5 Quietest Generator Mufflers 2023

 Generators are used for continuous and uninterrupted power supply or electricity generation.

They convert the motion energy or the fuel energy into electric power, and thus it is the continuous power supply source.

In this power generation process, these generators create a lot of noise, which remains the source of discomfort throughout the time it is running.

In this article, we will discuss the quietest generator mufflers and their detailed features, pros and cons.


What is a Generator Muffler, and how does it work 

A generator muffler comprises a series of tubes, chambers and baffles. They are all attached to reflect the sound waves created by the generator.

These sound waves are reflected to cancel out each other’s effect, thus significantly lowering the noise the generator creates.

A generator muffler is pivotal in reducing the generator’s noise to the minimum level. As we said earlier that generators convert the energy sources to generate electricity. In this process, the production of noise is obvious.

The generator also produces some reverberation sound; sometimes, the frequency of this vibration is high, ultimately resulting in a high-pitched noise.

Here comes the role of the generator muffler. It can magically reduce the noise. That’s how we can say that even after using the Muffler if any generator is noisy, it’s time to change it.

We can feel different levels of noise with different kinds of mufflers. No muffler is a hundred percent quiet. So we are really quiet while others may produce some extent of noise.

The selection of a generator muffler should be according to your needs and the generator you use. Always buy them from a reliable dealer who can exactly guess your requirements.


Benefits of using a generator muffler

The first and foremost advantage of using a generator muffler is that it makes your generator silent. It can significantly reduce the amount of noise created by the generator. This is actually the basic role of a muffler.

Apart from that, a generator muffler also plays an important role in enhancing the generator’s performance.

When the generator removes unnecessary gasses, it performs better. A muffler can restrict the process somehow by creating back pressure. This can slow down the generator.

A good quality muffler helps in making fuel consumption efficient. This is another benefit of using a generator muffler.


Types of Mufflers

The generator mufflers have the same role for combustion engines as mufflers do for engines in the construction and automotive industry.

Their main purpose is to reduce the noise and also to exhaust the emissions that are produced during the process of combustion.

There are three basic types of Mufflers


  • Reactive silencers

These silencers are used in such generators in which the internal construction consists of three chambers connected through a pipe.

The exhaust noise bounces back between different chambers, and eventually, the noise level is considerably reduced. These reactive silencers are commonly used for low to mid-level noise reduction.


  • Absorptive silencers

The absorptive silencers have internal construction with fibreglass or E-glass insulation. The exhaust noise travels through these insulations, reducing as the insulation absorbs the major part of it.

These silencers are generally used to reduce high-frequency sound waves.


  • Combination silencers

As the name shows, these silencers combine reactive and absorptive silencers. In other words, these generators are fitted with reactive and absorptive construction.

The absorption material is fitted inside the chamber design of the reactive silencer, which considerably reduces the noise level.

These silencers are used for reducing mid, low and high-frequency sounds.


Further classifications

Based on the functions of the silencers, as mentioned earlier, a variety of silencers are available in the market. These different types.are for different purposes.

You have to choose the perfect one according to your needs, or the one which perfectly goes with the type of generator you have and its level of noise.

Let’s have a look at some of them.


1) Cylindrical silencers 

The most common type of silencer in use is these cylindrical silencers. They are multi-purpose and can work in many ways.

These silencers can be mounted both horizontally as well as vertically. That’s why they are easy to use and make them a good choice for many models of generators.

They are quiet and affordable as compared to the other ones. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. Overall they are the most convenient type of silencers to be used.


2) Low profile silencers

As the name suggests, these silencers are made to be used according to the space size they have to fit in. That’s why they have different shapes like rectangular, oval and round.

They are mostly used in sound-attenuated enclosures, so they have to meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


3) Emission control silencers

When the combustion process takes place, different kinds of gasses are produced. Some of them are harmless, but many of them are harmful to the people and environment.

Emission control silencers have the function of directing these gasses away from the engine, and as a result, noise is also reduced.

Many emission control silencers also can control the vibrations, and eventually, a silent environment is created.


4) Attenuation silencers

These silencers are mostly used in residential areas. They reduce the noise level created by the diesel generator. They absorb the noise from the engine, and it is lowered automatically.


5) Hybrid silencers

As the name suggests, these silencers work in dual ways. They provide a combination of emission control and sound attenuation simultaneously. Hence provide a quiet and productive environment.

