5 Quietest Ceiling Fans of 2023

Whenever it is the start of summer, I like the humming sound of the slowly moving ceiling fan.

It gives a soothing, relaxing effect on the nerves, with the message that summer is here, and now you have another season of natural beauty and delicious fruits to enjoy.

But this is the case with me; this sound annoys many people.

Anyway, we are only here to discuss ceiling fans. We all have different kinds of relationships with ceiling fans.

We need them to cope with the heat problem, but at the same time, many of us don’t like the sound they make.

So, we will be mentioning some of the qualities of quiet ceiling fans here and reviewing some of the best available products available on Amazon in this regard.



Best quiet ceiling fan

The Sofucor noiseless ceiling fan is the most noiseless and quiet ceiling fan on our list so far.

The main feature of this fan that makes it quietest is its rubber-mounted wooden blades. 

This makes the movement and circulation of this fan quiet.

Metal blades are noisier because they aren’t as smooth. 

This fan has 52-inch diameter blades that can circulate air all over the room smoothly and quietly.

This ensures good sleep and a comfortable, noise-free environment in the room.

This fan has a lifetime guarantee of the motor. 

That means if the motor is out of order or burns out, the company is responsible for replacing it.


Main features

  • Modern LED light
  • Remote controlled
  • Adjustable height
  • Reversible airflow
  • 52 inches diameter



This fan guarantees a noiseless bedroom, perfect for resting in the summer.

Its wooden rubber-mounted blades are quiet enough during air circulation, even at high speed.

Its motor has a lifetime guarantee, so it can be replaced whenever it gets problematic. 

Thus it has an excellent after-sale service.

It has a warm LED light that can be used whenever you feel cold. 

This fan is remote-controlled, so it is easily controllable and comfortable.



Its white light can be annoying sometimes, especially for people who like to sleep in the dark.

This fan is not suitable for small rooms at all. Due to its big body and diameter, this fan works best in big rooms and offices.

This is expensive, but it is also worth buying due to its characteristics.


5 Quietest Ceiling Fans of 2023

Now, let’s look at some of the products we have chosen today for the review.

High quality, durability, and balance are their prominent features. Above all, they are the quietest ceiling fans available on Amazon.


  1. Hunter minimus ultra quiet ceiling fan  

Hunter Minimus ultra quiet ceiling fan is probably our list’s most elegant and classy fan.

Due to its style and proportionate size, it can fit in any of your rooms.

It also contains an LED light covered with glass, enhancing the fan’s overall look.

It is made for rooms with low ceilings because of its small rod. So it is best to install it in lounges, bedrooms and living rooms.



  • Energy-efficient LED light
  • Remote controlled
  • 3 durable blades
  • Speed adjustability
  • 42 watts reversible whisper wind motor



The main feature of this fan is its 42-watt reversible whisper wind motor, which is not only powerful and able to cool the given space, but at the same time, it is incredibly quiet.

All three-speed settings are quiet, allowing the fan to be used in crowded offices and commercial places.

Also, it will not bother anyone at night or during the resting time of the day.

It has LED light covered by glass; it is adjustable by remote. Also, the remote controls the fan’s speed from anywhere in the room.

The best thing is its motor which has two modes, downdraft and updraft. This same fan can chill the room in the summer and warm your room in winter.



Some of the cons of this product are that the white light may be annoying sometimes If somebody is sleeping or taking a rest.

Additionally, due to its small extending rod, it is suitable only for low-ceiling rooms. Rooms with high ceilings aren’t suitable for installation.

On top of all this, one has to really check the price of this product before buying. There can be the issue of affordability as it is an expensive one.


2) Warmiplanet ceiling fan with light and silent motor

As the name shows, this product is made by the Warmiplanet company, which is known for its reliable home appliances, which are decorative too.

This fan is larger, elegant, and appropriate for offices and homes.


Main features

  • Quiet ceiling fan
  • 60 watts ceiling fan with adjustable speed
  • 24 watts LED light
  • 3 blades with high quality and double-face
  • Remote controlled



When we talk about the qualities of this ceiling fan, the first thing to mention is its 60-watt motor, which is quite powerful. It is, therefore, able to cool any space within minutes.

Besides that not to mention, this motor is powerful but quiet. The noise level is under 50 dB.

The second incredible feature of this fan is the 24-watt LED light. It has adjustable 3 levels of light. Warm white, cool white and natural light.

Its light also has a longer life than other ceiling fans.

It is also remote-controlled, so you don’t have to compromise your comfort to adjust the fan’s features.

Another important thing is that it is certified for its product quality, meaning this fan will last for many years.

Above all, this fan is cheap when it comes to price. It is the cheapest one on our list.



The only disadvantage of this fan is that it is unsuitable for small rooms. It has a powerful motor, eligible to cool big spaces.


3) Honeywell Carnegie ceiling fan

Honeywell brand has many good things to offer. Let’s take the example of this Carnegie ceiling fan.

