5 Quietest Keyboards of 2023

It’s hard to find a keyboard that’s 100% soundproof, but thanks to modern-day keyboards, they have some sort of a mechanism fixed under them that dampens the typing effect.

Some old keyboards used to be so loud that even your neighbours could hear the sound while you typed.

A quiet keyboard relieves your ears and puts less stress on the fingers while you type on it.

The constant clicking sound of a noisy keyboard will not only put more stress on the fingers but also it will disturb everyone around you, even your co-workers.

But it’s no surprise that some people enjoy the keyboard sound while they work or play games on it.

This article includes a review of five different quiet keyboards of 2023 that will make your life easy if you’re searching for a quiet keyboard.

Also, a user guide in this article will help you buy a suitable quiet keyboard that best suits your needs.

The user guide will include some main factors you must consider before buying a quiet keyboard.

So let’s get started.



The quietest keyboard on the market in 2023

Logitech K780 is the best quietest keyboard, along with being versatile.

It is suitable for use in the home and office.

Its extensive battery life and connectivity to multiple devices simultaneously make it perfect to use.

The classic membrane switches underneath the rounded keycaps make it extremely quiet.

This full-size keyboard also includes a full-size number pad.

The function key row provides media playback controls.

These features will give you a full complement of the keys.

This quiet keyboard includes Mac and Windows key commands printed on the relevant keys, so it works with Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Android and iOS.

This makes it one of the greatest quiet keyboards that provide more convenience.

The handy device stand that runs the full length of the keyboard is perfect for supporting tablets and smartphones.

This quiet keyboard is great for using as a standard keyboard for your desktop and for interacting with your smartphone or tablet.



  • This quiet keyboard is affordable.
  • It has a multi-device support feature.
  • The membrane switches allow it to be quieter than other keyboards.



  • This quiet keyboard lacks the precision of mechanical keyboards.


Logitech K780 is the best quietest keyboard, according to my research.

This is also one of the quiet keyboards that best suits me according to my needs.

Further in the article, I will review several more quiet keyboards that may attract you.


The 5 Quietest Keyboards of 2023

Here I’m going to review 5 more quiet keyboards.

If you’re looking for a quiet keyboard, you can choose one according to your needs.

It is not necessary that what works best for me will work best for you too.

Everyone expects differently from their devices and makes different use of them.

I loved Logitech K780 because it works best for me.

You can select one according to what best suits you.

So, here are 5 more options for you.


  1. Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT

Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT is one of the super quiet keyboards with almost all the features you could ask for.

It is best suitable for you if you’re a gamer because it’s best known for gaming without making a sound.

Also, the best part is that it is one of the most affordable quiet keyboards and the best.

This quiet keyboard has fancy RGB lighting driven by the best Corsair Utility Engine software.

This RGB lighting has many colour options and lighting effects that are zone based.

It gives you both; great gaming and comfortable typing.

It has a feature of IP42 rating for moisture and dust resistance.

This feature is excellent if you accidentally spill any drink on your quiet keyboard while playing a game or working.



  • Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT is an affordable keyboard.
  • It is perfect for gaming.
  • It has a quiet membrane interface.
  • It has attractive RGB lighting.



  • Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT has attractive lighting but is zone-based.
  • This quiet keyboard lacks the precision and responsiveness of mechanical switches.


2) Keychron Q6

Keychron Q6 is best for gamers as well as typists who want to be able to fully customize their keyboard.

Although this is a fully mechanical keyboard, it still doesn’t make any noise.

This is because it features two different layers of sound-dampening foam that help reduce the amount of noise produced when the mechanical switches bottom out in the board.

The dual gasket design of this quiet mechanical keyboard makes it exceptionally quiet.

You can also swap the standard switches of this quiet keyboard for any compatible 3-pin and 5-pin MX switches if you don’t like them.

Also, you can add switches and keycaps according to your taste.

Isn’t it nice that this quiet keyboard gives you various customizable options?

Also, each switch is RGB lit.

This quiet keyboard is portable and easy to carry anywhere without an attached cable.



  • Keychron Q6 provides you with a wide variety of customizable options.
  • This quiet keyboard is exceptionally quiet for a mechanical keyboard.
  • It provides you with versatile backlighting.



  • Keychron Q6 is expensive.
  • This quiet keyboard is not as quiet as membrane keyboards.


