How to Stop Gulping When Nervous?

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Stop gulping when nervous - a nervous man

We’ve all been there.

You’re in a meeting, carrying on an awkward conversation with the boss, or presenting your project, and suddenly you catch yourself.

You open your mouth to speak, and before you can even get a word out, you are gulping for air.

You feel your throat close up, and it feels like you’re swallowing a barbell.

And the worst part is, once this happens to you, you can’t even control yourself.

You can’t speak.

You’re stuck.

But it’s not your fault.

It’s a normal, physiological reaction.

The way you react when nervous is perfectly normal, and there are several things you can do to stop gulping for air when nervous.

Here are some ways to stop gulping when nervous.


1) Acknowledge that You are Nervous

Don’t suppress the anxiety you feel.

It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous when speaking in public, in a meeting, or even in an awkward conversation.

Being aware that you’re nervous will help you relax.

Before you can put the tips suggested here into practice, you need to accept that feeling nervous is normal, and it is not your fault.


2) Identify What is Making You Nervous

There is a difference between being nervous and being afraid.

It’s common to identify what makes it hard for you to relax but do not over-analyze.

The key is to identify the source of your anxiety.

Once you know what it is, you can relax.


3) Take Some Deep Breaths

Take Some Deep Breaths

Breathing deeply will help calm your nervousness.

You should take deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth.

Taking deep breaths will help you slow down the feeling of panic and relax.

Deep breaths will supply your body with oxygen and make you feel more confident during a conversation.

Try taking several deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, or even just a few deep breaths to relax you.


4) Sip some Water

sip some water

If you are gulping for air, you may be dehydrated.

Try sipping some water before the conversation even starts to help you relax.

Avoid drinking excess water, as it may trap more air in your stomach, leading to more gulping.


5) Distract Yourself

While you’re nervous, it’s easy to get lost in your thoughts.

Distract yourself by imagining a relaxing place, thinking of something fun and exciting, or doing something soothing to relax your nervousness.

The ability to relax through simple mind stimulation can help you tremendously.


6) Relax Your Body

hug yourself

Many of us know how to relax our minds, but we forget to take care of the area associated with our thoughts: our bodies.

The body is sensitive to tension, and when you’re nervous, your muscles tense up.

When you’re nervous, sit up straight, hug yourself tight a few times, and take a few deep breaths.

These little bits of relaxation will calm you down quickly.


7) Repeat Positive Affirmations to Yourself

When you’re nervous, it’s easy to think of negative thoughts, but you should count all your negative thoughts with positive affirmations.

I can do this” is a common affirmation, but you should use whatever promise makes you feel more confident.

The point is to use positive thoughts to help you feel more confident and less nervous.


8) Find Someone to Talk to about What is Making You Nervous

Find someone you trust and talk about what makes you nervous.

This will help you to put your fears into words, and you’ll be less likely to worry about it.

You should also point out positive things in order to balance out your negative thoughts.


9) Avoid Caffeine

The caffeine in soda, coffee, and Coke products is one of the most common ways people reduce their anxiety.

But the caffeine makes you more hyper, which will make it harder for you to relax.

Instead of using soda and coffee to reduce your anxiety, try taking deep breaths or relaxing your body instead.



These are some of the best ways to stop gulping when nervous.

You don’t need to be worried about making a mistake while speaking in public or presenting your project anymore when you know the best ways to stop gulping.

By following these simple steps, you will easily be able to stop gulping when nervous and become more confident.

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