5 Quietest Laptops of 2023 

Today, Everyone requires a good, well-to-do laptop to help perform many daily tasks.

This is a helpful machine which is handy also. Most of us spend a lot of our time working on this.

This is why a laptop shouldn’t be a source of headaches. It can be like that if it emits unnecessary noise.

This article will discuss the quietest laptops of the current year, along with their pros and cons. 

We will not only give details of those quietest laptops but also discuss the reasons behind noisy laptops and some solutions to these problems. 

We’ll also be making a brief guideline for the customers about what to choose and which parameters are essential to consider.

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Reasons Behind the Laptop Noise 

Laptops have fans, which enhance their working speed. Fans help to move the heat produced by the processor and motherboard away. 

But they are also the major cause of noise if they are small and not powerful enough. So fans are the biggest cause of the laptop’s noise. 

Another one is the hard disk of the laptop. Sometimes, when we feel some sudden rise in the noise level, it may be due to hardware or changes in the software.

But still, we would say that fans are the biggest culprit for creating noise. They are the only moving components of the laptop. 

That’s why now, fanless laptops are available in the market, which have no moving parts and, ultimately, no noise. 

Let’s look at the basic features of the quietest laptop, along with some details. 


The Quietest Laptop Available on the Market 2023

Apple MacBook Air laptop, M2 chip and 15.3-inch liquid retina display 


Basic features 

  • 15.3-inch liquid retina display
  • 8 GB unified memory
  • 256 GB SSD storage
  • 1080p Facetime HD camera
  • Works with iPhone/iPad
  • Color space gray
  • Backlit magic keyboard with touch ID


The number one choice for the smart laptop with cool features and the Quietest operation would be none other than the Apple MacBook.

And the latest version of the Apple MacBook has an M2 chip, and a 15.3 full HD liquid retina display is a joy to work on. 

Obviously, it is the continuation of the previous models, which is not a drawback. It is the new look for the MacBook 13 model with improved features. 

The price of this 15-inch laptop is a little bit high, but it is justifiable. The M2 chip is great for daily tasks, including web browsing, video editing, etc.

You can easily watch movies on it; the screen is big, the colours look vibrant, and the battery time is enough. The battery can be sustainable for up to 15 to 18 hours wireless. 

Again, the price is slightly high, but it doesn’t hit the highest end. This laptop is value for money. 



  • Slim design with a big screen



  • Almost the same specs as the 13 inches model with a higher price
  • Battery time is also the same as the 13-inch model. 
  • Can’t have a great movie-watching experience 


Now, we will discuss the quietest laptop options available on Amazon and their positive and negative points. 


5 Quietest Laptops Available on the Market 2023


  1.  Microsoft Surface Pro X 13 inches


Basic features

  • Touch screen SQ1
  • 16 GB memory
  • 512GB solid-state drive
  • WiFi+4G LTE
  • 13 inches screen
  • 1.7 lbs weight 
  • Matte black colour


First pick for the quietest laptops of the year, we have chosen this Microsoft Surface Pro X. It is on the list because of its great performance. 

It can be given the title of the best fanless laptop available in the market. This is designed to operate on passive cooling, even on high-load actions. 

This Pro X is lightweight and portable. Its screen has an excellent 2880×1920 resolution.

Its 16 GB SQ1 version, which means its processor delivers multitasking laptop performance, longer battery life, and fast LTE and WiFi connectivity. 

512 GB is a lot of space for a laptop unless you are not playing heavy games, for which gaming laptops do well. 

As far as the price is concerned, it is not a cheaper option. Even though its latest model, 16 Pro, is also available in the market with even better and smoother operation, it still has its own place. 

As mentioned, it has a fanless processor, so we get zero noise. So the performance doesn’t need noise. 

This version doesn’t include accessories like a pen or a keyboard. Because most of the customers already have them or maybe fine without them. These things only cause a rise in cost. That’s why we are perfectly fine without including them in the package. 

Its official keypad is quiet, even quieter than the traditional keyboard, but you can comfortably type on it for a longer period of time.  

So we can easily recommend this confidently. 



  • Very quiet operation
  • Lightweight, portable and beautiful-looking
  • It has good specs, so it is a very good option for general and official use, such as voice-over, audio recording, etc. 



  • It is a bit of an expensive option
  • It is not suitable for powerful software to run like games
  • Ports are a weaker area. 


2.  MSI pulse GL66 gaming laptop 


Basic features

  • Brand MSI, model name Pulse GL66
  • Screen size 15.6 inches, black colour
  • 512 GB hard disk
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Operating system Windows 11 home
  • Special feature anti-glare coating
  • Graphic card description integrated 


The second laptop chosen in the category of the quietest one is a gaming laptop. And the first thing to check about a gaming laptop is its silence. 

