How to Spank Someone Quietly

Spanking is common in many households, but when you decide to spank someone quietly, it may be a difficult task.

This is because spanking itself is a noisy affair.

Spanking with wooden paddles, belts, hairbrushes, or even hands can get incredibly loud, especially if done on bare skin.

Most people prefer keeping activities quiet during spanking, especially families with children or those living in small apartments.

But many people may not want the spanking to be a quiet affair.

They may want to hear the cries of the person being spanked.

This gives them the sense of where they are taking the person being spanked during this procedure.

They prefer to find a safe place where they can afford to be noisy.

Noise depends on what implement is being used while spanking, what impact it creates on the skin of the person being spanked, and the intensity it is being used with.

Let us see some of the implements which may produce lesser sound during the spanking so that it may become quieter.

Let’s get into the article to know how to spank someone quietly.


1) Spatula with holes

A solid spatula may cause a lot of noise, while a spatula with holes is relatively quieter.

It may be painful for the person being spanked, especially if it’s done on bare skin.

Be cautious that a lot of noise may be created by the person in pain.


2) Wooden spoon

Spank with the help of wooden spoon

A wooden spoon may cause a little bit less sound, especially over some light clothing.

It may create the same impact as the spatula with holes.


3) Tilt wand

A tilt wand is used to open and close the blinds.

It may come in contact with a very small surface area of the skin but may leave a longer impact.

So for the same reason mentioned above, it produces very less sound if used correctly.

It’s best to be cautious while using a tilt wand, for it may cause pain like a quick, intense sting.


4) Cane

Same as the tilt wand, a cane may also offer the most intense stinging sensation, but the plus point is that it’s extremely quiet.

A cane may prove to be a very painful spanking implement.

The small impact area combined with its relative density makes it a powerful and painful implement.

Same as the other implements, you have to be extremely cautious while using this one too.


5) Sound protection

Room with soft materials

Other than using less noisy implements, you can also go for other approaches like sound protection.

You can select a safe place where the sound does not create an echo.

Or you can also create a safe place for yourself by using more soft materials like curtains, rugs, and wall hangings.

A room with soft materials creates less echo and absorbs more noise.



Choosing the right kind of implement and selecting an appropriate place can make a huge difference in reducing the amount of noise during the spanking.

Just remember a fundamental rule; the smaller the area of impact, the quieter the spanking implementation will be.

As mentioned before, spanking can be noisy if you’re not being extra careful.

I hope the above article helps you make spanking a quieter event.

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