4 Ways to Stop Your Roommate From Slamming Doors

Slamming the doors can be an aggressive way of showing you’re angry.

When you don’t want to discuss the matter, but at the same time, you want to remind everyone around you that things are not going your way.

You release the tension in the form of slamming doors forcefully.

But this is not the case every time.

Sometimes people have the habit of slamming doors in their usual routine regardless of their mood.

Door slamming could be very irritating for all the people present around. The sound of slamming a door is loud. It would wake up anyone who’s sleeping.

It would not be comforting for students who are busy studying. Repeated sounds of slamming doors can even cause anxiety to some people.

In short, slamming doors is always a real nuisance.

Slamming doors is a most irritating source of noise pollution and can also be very damaging to your door structure, especially if the glass is involved.

Here, in this article, we’ve shared some ways of stopping your roommate from slamming doors.


1) Get therapy

Slamming doors cannot be a habit of anyone mentally sane. Any sensible person would never enjoy doing so.

Either a person is angry or to release his tension, he slams the door, or he may be mentally disturbed and has issues that he doesn’t want to discuss.

It is better that you should advise your roommate to get therapy to resolve whatever is disturbing him.

If he continues to have such an attitude, eventually, you would end up being to the therapist.


2) Weather Stripping

Try to make your door silent by using weather stripping. All you have to do is apply rubber weather stripping on the door’s frame.

This would not stop the door from slamming, but at least this would help in making the door slamming sound a little softer.

The door would not slam as forcefully as in normal conditions.

If your roommate has the habit of slamming the door, he will eventually stop because now there would be no loud sound hitting the door that he used to enjoy.

If your roommate slams the door angrily to release his tension, weather stripping will make him angrier.

But at least you will enjoy your silence and peace of mind.


3) Sit and Discuss

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Commutation is the key to solving many problems.

You must sit with your roommate and discuss whatever his problem is.

Make him comfortable with you so that he opens up on the matter.

Ask him the reason behind his aggressive behavior.

He may be just doing it out of habit.

Even then, make him sit with you and guide him very politely on how he should be careful about doors.

Tell him how the door structure could be damaged.

Also, let him know how disturbing it is for your peace of mind.


4) Automatic Door Closer

You can attach an automatic door closer to your room door.

This expense may be a little hard on your pocket if you’re a student.

But this will be a game changer for you.

You or your roommate won’t need to close the door yourselves, but the door would close automatically.

Automatic door closers are designed to close the doors at their own pace, slowly and without producing any sound.

Your roommate will eventually give up on his habit of slamming the doors.



Well, we hope you have a clear idea of how to stop your roommate from slamming doors.

To get the greatest results, make sure the method is followed correctly.

Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

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