How to Sneeze Quietly (7 Easy Ways)

How to Sneeze Quietly?

Some people sneeze very loudly.  Loud sneezing can be due to their lung capacity, some allergy, or their natural tendency to sneeze loudly. Even if they try to control it, they cannot, making the situation embarrassing for them.  Are you eager to know how to sneeze quietly? This article will definitely help you out. Sometimes … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Get Quiet Confidence

Ways to get quiet confidence

Quiet confidence is when you are so sure about yourself that you don’t think of any other outcome other than success. You are 100% sure that you are never going to fail.  In quiet confidence, you don’t feel the need to speak or announce your plans. You only let your actions speak. You believe in … Read more

8 Ways to Quiet Your Inner Critic

Perfection is Stagnation

  Two types of voices come from inside you. One is encouraging, and the other is the discouraging voice.  Your inner critic is the inner voice that sometimes discourages you. Hence, it is necessary to quiet the inner critics that are destructive to you. This voice makes you believe that you are not good enough.  … Read more

How to Stop Gulping When Nervous?

How to Stop Gulping When Nervous

This post will provide you with the secrets of how to stop gulping when nervous. Let’s get into it! We’ve all been there. You’re in a meeting, carrying on an awkward conversation with the boss, or presenting your project, and suddenly you catch yourself. You open your mouth to speak, and before you can even … Read more

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