5 Quietest Helmet Motorcycle 2023

Are you tired of all the roadside noise while you ride your motorcycle?

If yes, I’m here to the rescue.

The loud wind noise and all the engine sounds can be too frustrating.

So, in this article, we’ll explore the quietest motorcycle helmets available in 2023.

We’ll look at each helmet’s features and benefits and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Remember, a quiet helmet can make all the difference in your riding experience.

Let’s dive in!


Quietest Helmet Motorcycle 2023

Shoei RF-1200

Shoei RF-1200 is a popular motorcycle helmet known for its lightweight design, excellent safety, and noise-blocking features.

It is made with a multi-ply matrix AIM+ shell that provides high-impact protection from noise and any accident.

This quiet helmet also features a dual-density EPS liner that absorbs impact energy and a chin strap with a double D-ring closure system for added security.

Let me tell you about its standout features; it has a good ventilation system, four air intakes, and four exhaust outlets that work together to keep you cool and comfortable on long rides.

Along with that, the interior of this helmet is removable and washable, made with moisture-wicking material to keep you dry and comfortable.

So basically, it is one of my favourite motorcycle helmets and a great choice for all those riders who value safety, comfort and style.

The good part is that you can also get it in various colours and designs to suit your style, and it’s one of the quietest helmets on the market.

All these features make it a great option for riders who want to reduce wind noise and engine sounds.



  • Shoei RF-1200 is a high-quality helmet.
  • It’s lightweight, making it comfortable to wear for a longer period.
  • It comes with excellent safety features.
  • The interior is washable and removable for easy cleaning.
  • It comes in a variety of colours and designs.
  • It is one of the quietest helmets on the market.



  • It is more expensive than many others on the market.
  • Some riders find it uncomfortable due to its narrow shape.
  • The helmet may not fit all head shapes and sizes equally well.


5 Quietest Helmets Motorcycles 2023

I mentioned my favourite quietest motorcycle helmet in the above section.

It is my favourite because all its features suit me best according to my needs.

Now I will review the five quietest motorcycle helmets that are effective and efficient simultaneously.

You can select the one that best suits your needs and the one that comes in your budget.


1) Arai Signet-X

If you prefer a motorcycle helmet designed for riders with a long oval head shape, Arai Signet-X is for you.

It is a full-face motorcycle helmet made with a complex laminate construction that combines multiple layers of fibreglass and other materials to provide maximum impact resistance.

If God forbid any event of crash occurs, then this quiet helmet will absorb and disperse all the impact energy.

It has a multi-density EPS liner specially designed for this purpose.

One of the unique features of Arai Signet-X is its ventilation system.

It has multiple intake and exhaust ports that work together to constantly flow fresh air and remove hot, humid air from inside the helmet.

This system will be very helpful on hot summer days to keep the rider cool and comfortable during long rides.

Also, Arai Signet-X comes with a removable and washable liner made with moisture-wicking material to keep the rider dry and comfortable.

The best part is that this liner is designed to be easy to remove and reinstall so that it can be easily cleaned and maintained over time.



  • Arai Signet-X comes with a great noise-blocking chin curtain.
  • It provides a wide field of view.
  • It is a comfortable fit for people with long, oval-shaped heads.
  • It has an excellent ventilation system to keep riders cool and comfortable.
  • It provides a high level of safety with multilayer construction and EPS liner.



  • Arai Signet-X may not be comfortable for people with all head shapes.
  • It is relatively expensive compared to other motorcycle helmets.


2) HJC-RPHA-11 Pro

Riders who demand high comfort, ventilation and safety should opt for HJC-RPHA-11 pro quiet helmet.

It is made with a premium integrated matrix construction that combines multiple layers of carbon fibre, fibreglass and organic fibres to provide maximum impact resistance.

Like the previous quiet helmets on the list, this one also has a multiple-density EPS liner designed to absorb and disperse impact energy in the event of any crash.

One of the most unique features of this HJC-RPHA-11 pro is its advanced aerodynamics.

It has a streamlined shape and is designed to reduce wind noise and turbulence.

So this makes it more comfortable for all the riders to ride it longer.

Also, this quiet helmet has a rear spoiler that helps to stabilize the helmet at high speeds and reduce drag.

Like the previous quiet helmets, this quiet helmet also comes with a washable and removable liner made with moisture-wicking material to keep the rider dry and comfortable.

That liner is designed to be easy to remove and reinstall, so you can clean and maintain it easily.