3) Keychron Q2

Keychron Q2 is the compact version of Keychron Q6.

If you have a smaller space and want the same features as the Keychron Q6, Keychron Q2 is best for you.

You will get the same high-quality switches and multiply layered dampening to make each switch quieter.

You will also get additional gaskets that will make your typing and gaming nearly too silent.

This quiet keyboard has per-key RGB lighting that lights up the whole key.

The solid build of these keys helps them to last longer.

This quiet keyboard can withstand wear and tear even if you are a heavy-duty typist.

Also, the easiest part is that if any of your keys on the keyboard gets damaged, you can easily swap out those and replace them with new ones.

This can be easily done without affecting the rest of the keyboard.

With all these benefits, thanks to its compact design and detachable cable, you can also carry this quiet keyboard anywhere without any hassle.



  • You get a wide range of customizable options with this quiet keyboard.
  • Compared to a mechanical keyboard, this one is very quiet.
  • The detachable cable and its compact design help you carry it anywhere easily.



  • Keychron Q2 is a bit expensive.
  • You will not find it as quiet as a membrane keyboard.


4) Logitech Signature K650

Logitech Signature K650 is one of the quietest keyboards with a built-in rest pad and incline settings.

This will help put less stress on your hands while doing your work.

This quiet wireless keyboard is good for content writers and office users.

It is classic looking with rubber dome switches that make it more attractive.

The rounded edges of each keycap make the typing experience more accurate.

Also, this quiet keyboard uses ABS keycaps with good texture and makes your work more efficient.

You will not only get a good typing experience, but also you’ll get all this on a low budget, which is the best part.

Logitech K650 is fully compatible with most versions of Windows and Mac, making it more user-friendly.

So, this is one of the best quietest keyboards to have right away that will make your life easier.



  • It is a low-profile keyboard.
  • It has a built-in wrist rest.
  • This is a super quiet keyboard to operate.
  • It is one of the most affordable keyboards on the list.



  • There is no illumination or light system in this quiet keyboard.


5) Kensington Slim

If you’ve been using bulky-looking keyboards till now, then Kensington Slim will be the most slick-looking keyboard for you.

It is 0.75 inches in height if you rest the tilt stand attached to it.

It has scissor switches that help you type more comfortably.

You will not have to put much stress on your fingers while you type.

You may not find the built quality of this keyboard very nice, but it is one of the cheapest and the quietest keyboards till now on the market.

You can use it for many years till you want to throw it away yourself.

This is a full-size keyboard with four dedicated function keys.

Also, you’ll see an LED indicator on this quiet keyboard that indicates the battery status and connectivity.

It is not a mechanical keyboard, but it can bear the daily load of your typing.

You will feel the typing experience on this keyboard the same as you type on a laptop but with a lot less noise.

So, you can say it is one of the best keyboards if you want a cheaper, more efficient, quiet and slim keyboard simultaneously.



  • This quiet keyboard has an ultra-slim profile design.
  • It is one of the quietest keyboards.
  • It is cheaper than many other keyboards and works very efficiently.



  • The build quality of this quiet keyboard is not so good.


Quietest Keyboard: Buying Guide

In this buying guide, I’ll explain some important factors that you may keep in mind before buying a quiet keyboard for yourself.

These factors will help you decide on the type of keyboard most suits you.

Everyone has different choices and different needs.

Maybe what suits best to me will not suit you at all because of your different needs.

I’ve reviewed several products in the above article and mentioned the one which is my personal favourite.

It is my favourite because it suits me according to my needs.

You make your own choice by reading this buying guide thoroughly.

So let’s get started.



The size of a keyboard is the most significant factor to consider before buying a quiet keyboard.

If you are a typist and do a lot of work in a day, buying a full-size keyboard is best.

It is very difficult to type on a compact keyboard.

If you type frequently, you must not buy a compact keyboard.

A compact keyboard is best if you travel with your keyboard often.

It’s easy to handle and has less weight and size, so you can carry it anywhere.

But you’ll have to work before you get used to the keyboard’s congested and tighter key pattern to make the typing process comfortable for yourself.


Key profile

This feature helps you know how noisy your keyboard will be.

A keyboard with high-profile keys is noisier because you must exert more force on it while you type.

