How to Silence a Blender in a Smart way

Blender is one of the kitchenware used almost every day for different purposes. They have become an integral part of our daily life. 

Most of us are very fond of having smoothies, shakes, and juices in our daily routine. Apart from being healthy, they are also a quick fix.

All of these require a blender. They help us whip and mix things more efficiently and quickly.

Blenders do incredible work for us, but at the same time, they get very annoying due to their loud motors.

If your blender is extra noisy, it can be a real nuisance. Even the most popular and efficient blenders are prone to make too much noise. 

The noise of these blenders does not only irritate your eardrums but also disturbs your sleeping toddler, old-aged family members, and even neighbors. 

But you should not be skipping your morning smoothies only to ensure that you don’t disturb others with the loud noise of your blender. 

In this article, we will discuss tips on making a blender less noisy. It would be more appropriate to control the noise of your existing blender rather than wasting money on buying a new one. 

You can’t be sure if the new blender would be less noisy because even the most expensive blenders make some noise. 


Move it away from the wall

Move the blender away from the wall when you need to use it. Keeping it close to a wall or in an enclosed area would make it noisier.

The sound of the blender’s motor can bounce off the wall and make it seem noisier. 

Also, you can move your blender to the edge of the countertop.

It will also help in reducing the amount of noise. You can always move it back to its original position after using it. 


Put it on a silicone mat or a towel or a rubber

You can place a silicone mat, a towel, or a rubber on the surface of the blender to help reduce some noise. A soft surface under the blender helps in absorbing some of the noise. 

You can also buy an anti-vibration pad designed for blenders.

They will help absorb some of the vibrations while the food blends, eventually making lesser noise.


Use earplugs

If using a blender in your house is too much, you should be worried that the noise may damage your hearing in the long run. Or maybe if you work in a café or a restaurant where the use of blenders is continuous, you should worry about your hearing health. 

For this reason, you should try to use earplugs whenever you are exposed to the noise of a blender. 


Make a DIY blender sound enclosure 

An easy and cheap way to create a blender sound enclosure is to wrap a kitchen towel around your blender while in use. 

The kitchen towel will help absorb some of the vibrations produced by the food items blending inside the blender. It will also help absorb most of the noise coming from your blender’s motor. 

As beneficial as this DIY blender sound enclosure is, it can also cause a major problem with your blender if you cover the air vents. Blocking the air vents can cause the blender motor to overheat, causing damage to it. 


Soundproof the wall next to the blender

This method of soundproofing the wall next to the blender may seem out of the way, but it will be very useful in absorbing the noise of your blender. It will also help absorb other sounds produced while working in the kitchen. 

You can soundproof your wall with old egg boxes, foam panels, and fiberglass insulation. These materials are easy to install and play a major part in absorbing noise. 

You can soundproof all the walls if you have a utility room, a pantry, or a small dirty kitchen. All the kitchen’s noisy appliances can be placed and used there so that the rest of your house may not get polluted by unnecessary noise. 


Buy a ready-made blender sound enclosure

A ready-made blender sound enclosure is available in markets these days. It may cost you a bit, but the investment will be worth it. 

A blender sound enclosure is a box with a front opening. It fits the blender inside it and does not allow the sound of the motor to come out. 

These sound enclosures are specially designed to keep the sound inside them. They have front-opening doors, which do not allow sound to come out when closed. 


Invest in a quiet blender

If you already own a blender that works efficiently and has no defects, buying a new silent blender would be your last option. 

But it may be worth it if you cannot tolerate any more noise from your blender. 

Silent blenders are new in the market and more expensive than normal ones. They guarantee sound-free efficient blending. You may have to invest more, but you may never regret it. 

It would not count as investing in a silent blender, but it will be considered an Investment for your and your family’s mental health. Noise pollution is real, and it causes damage to our mental health, which may be beyond our understanding. 


What is a quiet blender?

Many quiet blenders have been introduced in the market nowadays. It is a type of blender that works as efficiently as a standard blender and makes almost no sound. 

This will be the best purchase for you when you have to make smoothies and juices every day in the morning. Your entire household may get disturbed every morning if you are using a standard blender. 

These quiet blenders create a vortex that places all the ingredients of the blender in the center to make blending more effective. 

Specially designed blades of these quiet blenders produce minimal sound while blending the food inside. 

These quiet blenders have rubber, and silicone sleeves, which help absorb maximum noise and vibrations produced during the blending. 



Since most of the blenders are too loud and cause noise pollution inside our house, it would be best to find out some tips that work for reducing the sound coming out from a blender’s motor. 

In this article, we discussed some tips and techniques that would help you control the noise caused by your blender. 

All these techniques are worth trying because they won’t cost much and take too much effort on your part. But they will impact how quietly your blender works from now on.

But still, if you want a completely silent blender, then purchase a quiet blender. You would have to spend money on it, but it would be worth it. Avoiding noise is very important for your mental and psychological health. 

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