy. So heavy. I didn’t get more than a few miles when the sheriff’s car picked me up. The rancher was so angry he sent me to live at the Lutheran orphanage in Bozeman. I never saw the ranch again.” – Clarice Starling

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