If you use a keyboard with low-profile keys, you’ll experience a quiet typing experience.

So, your profile design will help you decide how much tapping and clicking noise you will experience.


Dampening mechanism

If you want to experience a quiet typing experience, then you should know that the manufacturers of the keyboard use a dampening mechanism.

For instance, you must know that in the modern low-key profile designs of keyboards, the manufacturers use rubber padding on the stem of each key.

This helps on reducing the noise.



These days keyboards come in different sizes, shapes and colours.

Whether you’re using the laptop for gaming or typing, you can choose from various colours and sizes.

You can also consider a keyboard with lighting if you like flashy, good-looking keyboards or need to use the keyboard in darkness.



When choosing a quiet keyboard, you should check if it works with your PC and its operating systems.

Some Keyboards are specifically made for Apple computers and laptops, so they won’t work on Windows PC.

So ensure no compatibility issues occur after you buy a quiet keyboard.


Function keys

Programmable shortcuts or function keys save time, enhance productivity and improve gaming performance if you’re a gamer.

So it’s important to see beforehand if the keyboard you’re buying has the function keys.


Dampness resistance

With the advancement in new technology, you will now find water and dust resistance features in keyboards.

This feature is very helpful if you accidentally spill your drink on the keyboard.

Many typists and gamers feel the need for drinks and tea while they work.

So buying a keyboard with dust and water resistance features is best.

This feature improves the durability and longevity of the keyboard.



Consider a lightweight keyboard that is easy to carry while you travel.

An extra keyboard is meant to reduce the burden.

It won’t be comfortable to carry around a bulky and heavy-weight keyboard while you travel.

Prefer your convenience by buying a lightweight, quiet keyboard for yourself.


How to Make Your Keyboard Quiet?

Unsurprisingly, keyboards can be loud and sometimes very annoying for your roommates and co-workers.

Pressing a key makes a loud, clicky sound that others in your room can even hear.

A quiet keyboard is a must-have whether working in an office, a college, or in your own house.

Let us see some of the tricks by which we can make a keyboard make less noise so you can work in peace without disturbing anyone around you.


  1. Use a desk mat

One of the easiest ways to reduce the sound of your keyboard is using a desk mat underneath.

It’s obvious that when you press the buttons on your keyboard, the keyboard vibrates and produces a certain sound.

Placing a desk mat under your keyboard will dampen the sound of your typing, eventually making it less noisy.


2) Add foam

This method of adding foam inside your keyboard will require a bit of technical work for you.

But it shouldn’t be a problem if it’s making the annoying sound of your keyboard quieter.

Adding foam will reduce the vibrations of your keyboard, lowering the overall volume.


3) Rubber O-rings

Another simple solution to reduce the sound your keyboard produces is to install rubber O-rings.

These rubber O-rings get installed super easily around the stems of the switches under the keycaps.


4) Usage of lubricants

Another awesome way to reduce the noise from your keyboard is to use a lubricant.

Lubricating can be the best way to improve the sound and feel of your keyboard.

This process may be time-consuming, but you will notice a great change in the sound and feel of your keyboard.


5) Replace your switches

You have the option of replacing the switches.

Some keyboards are even noisier because they have loud and clicky switches.

Clicky switches are made to be loud.

You can always replace those clicky switches with quieter ones.

Getting quieter switches can be your best bet to reduce the noise.


6) Modify key stabilizers

You must have noticed that the keys on the keyboard are different sizes.

There are some big keys, like a spacebar which have stabilizers.

This is also one of the causes of noise produced by your keyboard.

To solve this problem, take your keyboard apart, use any soft material like a Band-Aid to add a cushion, and remove the stabilizer’s parts that strike the circuit board.


Author’s note

Loud and noisy keyboards can be a great disturbance for people around you while you work at home, library or in your office.

Thanks to the latest technology, you can now find quiet keyboards in the market that keep noise levels to a minimum.

After researching, I’ve concluded that there cannot be a completely silent keyboard, but the products mentioned in the above article produce minimum noise.

These products are user-friendly and were selected after considering different budget ranges.

These quiet keyboards also offer a variety of features and functionality.

Select the one which best suits your needs.

Also, the buying guide mentions all the important factors that will help you decide when buying a quiet keyboard for yourself.


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