5 Quietest Mouse 2023

A quiet mouse is a blessing for those who don’t like the clicky noise of the mouse while they work late at night in an environment with utter silence.

Plenty of quiet mouse options are in the market these days, which may help you work quietly without disturbing anyone.

Whether you’re a professional or a student who has met an assignment’s deadline, you no longer have to worry about the mouse noise.

The constant clicking noise of the mouse will irritate you and cause discomfort for anyone else in the room.

In this article, I will review some of the most efficient and quietest mice of 2023.

Also, I will mention my top pick for 2023 that suits me best.

The buying guide at the end of the article will help you decide which mouse to buy for yourself.

Maybe the mouse that best suits me will not be your perfect selection.

Everyone has a different pace of working and a different comfort level with different mice.

So make your decision after carefully reading the buying guide.

Let me tell you about my top pick for 2023.


Best quietest mouse 2023

Logitech M330 Silent Plus is my favourite because it is the best quietest mouse on the list.

It is also my top recommendation for you because of its simple design, functionality, comfort and very affordable price.

If you choose this mouse for yourself, you’ll get guaranteed quality.

Logitech’s SilentTouch Technology helps make the mouse 90% quieter than a normal traditional mouse.

If you’re one of those people who like the satisfying clicking sensation of the mouse, you’ll get it in this mouse.

But simultaneously, you will experience quietness because no sound will be emitted.

So, Logitech M330 Silent Plus will give you the best quiet experience, and you can work in peace.

As we talk about the shape of the mouse, it is beautifully designed with a shape that blends easily with your hand.

It also promotes a natural position that reduces pain and strain.

Despite a 91 g weight, this mouse gives you a perfect grip with a soft rubber surface giving your hand a pleasant feel.

Logitech being in the mousing business for 25 years, you’ll get everything you expect from a mouse.

The precise and responsive navigation, along with the tactile rubber scroll wheel and high-precision tracking, will make you love your work.

This mouse will also give you the comfort of usage with 24 months of battery life powered by a single AA battery that you get with the mouse at the time of purchase.

The USB nano dongle receiver supports a 2.4 GHz wireless connection up to 10 meters away.



  • You get a near-silent yet satisfying feeling when working with this mouse.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • You get an impressive battery life.



  • It is only suitable for general use.


5 Quietest Mouse on the Market 2023

As mentioned earlier, the product is my favourite and suits me best while I work.

As I said earlier, it is not necessary that the mouse that suits me best will also be your favourite and most comfortable for you.

You need to check several products before buying one to see which one is most suitable for your work and which is most comfortable for you to work on.

I will review five more mice that are the quietest and the best on the market in 2023.

This research is done on the bases of customer reviews.

It will become very easy for you to select one of these five if you follow the buying guide.

Instead of looking into the entire market for just buying a product as small as a mouse, I have tried to simplify this process by minimizing the list to five of them.

So let’s get started.


1) Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

Logitech M330 Silent Plus is undoubtedly one of the best, most efficient and quietest mice on the market.

As for the Razer DeathAdder, V2 Gaming Mouse is the most efficient mouse for those who love playing games quietly.

It is an effective gaming mouse which keeps the clicking sound to a minimum.

This mouse features optical mouse switches, while any other traditional mouse uses mechanical switches.

These optical mouse switches are a great help in making the clicking sound quiet.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse produces less noise, has no debounce delay, and is more durable with faster response time and low click latency.

It has a beautiful ergonomic design that gives you a premium in-hand feel.

Thanks to its comfortable curves, sturdy build quality including PTFE feet and a light 82 g weight, you will love using it.

While this mouse is wired, it features an exceptionally flexible Razer Speedflex cable so that you do not face any inconvenience.

You may even find a more quietest mouse on the list, but as for the gaming mice, this mouse is one of the quietest.

This mouse is best recommended for serious gamers who want the most efficient yet quiet mouse.



  • Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse is specially built for gamers.
  • It is one of the quietest gaming mice.
  • You get tight controls and outstanding precision while you use this mouse.
  • It has an ergonomic design.



  • Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse is a wired mouse.
  • It is louder than the other casual use quiet mice.
  • It is expensive.


2) Logitech M220

Logitech M220 is not only known for its quietness, but also its efficiency and ambidextrous design.

Left-handed mouse users are left with fewer choices than right-handed mouse users.