Therefore they are mostly used where both of these functions are required.


Generator silencers/mufflers sound ratings

Generator silencer sound ratings are evolved to make it easy for a buyer to understand to what level the sound should be dampened.

In other words, for a particular place and circumstances, how much sound is allowed to be produced from a specific distance and how much should be attenuated?

Basically, 8 classes are defined according to this rating (in decibels).


These are:

  1. Industrial grade (25-20)
  2. Residential grade (20-25)
  3. Critical grade (25-32)
  4. Supercritical grade (30-38)
  5. Hospital grande (35-42)
  6. Hospital plus grade (35-50)
  7. Extreme grade (40-55)
  8. Super extreme grade (45-60)


The quietest Generator Muffler available on the market


Complete Tractor 1117-6002 Muffler 


Basic features

  • Brand complete Tractor
  • Shell material
  • Dimensions LWH 17,5,5 inches
  • Round shape


This Complete Tractor Muffler is our top pick for the quietest Muffler. It has a customer-friendly design. Its parts are easily available to be replaced.

It offers a 1-year warranty which protects the customers after purchase. Customers can confidently buy it as they can replace it within a year if there is any problem.



  • It is value for money
  • Quiet
  • Very easily installed
  • Customer ratings are good



It is a little pricier option


5 Quietest Generator Mufflers 


1) Camco Gen-Turi RV Generator Muffler 


Basic features

  • Brand Camco
  • Weight 9 pounds
  • Specialty is easy to connect and disconnect
  • Black colour


This Camco Gen-Turi RV generator muffler is designed in such a way that it can work with many exhaust systems.

Some of the prominent qualities this Muffler has are that it is really easy to install without the help of any high-tech tool.

It is not made with any moving parts, that’s why it is very quiet and noiseless. Obviously, its main purpose is to reduce the generator noise and fumes.

This Camco generator muffler is good at reducing noise and improving air quality by eliminating carbon monoxide. That’s how it gives the air a fresh and healthy feel.

The length of this tool is 120 inches; also, an extension of 18 inches can be attached to it. This enables it to work without any power source and helps reduce the noise and fumes.



  • Helps reduce the noise level produced by RV generators.
  • Very easy to install and doesn’t need any high-tech tools for installation
  • Compatibility is another characteristic which makes it versatile. As it is compatible with most the RV generators
  • Helps improve the air quality by redirecting the harmful fumes away from the generator.
  • Durable make and good quality materials enhance the life of the Muffler and the generator.



  • It may not be compatible with all the generator types, so compatibility should be checked beforehand.
  • It is a little expensive choice. That’s why it’s not a budget-friendly option
  • It has a longer size, that’s why when it is not in use it is difficult to store.
  • High maintenance is required for this Muffler. Regular cleaning keeps the system working properly.


2) Generac 052108 OEM RV Generator Muffler 


Basic features

  • Generac brand
  • The vehicle type is the lawn mower
  • Weight 5 pounds
  • Shape round
  • Dimension 1×1×1 inches


There is always the need for a good muffler in your generator to have a noiseless and peaceful environment. This is not only about the peaceful environment but is also necessary for the maintenance of your generator.

Generac 052108 OEM RV generator exhaust muffler is a fantastic option to solve the above issues.

As its name shows, this Muffler is specifically designed for RVs. It has a one-year warranty, and the good thing is that it can work with various RV generators. So be confident to have this accessory; more chances are that it would fit your generator.



  • Replacement parts for Generac RV generators are easily available
  • Side inlet and outlet s
  • Design
  • Weight is Very less
  • Easy to install



  • Not as quiet a product as others.


3) Walker 21602 quiet flow exhaust Muffler 


Basic features

  • Stainless steel material
  • Dimensions LWH 37, 12.75, 6.25 inches
  • Vehicle service type car
  • Weight 15.55 pounds


Walker quiet flow SS mufflers are the third one in the top pick of the quiet mufflers. They give a precise and direct fit.

These Walker quiet flow SS mufflers are the only Mufflers which feature 100 percent stainless steel heads, shells, bushings, tubes and partitions.

This Muffler is simple and easy to install. They are direct fit, bolt-on replacements including hangers, brackets and pipes, making the installation easier. It doesn’t require special processes like welding.