It has a 3-speed motor that is not only quiet, but also it is capable of cooling the room efficiently.

It also has the option to warm up the room in winter by changing the direction of the air.

This fan is also remote-controlled. You can control the fan’s light and speed with the remote.

Its installation is pretty simple. It can be installed in three different configurations.



  • Three-speed quiet motor
  • Long-lasting LED bulbs
  • 5 wood blades
  • Rustic design
  • Remote controlled
  • Dual function (both summer and winter)



The unique design of this fan makes it stand out from all the other products like it.

The two surfaces of its blades are different in look. One surface looks like rough pinewood, and the other gives the Impression of bronze hardware.

Both these looks collectively give it the very classy rusty look.

The three dimmable LED lights are long-lasting. So we see an impressive ambience in our room where this fan is installed.



The company has featured Alexa and Google Home integration with this fan. This is the only aspect of this fan that is not securing consumer appreciation.

This message is because it doesn’t work properly.


4) Warmiplanet ceiling fans with LED lights

This is another Warmiplanet company product that is durable and decorative.

This fan is only a little different from the Warmiplanet, as mentioned earlier fan. There seems to be a difference in the colour of the two products.

This fan has a metal and nickel finish, making it look more elegant and modern. It has another variant that is suitable for offices.

This fan has a 24-watt LED light, which is adjustable with the remote from cool to warm light; also, you can leave it to natural daylight.

This fan is also remote-controlled; you can control the fan’s speed and use its timer to adjust the speed and temperature.



As the others discussed above, this fan has a powerful motor, a distinguished characteristic of Warmiplanet fans.

64-watt motor, which provides an airflow capacity of 5000 cubic feet per minute, can cool the room in the summer and warm it up in winter.

Warmiplanet company fans have quality certifications, so these products are reliable and durable.

This product is considered to be a quiet one among the other ceiling fans.



Again, like the other Warmiplanet company ceiling fan, this is also unsuitable for the small space. This is the only drawback we see in it.


5) Portage bay ceiling fan

This fan is next on our list, which is not very expensive and a good option to purchase.

It is a 5-blade fan that is best for efficient air circulation. This is also energy efficient, which means more comfort and lower bills.


Main features

  • 5 blades with dual finish
  • White dimmable LED light
  • Quiet, reversible motor
  • Low ceilings aren’t a problem
  • Limited lifetime guarantee



The main attraction of this product is its low price. It is affordable compared to many other available options without compromising the quality.

It is suitable for low ceilings. Also, it has a reversible motor, which ensures better air circulation.



The main limitation of this product is that it is not remote-controlled; you have to change its settings manually.

Secondly, it is a bit noisier than the other products discussed above.


Features of quietest ceiling fans in the market

There are so many ceiling fans in the list available on Amazon and other dealers

That is considered to be quieter.

But before we go into the details of those products we have chosen to review for you, let’s discuss the characteristics of a quiet ceiling fan.

In other words, we’ll review the basic features of a ceiling fan contributing to its quietness or noise.


  • Motor type

The first feature we must consider about a quiet ceiling fan is its motor type.

There are different types of motors working in ceiling fans.

The low-noise motors can be

  1. DC motor
  2. Flywheel motor
  3. Oil bath motor


These are considered less noise-producing motors but have different capacities to dampen the noise.

As mentioned earlier, the new generation fans are using DC motors out of these motors.

It is because it is the least noisy. It is considered to be the new generation of ceiling fan motors.

The regular motors have electromagnets, producing the typical annoying sounds.

Besides that, a clicking sound is produced in the fans due to the overheating of the motor used in the ceiling fan. As a result, the whole body of the fan gets hot, and the wear and tear process starts in the gadget.

The DC motor has permanent magnets that do not overheat; that’s why there would be no whooshing noise from the fan.

Also, DC motor parts are very compact. They wouldn’t be in such a space with each other that they could produce the rattling noise.

Flywheel motors are also not a bad choice. They have flywheel discs in them, which can absorb shocks and vibrations.

Oil bath motors are not as quiet as DC motors but can absorb the vibration and dampen the sound.

But they need more maintenance than DC motors as we must regularly change the oil.

Of all these motors, the DC motor is considered superior. This is because they produce more force to rotate the fan blades, and that’s why the acceleration is maintained.

Also, the DC motor is lightweight. That’s why they produce less noise. It also allows the fan structure to be slimmer; that’s how it produces less noise.


  • Characteristics of the motor

When we talk about the characteristics of the motor, we consider the motor’s size, material and quality.

Based on these motor features, the quieter the motor, the better.

The big motors are likely to produce less noise and are considered better. So, the size matters.

Big high-quality motors are likely to run smoothly compared to small low-quality motors.

Small, low-quality motors produce more clicking and rattling sounds.


  • Motor quality

Motors which are energy efficient are likely to produce less noise. The high energy star rating is used for the appliance’s energy efficiency rating.

