Quietest Dog Breeds in the World ( Top 10 Breeds)

It would be unrealistic if you expect your dog to be quiet.

Dogs are meant to bark and howl.

If they don’t, this would be unusual.

It’s natural for dogs to make noise.

Most often dogs are kept to guard our homes.

They tend to bark when they see anything unusual around them or hear something suspicious.

This is for their owner’s safety purpose. Dogs are trained for this. 

Sometimes dogs bark without any reason to get attention. They must be trained so that they bark only when necessary.

And when the owner signals them to be quiet, they should get quiet immediately. 

Dogs barking without any reason for a more extended period can be a real headache even for the neighborhood. 

If you live in an apartment, you can’t even think of having a more vocal dog breed.

This can’t be comforting for your peace of mind and even can destroy your harmony with your neighbors. 

In this article, we’ve shared with you the top ten quietest dog breeds that bark less or prefer to keep quiet most of the time.

These dogs could be perfect apartment-friendly dogs


1. French Bulldog

Quietest Dog Breeds- French bulldog

French bulldogs are one of the quietest dog breeds in the world.

These are quiet dogs that tend to bark significantly less.

They don’t make much noise which means they are perfect for keeping in an apartment. 

If you need a playful dog who doesn’t make much of a disturbance for you, this dog can be your best choice.

This dog doesn’t even need much exercise to drain its energy out. It can easily spend most of its day in the lounge playing around. 

It is a small dog and joyous by nature.


2. Basenji

Quietest Dog Breeds - Basenji running in a park

This dog is also known as the “barkless dog.

That means this dog tends to bark significantly less. 

Only when it decides to bark, and it’s necessary, do they make some noise.

Usually, they make less noise, but that doesn’t mean they are mute dogs. 


3. Borzoi

Quietest Dog Breeds- Borzoi

People who know well about dogs describe Borzoi as quiet and peaceful dogs. 

They have other qualities, such as being active and energetic.

That is why they don’t waste much energy barking and making noise.

When running, they can run up to 35 miles per hour.

They drain out all their energy in running.

This is the best way to stop hyper dogs from barking unnecessarily.

Make them run so that they exhaust enough not to bark. 


4. Scottish Deerhound

Another one of the quietest dog breeds is Scottish Deerhound.

Despite their immense size, they don’t make much noise.

They are quiet by nature.

Scottish Deerhounds look dignified and gentle personality-wise. 

They like long naps, and then they prefer a long run outside.

This gives them no room to bark unnecessarily. 


5. Irish Setter

Irish Setter Quietest Dog Breeds

Irish setters are hunting dogs that are trained to hunt their prey quietly.

If they make noise, they will fail to catch their prey.  

These dogs are red-coated setters that look cute.

They have a lot of energy which they don’t waste on unnecessary barking. 

Irish setters use all their energy to find their prey.

They are trained to focus on work only. 


6. Saluki

Saluki standing near tree

Salukis are one of the most loyal breeds of dogs.

They never disobey their owner.

Once you train them to be quiet, they won’t bark until it’s necessary.

Still, they never get loud. 

Noise and loud is not the word that describes this dog.

They are one of those loyal dogs you have to keep giving directions and won’t ever disobey.

Saluki will give them all to you. 

Moreover, Saluki is also a very active breed of dog. 


7. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Quietest Dog Breeds

They are cute little pups that don’t ever make unnecessary noise.

They are perfect for dog lovers who live in apartments and can even be kept as roommates. 

Furry and small in size make them look even cuter.

By nature, they are so loving and joyous that everyone enjoys their company. 

They even have a history of living with Chinese royalty.

They adapt to their environment quickly, are easy to train, and have the friendliest nature. 


8. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu Quietest Dog Breeds

Shiba Inu will be the quietest dog if it gets the proper training.

They are proactive and alert dogs.

They don’t need much cuddling and pampering like small dogs. 

You can train them quickly, but at the same time, their nature is more aggressive.

They should be monitored when kids are around because these dogs get easily provoked by children. 

They have a very impatient attitude, but as said before, if they get trained correctly, they are the best dogs to be kept. 


9. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Australian shepherds are active, intelligent, and very protective by nature. 

They tend to bark when they have to alert their owner about anything unusual that’s happening around them.

They are delighted and loving dogs who love to interact with people. 

But never expect them to stay inside for hours.

This would make them noisy.

They need to exercise because they are active and outgoing dogs.

In this way, they’ll keep their mouths shut until necessary to bark.


10. Wheaten Terrier

Wheaten Terrier

This breed of dog is also very intelligent and wise.

They are alert and very active. 

They only bark when they find it necessary. Otherwise, they don’t waste their energy making noise. 

If trained correctly, they can be the quietest breed among all others.

They tend to bark only when they are looking for their prey or when they feel threatened. 

Their most significant characteristic is their loyalty toward their trainers and owners.

They are so friendly by nature that they can go with anyone and adjust quickly. 



You can’t expect any dog to be quiet.

Some dog breeds bark less; some bark and howl more.

Some breeds are trained to bark only when they find it essential.

You may find a less vocal dog, but you can’t look for a mute dog. 

If you are a lover of silence or live in an apartment, you should look for a less vocal dog breed. 

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