  • HJC-RPHA-11 Pro provides a high level of safety with multilayer construction and EPS liner.
  • It has advanced aerodynamics to reduce wind noise and turbulence.
  • It comes with a removable and washable liner for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • It is available in a variety of colours.
  • It is eyeglass friendly.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is very comfortable to wear.



  • HJC-RPHA-11 pro is relatively more expensive than many other models on the market.
  • It has small ear pockets for speakers.
  • Some vents may make noise at higher speeds.


3) Shark Evo One 2

Shark Evo One 2 is another modular motorcycle helmet designed to provide riders with the convenience of a flip-up helmet combined with the safety and protection of a full-face helmet.

It is made with a high-quality thermoplastic shell designed to absorb and disperse energy if any crash occurs.

The unique feature of this quiet helmet is its auto-up system.

This system allows the chin bar to automatically lift up and out of the way when the rider flips up the face shield.

This way, it becomes easy for the rider to communicate with others, drink water or get some fresh air without removing the helmet.

Another important feature includes the built-in sun visor that can be easily activated with a lever on the side of the helmet.

The visor is designed to provide the riders with clear vision even in bright sunlight, making it easier to see the road ahead.

Shark Evo One 2 also has a removable and washable liner made with moisture-wicking material like the previous quiet helmets mentioned in the list.

This material keeps the rider dry and comfortable, and it is also easy to remove and reinstall for easier cleaning and maintenance of the helmet.



  • The modular design of Shark Evo One 2 allows the rider to communicate easily and access fresh air.
  • The built-in sun visor provides clear vision in bright sunlight.
  • This quiet helmet’s removable and washable liner makes the cleaning and maintenance process easy.
  • It comes with a premium anti-scratch shell design.
  • It comes with an adaptable chin bar.



  • Shark Evo One 2 is relatively heavy compared to other modular helmets on the market.
  • The airflow from front to back is restricted.


4) Sena-Momentum Evo

Sena-Momentum Evo is one of the quietest and very lightweight.

It is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth communication system that allows riders to make phone calls, listen to music, and communicate with other riders without having to remove their helmet.

One of the unique features of Sena Momentum Evo is its noise cancellation technology, designed to reduce wind and roadside noise for a more comfortable riding experience.

The helmet also has a built-in FM radio tuner so riders can enjoy their favourite radio stations.

Also, this quiet helmet is made with a high-quality composite fibreglass shell designed to absorb and disperse impact energy during any crash that may occur in unfortunate scenarios.

For additional impact protection, this helmet has a multi-density EPS liner.

Like all the previous quiet helmets mentioned on the list, this one also has a removable and washable liner made with moisture-wicking material to keep the rider dry and comfortable.



  • Sena Momentum Evo has a built-in Bluetooth communication system for easy communication, phone calls, and music listening.
  • The noise cancellation technology reduces wind and roadside noise for a more comfortable riding experience.
  • The FM radio tuner allows riders to listen to their favourite radio stations.
  • It has a removable and washable liner for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The narrow design makes the helmet quieter than many other models.



  • Sena Momentum Evo may not fit people with certain head shapes comfortably.
  • The built-in Bluetooth communication system may be less reliable than standalone communication systems.
  • No colour variety is offered.
  • There is no separate sun visor.


5) Bell Race Star Flex DLX

This full-face motorcycle helmet also provides high convenience, safety and comfort to all riders.

It has a Panovision viewpoint and provides riders with a wide field of view for better visibility while riding.

Also, Bell Race Star Flex DLX has a built-in speaker pocket designed to accommodate communication systems.

The automatic transition visor automatically balances the amount of light coming through the viewport.

This is a special feature that all riders will thoroughly enjoy in all their rides.



  • The lightweight carbon fibre shell of Bell Race Star Flex DLX provides excellent impact protection.
  • Flex impact



  • It takes some time to break in the inner padding.


Buying Guide; Quietest Helmets Motorcycle

Anyone who needs to buy a new quiet helmet for themselves should go through this buying guide to better understand what factors to consider before you shop.

This buying guide is written after thorough research on what factors must consider in a quiet motorcycle helmet.

Also, after going through this buying guide, it will be easier to decide which helmet to buy according to your needs.

Shopping for a quiet helmet for yourself may not be as easy as you think.

You should remember all these necessary factors so you may not regret it later.

Let’s get started.


Noise Reduction

You must look for motorcycle helmets that have noise-reduction padding and aerodynamic design.