This Muffler has a stainless steel body. Compared to aluminum material, stainless steel material resists the corrosion process. It also has an internal drainage system which reduces the moisture to lock in. That’s why it has a longer life.

The internal construction of the Muffler is in such a way that its tubes and domed head help reduce the noise level as compared to the straight tunes.

The internal partitioning and construction of the tubes make the expansion and contraction changes easier during temperature fluctuations. It provides structural stability and longevity for the machines.



  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel material
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Built to last for a long period of time
  • Premium acoustic control



It is a pricier option as compared to the others.


4) JFG racing exhaust generator silencer


Basic features

  • Brand JFG racing
  • Material iron
  • Weight 495 gms


The JFG racing exhaust generator muffler or silencer is the best for providing a quieter and more comfortable environment for working.

It comes with a standard muffler washer for a Muffler replacement. The muffler replacement should use a gasket (a rubber-like material between the two surfaces) for better service life.

There is heat protection or a heat shield to avoid any injury while working, making it safe.

The muffler silencer has a very nominal weight, only 495 gms. But its performance is solid. Ít ensures stable and effective silencing performance.

Its material is iron. High-quality iron is used to make this silencer. This material can not be deformed, and hence it is durable.

Last but not least, this silencer is easy to install. And also fits perfectly with the silencer in the relevant engine model.



  • Replacement muffler assembly
  • Stable operation
  • Easy to install
  • Effective silencing performance



  • May face corrosion over a period of time.


5) Walker 21583 quiet flow stainless steel muffler 


Basic features

  • Brand walker
  • Material stainless steel
  • Dimensions LWH 24,14,9 inches
  • Item weight 6.8


This Walker 21583 quiet stainless steel muffler is another fantastic muffler by the Walker brand.

It is made up of stainless steel material and is the only broad-market Muffler with 100 percent stainless steel construction.

This stainless steel material is far better than aluminum material. This assures the longevity of the Muffler.

It also has an internal drainage system, which reduces the moisture collection inside.

It is easy to install and has a direct bolt-on replacement solution. The style of the brackets, pipes, and hanger is such that they don’t need special hard work to get installed.

The internal partitioning and joining of the tubes allow the contractions and expansions to occur smoothly due to temperature changes. This all happens smoothly; thus, stability and longer life of the machine are ensured.

It has premium acoustic control. Its tube interconnection and dome-like heads help radiate the noise so that the noise level is reduced.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and an exclusive 90 days safe and sound guarantee. So confident to purchase it.



  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel material
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Built to last for a long period of time
  • Premium acoustic control
  • Limited lifetime warranty



  •  This model of the walker muffler is a little heavier.


The quietest generator muffler: buyer’s guide

Now let’s look at some of the key points you should keep in mind while shopping for a quiet generator muffler.


First of all, the most important thing is that the Muffler you will purchase should be made according to the specific model of your generator. This will guarantee the best functioning of your generator silencer.


Secondly, consider the noise rating of your generator muffler (we discussed earlier). Different generator mufflers are specific for different areas according to their noise level ratings, so it is important to ponder.


Last but not least, the price of that specific generator muffler also matters. They are expensive accessories, so you should do the cost and benefits analysis to be safe.

We would also like to recommend that you consult a generator specialist. They can guide you better in making a purchase which can fulfill your needs.


Signs of Muffler Wear

There can be many signs of wear in your Muffler, but mainly we know that it starts to deteriorate from the inside.

It is because the combustion process creates acidic moisture. This causes the corrosion process, and your Muffler gradually ends its life.

Other signs of its expiry include the noise coming from it. The unpleasant smell or not filtering the exhaust gasses properly are some other signs of wear and tear in the Muffler.


Author’s note

Now as we come to conclude our discussion, we are here summarizing the article with some key points, such as:

The generator muffler is an important accessory to be installed in your generator.

It not only helps reduce the noise level of the generator, but it also contributes to your machine’s well-being.

Generator Mufflers are of different types, shapes, and sizes, suitable for different types of generators. They help exhaust the harmful gasses away from the generator.

We also discussed some basic causes and signs of wear in the generator muffler. By taking care of these issues on time, the longevity of the Muffler can be enhanced.

We also discussed the quietest generator mufflers available on Amazon and their pros and cons. They are different in features, use and decibel rating.

In the end, a small buyer’s guide for the customers is also given to them to purchase a perfect one for their machine.

We hope all the above information is worth considering to choose from the available options.

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