But Logitech M220 is one of those mice equally good for left-handed and right-handed users.

It has a contoured ergonomic design and an excellent shape that is comfortable with both hands.

You won’t get tired even if you have to use it longer.

Again, thanks to Logitech’s SilentTouch Technology, this mouse is near to silent.

It minimizes the mouse’s clicking sound by 90% compared to other traditional mice.

You won’t hear any sound unless you glue your ear to the mouse; even you will hear the faintest sound.

Logitech M220’s design is super compact, allowing the best performance even for those who often jump from workspace to workspace.

Also, it’s lightweight; 75.2 g is nothing.

The compact design and light weight contribute to easy travelling.

It runs on a single AA battery that can power up to 18 months of average use.

It boasts similar connectivity capabilities, a wireless 2.4 GHz connection up to 10 meters away and a small footprint nano USB receiver.



  • Logitech M220 has an ambidextrous design.
  • You will experience a near-silent operation.
  • You get a good battery life.
  • It is compact and lightweight.



  • It won’t hold up when gaming.


3) VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse

VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse is another good option in the market for those who want a quiet gaming mouse on a low budget.

As mentioned, earlier Razer DeathAdder V2 is the best in the market when you search for a quiet gaming mouse.

But as you know, it’s expensive and may be out of budget for many people.

So VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse is a great option for those gamers who want a near to silent experience with the mouse.

Along with being quiet, it works efficiently.

Because of the low price, don’t expect a high-end gaming mouse.

You will have to sacrifice a little on the quality and performance for the price drop, which should be acceptable in this budget.

It is a decent mouse that keeps the noise levels in check.

This mouse features almost everything that you would expect from a gaming mouse.

It has an ergonomic design and weighs 113 g.

The design, although mediocre, with lots of plastic, but the padded feet and the perforated sides give you extra grip.

The performance is good, and you also get a good response.

Like most other mice on the list, VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse also uses a single AA battery, and you can expect it to last for about six months.

If you turn off the LED lights via the switch underneath the mouse, the battery can last more.

If the lights are kept on, the battery won’t even last for a month.

So, for this reason, you get an auto sleep function which helps to turn the mouse off after 8 minutes of idle.

Aame like previous mice, this mouse also includes a USB dongle that handles a 2.4 GHz wireless connection up to ten meters away.



  • VicTsing Wireless Gaming Mouse is specifically designed for gamers.
  • It is relatively quiet for the price.



  • You may have to sacrifice on the performance because of the low budget.
  • Some options may be missing.


4) TechNet Pro

When your budget doesn’t allow you to buy an expensive item, you must stick to a low-cost option.

Sometimes low-cost items mean you will have to sacrifice some of the options.

But it may not be the case in every situation.

TechNet Pro may be louder than others on the list, but it is the quietest mouse for a low-budget product.

This mouse is undoubtedly audible, but you don’t have to worry about disturbing others.

This is because TechNet Pro is not loud enough for anyone else to hear.

You’ll be surprised you get an ergonomic design on a low budget.

Its contoured design, comfortable feel in hand, strong grip, and finger idents on the top are the features you may not get in most of the mice you get in this budget.

The low profile design makes it extremely portable.

The precision tracking on a range of surfaces, from glass to mousepads, makes it more convenient to use it anywhere you like.

TechNet Pro uses two AAA batteries that can last up to 24 months.

So that means battery life is impressive.

The auto sleep mode helps in conserving battery life.

You also see a battery level indicator that helps you manage your battery issues beforehand.

A 2.4 GHz wireless nano USB dongle handles connectivity up to 15 meters away.

It is the best quiet mouse for everyday use and work.



  • TechNet Pro has an ergonomic design.
  • You get a mouse is a low budget that is also quiet enough.
  • The battery life is impressive.



  • The performance is not outstanding.
  • The build quality is also not very impressive.


5) Logitech MX Master 3S

Thanks again to Logitech’s SilentTouch Technology; you get a quiet mouse.

Logitech MC Master is one of the quietest mice on the market you can buy.

The button switches of this latest generation produce 90% lesser noise than all the previous models.

This is the best mouse when you must work all day without bothering your roommates and co-workers.

The electromagnetic scroll wheel provides both speeds for going through large spreadsheets and precision for going through a document line by line.