Energy-efficient appliances are going to reduce the monthly bills of your appliances.

CFM is the abbreviation for Cubic Feet per Minute, which determines the airflow capacity of your fans.

The fans with higher CFM will potentially make more noise than those with lower CFM.

It is not possible that your fan has a broad range of areas to spread the air, and it would produce less noise.

Instead, if the fan manages airflow to a smaller space, the noise level will be as low as the whispering sound.

So, we can conclude that the CFM rating is a good indicator of the noise level a fan is producing. So when buying a fan, we should consider it.

We have to use our fan for long hours in the summer, so a lower CFM rating fan will be better. But this way, we have to compromise on the airflow area covered by the fan.

A powerful motor fan can achieve both goals: higher CFM and low noise. But it would be an expensive option.


  • Material of the fan’s components and their quality 

The material of the fan’s body and the blades is equally important.

If the fan’s blades are thin and lightweight or made up of plastic, then the motor will have a little role. They will very soon start making noise.

So it is important to go for high-quality, durable and heavyweight material when buying fans for your home. Otherwise, there would be no way to eliminate the whooshing sound.


  • Number of blades

The number of blades of any fan is also important. It is quite obvious that a higher number of blades means less noise.

This is because more blades shall distribute the air more evenly. But remember that the airflow shall be affected with a higher number of blades.

A smaller number of blades means more airflow because they can rotate faster due to less friction. The motor of these fans has less energy to rotate the Blades.

More blades mean the airflow will be less. But the even distribution of the air between all the blades ensures the quietness of the fan.


  • Installation of the fan

The installation of the fan to the ceiling has an important role in sound production.

Over time, if the screws mounting the fan onto the ceiling get loose, there is a good chance that the fan will make a noise.

So to keep them safely attached to the ceiling, without any noise, they should be mounted to the ceiling close and tight.

Sometimes, there are higher ceilings, and the fans are not directly installed on the ceiling. Instead, they are attached to the ceiling with a rod.

This can be long according to the need of the space. But now, this doesn’t mean that they’ll make noise because they’re not tightly attached directly to the ceiling.

Instead, it depends on the material of the fan. High-quality, sturdy and good-quality screws shall guarantee professional installation and no noise.


  • Balance

A nice soundproof fan is a balanced one. It is made precisely. Then, it is assembled precisely and fixed through the best engineering.

There shouldn’t be any space for disbalance while making and assembling it. Ensure all the screws are tight to attain balance and a peaceful, noise-free environment.

Again, this involves the quality of the product. Poor quality products will have a disbalance. At the same time, high-quality fans will have exemplary balance and quiet.


How to keep your ceiling fans noise-free

To be honest, even after reviewing all the products mentioned earlier, we are still unsure if they would be as quiet as our expectations.

The fan’s main purpose is to circulate the air in the room. This is not possible without making noise to some extent.

But, if the fan creates too much noise, many factors can exist. Let’s discuss them one by one.


  • Hardware problems

Sometimes, there are structural problems in the hardware of the ceiling fans. This is connected to the company; only the company should handle the problem.

But sometimes, there is a problem with the installation of the hardware. Some screws are not in their assigned place or not tight enough.

So you should take care of the scenario. Otherwise, that imbalance will be a noise source, and the fan can fall and get damaged.


  • Problem with blades

If your fan’s blades are dirty or wrapped, remove all the wraps and dirt before turning on the fan.

Otherwise, it will create noise and burden the fan’s motor.


  • Motor malfunctioning

When the fan’s motor is not functioning properly, the fan makes a noise.

This noise indicates that your fan needs overall maintenance and lubrication of the system to keep it running smoothly without noise.




1) Does the quietness of the ceiling fan depend on the number of blades?

Yes, the number of blades does have an impact on noise creation. Usually, it is said that a 4-blade fan is quieter and has better airflow than the other fans with fewer blades.


2) Which ceiling fan is the quietest?

If we talk about the airflow, the fans with more blades are more capable. But if we are not concerned about airflow because we have smaller space, we should choose a fan with fewer blades. That will be quieter.


3) How do we know if a ceiling fan will be quieter?

The CFM rating of the fan determines it. Higher CFM means a relatively quieter fan, and vice versa.


4) Are DC motors quieter than AC motors in ceiling fans?

Generally, fans with DC motors are quieter than AC motor fans. They are energy efficient and also have more speed options.


5) Can a noisy fan fall?

Fans can fall, but it is simply because they aren’t mounted properly. Parts of the shaking or wobbling fan may fall.


Author’s notes

So this was all the discussion about the quiet ceiling fans. There are many choices. Some of them mentioned above are excellent for your space; the choice is yours.

But the only mentionable thing is that fans should be using DC motors. These fans are comparatively expensive but worth the money.

Others using other motors can also be a choice; they can also be quieter.

Please check my list of fans and select your choice.

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