This is because games have really heavy software to run, which can not be achieved without an active cooling system. 

That’s why it is practically impossible for a gaming laptop to be fanless at Least till today. 

But fortunately, there are some better choices available in the market which are virtually silent and efficient in working. 

MSI GL66 is also one of them. It has many nice basic features, like it is portable but not very lightweight. Its thickness allows the internal systems to properly channel the heat produced by running heavy software. 

It has two large fans, which support a quiet setup. They spin at a lower RPM, which means less noise. So, MSI GL66 is a quiet laptop compared to its competitors. 

This laptop has better heat control than others and offers one of the best software, Dragon Centre software, which gives better control of all PC gaming brands. 

It gives control of your fan speed and manoeuvre. It helps to limit the noise level. 

There are more incredible things about this laptop like it is a cheaper choice but value for money. 

It has a 15.6-inch screen, which is quite impressive. Colour accuracy is commendable. The quiet keyboard, which is backlit for gaming apps. Overall the performance is too good. 

As said before, there isn’t any fanless gaming laptop available yet. So the low-noise laptop with a quiet keyboard and fantastic specs at an economical price would be a blessing like this one. 



  • Best specs: having the capacity for handling mid-range laptop gaming
  • Beautiful and big screen for Smooth display
  • Less, nearly quiet fan with good thermal control
  • Nicely built 



● Can be heated during high performance

● Quiet but not as quiet as others on the list


3. ASUS Chromebook Flip C434 2-in-1 laptop 


Basic features

  • 14 inches full HD 4-way NanoEdge touchscreen
  • 8 GB RAM, 64 GB storage
  • Color citrus soda yellow
  • Special feature backlit kb
  • Weight 1.45 kg


This is the third pick for today’s article for the customers who want all in one. The market’s best, cheapest, quiet laptop still works for general use. 

This model, which we are currently discussing, is a fanless laptop. That is why we can consider it virtually silent. 

This ASUS is a Chrome book, which is quite a perfect solution for general users because it is a less demanding operating system than Windows. 

This Chromebook can run on PC hardware and still provides all the mainstream applications like internet browsing, media, Netflix and other office applications. So, for general use, everything runs smoothly. 

Another great feature of this laptop at this price is its full HD touchscreen and 2in1 laptop design. This laptop can also be put in tablet form for watching videos or other activities. 

It has a backlit keyboard and a metal exterior. This is as outstanding in less noise as a Surface Pro 7 but in less budget. However, other features are better in the case of the Surface Pro 7.



  • Quiet, fanless cooling
  • Value for money
  • Some great specs for general use
  • Flip-style touchscreen 



● Limited specs for someone who wants more than general use

● No window apps available, which limits its use. 

4.  ASUS Rog Strix Star 17 SE gaming laptop 


Basic features

  • Model name Strix Scar 17
  • 17.3 inches screen
  • Color off black stealth 
  • Hard disk 1 GB
  • 64 GB RAM installed
  • Operating system Windows 11 Pro
  • Special feature backlit keyboard 

This is one of the best gaming laptops when discussing the quietest laptops. The noise level is really low while working on it.

This laptop has a vapour chamber cooling system, making its processor cool using advanced fan technology. Because of this advanced cooling system, it doesn’t produce too much noise even during playing games.

This laptop has a capacity of 64 GB RAM to support big games. Heavy games can be played at this. 

To process the graphics, it has a high-quality GPU. There is a MUX switch also to raise the efficiency of processing graphics. 

Overall, the ASUS Rog Strix Scar 17 SE is one of the best choices if you want a quiet gaming laptop.



  • Low level of noise
  • Vapour chamber cooling system
  • MUX switch technology has a beautiful display and screen quality 
  • Excellent for gaming 



  • Don’t have a compact shape and design
  • No webcam 


5.  Lenovo Legion 5 laptop


Basic features

  • Lenovo brand
  • Model name Legion 5
  • 17.3 inches screen size
  • Phantom black colour
  • 1 TB hard disk
  • 32 GB RAM
  • Operating system Windows 11 Pro
  • Graphics coprocessor Nvidia Geforce GTX 3050 2 GB 


This is again one of the best picks for today’s article. Do consider it when buying a gaming laptop. 

This Lenovo Legions series is considered a laptop with an incredible cooling system. And the one we are currently discussing is one of them.

It performs well and consistently even if you play games for long hours. The noise level is almost inaudible from the cooling system. That’s why working on it in a professional environment shouldn’t be a problem as far as the noise level is concerned. 

As mentioned in this laptop’s introduction, it is large. This large size facilitates more airflow; ultimately, it helps in calming down the laptop, and less noise is produced. 