You get 70 days of use on a full charge of the rechargeable battery.

A minute of charge allows you to work consecutively for the next three hours.

It is perfect when you need a quick charge before you go for a meeting or a presentation.

The Bluetooth connectivity is good.

You can connect it to up to three devices at a time for a more streamlined workflow.

And don’t worry about the compatibility issues because Logitech MX Master is also compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux computers.



  • Logitech MX Master uses a rechargeable battery that can last up to 70 days on a single full charge.
  • You get a quick charge feature.
  • It can control up to three devices at once.
  • You get multiple operating system support.



  • You get only a right-handed configuration.
  • Some people might not enjoy the less clicky feature.


Quietest Mouse: Buying Guide

This buying guide will help you get the nest quietest mouse for yourself.

After getting help from this buying guide, you can make your decision easier.

Considering that you spend your hard-earned money on a product, you need to make a wiser decision when you buy one.

It’s not an easy task to select one product from an entire market with the option of thousands of more products.

I made this process easier for you.

This buying guide includes some important factors you need to consider before making your decision.

So let’s get started.


Noise levels

The most important factor you need to consider before buying a mouse is its noise level.

If you are one of those people who gets irritated by the clicking noise, you should consider a quieter mouse.

Thanks to the new technologies these days, you’ll get a lot of options in the market.

The threshold for what is taken as annoyance and disturbance varies from person to person.

So select your product very carefully.


Battery and wireless connectivity

This is the age of having everything wireless.

No one these days have time to deal with wires and cords.

People prefer products that are wireless and convenient to handle, even if you’re travelling.

Many mice these days require one or two AA batteries rather than a built-in battery.

Some of them are rechargeable, while others might need replacement after a certain period.

Most of them have an excellent battery life of at least one year.

Naturally wired options are also available if you like to use the one with wires.

But you must buy a wireless product if you need a portable mouse that will travel with you a lot.



If you prefer an inaudible mouse, you will have to pay more.

A quiet mouse is more expensive than a regular mouse.

There are some options available in the market that you can get on a low budget, but those will lack things like a comfortable design and efficiency.


Scrolling mechanism

Generally, mice with a mechanical encoder are better than mice with an optical encoder.

This is because mice with an optical encoder produce less noise.



You will notice that some mice have quieter switches than others.

But nowadays, most of mice have rubber-coated initiators.

These rubber-coated initiators help dampen the sound of the plastic switch components when they come in contact with each other.



If you get disturbed by the clunking sound that your mouse makes when you lift it and put it down again, you need a mouse with gliding feet.

The mouse pad can considerably reduce this noise if you have one.

But if you prefer using your mouse without a mouse pad, you should buy a mouse with gliding feet.

Mouse with these types of feet is much quieter than standard models.




Will you be surprised if I tell you that the housing of a mouse has to do a lot with how noisy your mouse is?

The interior of the mouse acts as an echo chamber.

Then it amplifies the noise that the mouse produces.

To reduce this effect, you should look for a mouse with plastic ribs inside.

This is because when the interior space is reduced, the mouse won’t amplify the noise as the other models do.



If you have a lot of mouse usage, you must opt for an ergonomic mouse design.

Ergonomic design is contoured to the natural shape of your hand.

It may be very comfortable for most people, but some people prefer a slim, flat mouse which is highly portable.

These mice are also a great option for left-handed people.

Also, most people prefer wireless mice because they are easy to handle, and there is no hassle of wires and cords.

Wireless mice are also highly portable.

But you might prefer a wired mouse if you’re a gamer because it offers more stability and improved response time.



All wireless mice connect to the computer through Bluetooth or a USB receiver.


Quietest Mouse: Author’s Note

The quietest mouse is an invaluable tool for late-night gaming and work.

No one likes the constant clicking sound of the mouse that may even disturb other people around them.

Quietest Mouse is a blessing for those who work late at night and have their partner sleeping in the same room.

The above article is all about the quietest mice.

Thanks to the new technology, quiet mice are easily available in the market these days, so you can find one easily.

I have mentioned several products earlier so that you can benefit from my research.

The products mentioned earlier are the best, most efficient and quietest ones available.

To help you decide which product to buy, I have also written a detailed buying guide.

The buying guide is the composition of important factors you should consider before selecting your product.

I hope this article will greatly help you if you’re searching for a quiet mouse.


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