This way, it will be helpful to reduce the wind noise so that you can have a more comfortable ride.

You need to be comfortable, especially if you’re going on a long ride.


Safety standards

One of the most important factors to consider is whether the helmet you’re looking for meets certain safety standards.

Check for motorcycle helmets that meet the safety standards set by DOT, ECE or Snell.

These certifications ensure the helmet has been tested and meets the required safety standards.



Make sure that helmet fits nicely on your head without moving around too much.

A too-loose or light helmet can be uncomfortable and may not provide adequate protection in unfortunate incidents.



Motorcycle helmets that have a good ventilation system keep your head cool and prevent fogging.

This may be very helpful for you in extremely hot weather or when riding in humid conditions.



Motorcycle helmets with a visor are easy to adjust and provide clearer vision.

You’ll be surprised that some helmets nowadays also come with tinted visors, which can be very helpful in bright sunlight.



Never opt for a heavy motorcycle helmet.

This is because a heavy helmet can strain your neck, especially when you’re on a long ride.

A lightweight helmet won’t weigh you down.



Features like moisture-wicking liners and removable padding make a helmet more comfortable.

Also, if you’re riding longer, you should try on multiple helmets to find out which fits you best.



Helmets are made from different materials such as polycarbonate, fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar.

If you search about these materials, you’ll get to know that each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages.



Motorcycle helmets come in many styles, including full-face, open-face, modular and half helmets.

Choose the style that suits your needs and is more comfortable for you.



Search for reputable brands with a good reputation for quality and safety.

All of the quiet helmets mentioned in the above article are from good and reputable brands, so you can choose one without any hesitation.



Different people have different budgets for the products they need to buy.

Set your budget and look for a helmet within your price range.

You may find some helmets very cheap, while others are very expensive.

But remember that the helmets with more features will cost you more.



Reviews from other users will help you make your decision easily.

Read the reviews online from other riders who have been using the same helmet for some time to better understand how well the helmet performs in real-world conditions.



Motorcycle helmets that come with a warranty will protect your investment.

Any wear and tear in the warranty period will be recovered.



Some quiet motorcycle helmets can be customized with different colours, graphics and designs.

If you want a unique look, look for those offering customization options.


Bluetooth connectivity

Motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth connectivity allow the riders to listen to music, take phone calls, and communicate with other riders easily while riding.

But check your budget beforehand because helmets with Bluetooth connectivity are more expensive than the standard quiet helmets.


Try before you buy

Trying on different helmets before making a purchase can be a good idea.

Look for the stores that allow you to try on helmets, and take your time to find the one that fits you best according to your head size.

This way, there will be less chance of getting the wrong-sized helmet for yourself.


Benefits of a quiet motorcycle helmet

Here are some of the benefits of a quiet motorcycle helmet.

After reading about these benefits, I’m sure you will be convinced to buy a quiet helmet for yourself, and you’ll be convinced that it’s worth buying.


Noise reduction

A quiet motorcycle helmet will help you reduce wind noise and engine noise.

This way, your ride will be more comfortable and less fatiguing.


Improved concentration level

When there is less noise, you can focus more on the road ahead than the noise.

Also, you will be more alert to potential hazards.


Better communication

You can communicate well with other riders or passengers wearing a quiet helmet.

Important sounds like emergency vehicle sirens can also be heard easily using a quiet helmet.


Reduced hearing damage

It’s normal for everyone to experience loud and uncomfortable noise on the road.

But prolonged exposure to this noise pollution can be dangerous for ears and may cause permanent hearing damage.

So in this situation, a quiet helmet can help protect your hearing and reduce the risk of hearing loss.


Greater comfort

A ride free of noise will be more comfortable.

Especially if you are going on a long trip, a quiet motorcycle helmet can help reduce your fatigue.


Improved aerodynamics

All the quiet helmets are designed with better aerodynamics.

They reduce wind drag and improve stability at higher speeds.


Author’s note

It would be a wise decision to invest in a quiet motorcycle helmet.

But before you go shopping for your quiet motorcycle helmet, remember to take help from the above buying guide.

Keep all the factors I’ve mentioned in the buying guide so that it will be easier to buy a perfect quiet motorcycle helmet for yourself.

Also, the list of quietest motorcycle helmets in the above article is the most efficient and effective.

See which of them suits you best according to your needs.

I hope this article will be a great help to you.

Happy reading!



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