It has an In-Plane Switching (IPS) display, an anti-glare screen, and no Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) while adjusting the brightness. All this means less strain on the eyes while using the laptop for long hours. 

The impressive processor and RAM capacity make this laptop work incredibly fast. Ao, this is a very good choice for a quiet gaming laptop. 



  • Low noise level at any working speed and performance
  • Great for the gaming experience
  • HDMI and a lot of USB ports
  • Comfortable keyboard and easily upgradeable 



  • Display quality is not that outstanding
  • Speakers have compromised quality 


A Silent Laptop: Buyer’s Guide

We discussed the top picks of the laptops that we found silent. Although, as a reality check, we should understand that no laptop is silent. There is some extent of noise every laptop creates.

The gaming laptops, which run heavy programs, must be loud due to their cooling system. 

Fanless laptops can be considered virtually silent. We are discussing Some of the factors for the customer’s ease so they can know what to buy. 


Buy a fanless laptop.

This is the easiest way to avoid noise from a laptop. Today, a fanless range of laptops is available in the market, and you can buy them if you don’t have to work on heavy software.

Heavy software like games has to run with an adequate cooling system. That’s why gaming laptops don’t come without fans. 

But still, they’ll only use their noisy fans while working on big, heavy games, not on daily easy tasks. 

Avoid big-size Hard Disk drives. 

HDDs of laptops can be a big cause of Boise if they are too big. They are the storage device of the laptop or the computer

During data processing, this disc spins loudly and creates noise. So to avoid this noise, you should check that the HDD size is appropriate. 


GPU integrated laptop 

If your CPU is effective in providing graphics, it means that you don’t have to buy a laptop for GPU separately. In other words, if GPU is integrated into the CPU, the laptop will be thin, lightweight and energy efficient. This will significantly help in lowering the noise level.  


Gaming laptops

The GPU has to be there for better graphics in a gaming laptop. Therefore, gaming laptops are generally loud. 

But there is a simple rule: if the gaming laptop is larger and thicker, they are quieter than the smaller and sleeker models. 

This is because there will be more space for airflow and heat transmission. Thus, the fan doesn’t have to work more. As a result, the noise level will be decreased significantly. 

Some other points to be kept in mind while making a purchase are

● Price of the laptop

● Battery longevity

How to make a noisy laptop silent

The problem of a noisy computer can be solved with some simple remedies. Here, we are going to discuss some of them.


●    Close unwanted apps

Unwanted apps and programs can make the laptop work hard. As a result of this load, it will become noisy. 

To fix the problem, take help from the task manager in this regard. It would easily tell you about the programs consuming your computer memory and CPU.

●    Close tabs

If too many browser tabs are open on your laptop, it means more resources like Chrome and Safari are being used. 

In this state, the fan will spin more, and ultimately, the system will be heated, increasing the noise level. 

So close them all and let the system cool down. 

●    Use of optimization software

Manually finding all the junk and unnecessary data from your computer and then cleaning that is a lengthy and time-consuming process. 

Optimization software does this task for us and makes our laptops work smoothly. This will keep our laptop in good condition and help reduce its noise. 


●    Use of cooling pads

This is also one direct method to keep the computer’s hardware cool. The computer fan spins and circulates air. This means it also needs space to do this; otherwise, the noise level will increase.

Cooling pads help air circulate properly so laptops remain cool and generate less noise. 

●    Give your laptop some rest

Sometimes, due to the continuous activity and long hours of working, laptops leave their work and get stuck. In this case, also shut it down, give it some rest and let it cool down. This will also cease to create noise. 


●    Cleaning and maintenance of the laptop parts

Due to continuous use, dust and debris can be collected around the fan and different parts of the laptops. This can cause noise in the computer. 

To get rid of the noise, you have to get rid of that dust first.  

●    Replace worn-out parts

Wear and tear in any machine over time makes it noisy as well. So like every other machine, laptops also need overhauling at regular intervals.

Check the worn-out parts and change the broken ones; you’ll feel less noise. 

●    Use of noise-cancelling headphones 

This is a simple way to avoid the noise of the laptop. If you are too bothered by the noise of your laptop, you can temporarily use headphones to cancel out the effect of noise.


Author’s note

Here, we come to the end of our discussion. We thoroughly discussed the factors causing noise in a laptop. 

We also discuss the quietest laptops available on Amazon, their basic features, pros and cons. 

Later in the article, we tried to figure out the basic factors to consider while purchasing the quietest laptop. 

And in the end, we looked at some of the remedies for a noisy laptop to make it silent. 

Hopefully, the readers will find all the discussions useful and informative. 


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