How to Make Heels Quieter

This article is a guide to help people make their heels quieter and more comfortable without losing their style.

The female gender is always known for its elegance and charm.

They have a strong innate desire to dress up beautifully and look unique.

To fulfill this goal, sometimes they have to go through little stress, even then, they somehow manage to acquire their favorite look, so they have always been known for their captivating beauty.

Here we are talking about high heels, which are sometimes problematic for females, but they can’t compromise on their looks.

They can be noisy sometimes, and their click-clack sound makes the person conscious about being noticed by the surrounding people.

Sometimes the situations can be awkward.

Imagine you are in a hospital, library, or other quiet, demanding place.

Your shoes can place you in quite an uncomfortable situation.



Reasons for the noisy heels

There are a lot of reasons why heels make noise and disturbance, some of them can be:


The shape of the heels

This is one of the major factors in making noise.

Narrow and pointed heels are more likely to make noise than wider ones.

The material of the shoe

This is another factor involved in determining the level of noise.

Hard or metallic materials hit the ground with more force, creating louder noises than soft materials like leather or fabric.


The size of the shoe

The size of the heel contributes to the intensity of the noise it makes. If you don’t wear the proper shoe size, it is more likely to produce higher sounds, especially if the shoe is bigger than the foot.

This is because you’ll drag the foot instead of lifting it properly.

The way you walk

This is an important aspect of noise production.

The way you walk, the size of your steps, and the weight of your steps play a role in the volume of noise created; walking gently will make less noise and vice versa.


The role of different places in enhancing the impact of noise

This factor can not be ignored as many environments make your heels’ sound more noticeable.

For example, if you are going through a hallway, hotel lobby, or stairs with high ceilings and a broad space, heels create too much noise, and you find people staring and noticing your existence.

This problem is often unavoidable because you have to walk through passages like these.

So we recommend you pay attention to your surroundings.


Ways to stop heels making noise

RED heels

As discussed above, many factors are enhancing the noise and the impact of noise created by heels; we are now here to discuss the remedy.

So here are some of the tips that can help you deal with the problem.


Add silicon or rubber soles to your shoes

If you can add silicon or rubber sole to your shoe, it is a lifesaver.

Size-appropriate soles are available on Amazon etc.

This not only helps reduce the annoying shoe sound but also enhances the stability of the posture and durability of the shoes.

Add rubber cover to the high heels

If you don’t want to add the complete sole under the shoe, you can also go for the rubber cover only.

These rubber covers have many benefits apart from stability and durability.

They are available in many different colors to go with your outfits.

They help prevent the heels from slipping, and thus you can avoid accidents.

Add furniture pads to your heels

If you don’t find the rubber mentioned above or silicon sole or heel pads, the easiest accessible thing is the furniture pads.

These are readily available and cheaper solutions to your problem.

We all have noise-producing chairs and tables in our homes and use these pads for them.

The same product will work for heels also but remember these are not appropriately designed for the shoes; that’s why to be very careful to use them for this purpose.

Use the duct tape method

Duct tape is a multipurpose tape made up of cloth material.

It is pressure sensitive, that’s why there are many purposes; it can also serve the purpose of covering noisy shoe heels.

It can be carefully and finely applied on the sole and heels so that it doesn’t look ugly and also help reduce the loud heels sound.

Apply either on the new pair of shoes, or if the shoe is used earlier, wash it from the bottom, then perfectly dry it.

Otherwise, the tape wouldn’t stick to it.

This tape is available in neutral colors, so it doesn’t affect the shoe’s appearance.

But remember, this tape is smooth, so be careful while walking.


Use gel cushions

There are a variety of gel cushions available in the market.

These are used as a cushion on footwear and absorb all the vibration and sound when you walk through hard surfaces.

It also helps in maintaining better posture and stability while walking.

These are replaceable and can be used on multiple shoes multiple times.

But one thing in mind is that you should replace them once they become ineffective.

It depends on the frequency with which the shoe is used.

Add a thick comfortable sole inside the shoes

This is also an effective remedy to your problem.

Placing thick and comfortable soles inside the shoes makes them fit better.

Ultimately, when they fit you better, you can walk with them confidently, which adds to their beauty.


Buy shoes with rubber or leather sole

Instead of taking the pain after you have bought the shoes, always try to check and test the shoe while purchasing.

Be very thoughtful about its use and do purchasing accordingly.

Trial and testing in the shop will be valuable not only for your money but also for your comfort.

Learn to walk the way that reduces the noise

Practice walking in a way that reduces the noise; for example, don’t unnecessarily drag your feet, instead, try to elevate the feet appropriately in a way that doesn’t sound annoying.

However, do not lift your foot too high off the ground; otherwise, it is bound to make noise.

Also, try to avoid hard surfaces as much as you can.

Hard and rough surfaces are also hazardous to the shoes; heels become damaged and lose their elegance.

Try to buy thicker heels with a wide surface area

The wisest decision anyone can make regarding a heels purchase is to go for the thicker ones with a wide surface area.

My personal experience is that they are the most comfortable and stable form of shoes regarding style and fashion.

When the heels share a wide surface area with the earth, they don’t make unbearable noise.



Looking fashionable and graceful simultaneously are the desired objectives of every person.

When it comes to clothing or footwear, everyone needs the best.

Heels are always liked by most women, as they give personality grace and beauty.

Sometimes, short height urges the ladies to purchase heels to solve the problem.

Whatever the issue is, we all have shoes with high heels, whether we like them or not.

Because of this, when we encounter the problem of high pitch sound, we become reserved while walking, affecting our confidence.

We have learned from the above discussion that don’t be embarrassed.

Be yourself, and try one way or a combination of different ways to soundproof them.

Confidence is the key.

Confidence comes when you make a mindful decision about your shoes.

Whether you want to wear small and broad heels or high and pointy ones, you should according to your comfort.

Also, not all the places and all the occasions are the same.

Wear the shoes according to the protocol of the venue and event.

Above discussed solutions are really helpful.

Try one that you like and consider easy.



1) How do you make your high heels quieter when you walk?

To make your high heels quiet when you walk, you need to use a heel-toe combination.

Be particular about putting your heel first and then your toe.

You need to practice if you want to walk in a quieter way.


2) Why do heels make so much noise?

Heels do not make noise on their own.

It depends on the person wearing heels and how he walks.

Don’t just stomp around while you walk; remember you’re not wearing boots; you’re wearing heels.

Walking in heels is different than walking in boots, and flat shoes, so try to follow the heel-toe combination.

Put your heel first and then your toe to make your walk quieter.


3) Do heels always make noise?

No, heels don’t always make noise.

You just need to focus on the right pattern of walking in heels.


4) What type of heel is most comfortable and quieter?

While buying a comfortable and quieter heel for yourself, you should keep in mind these three points:

The heel should be no more than 3 inches

The heel should provide a good arch support

The heel should have a supportive cushioning


5) Can I make my high-heeled shoes quieter?

Yes, you can make your high-heeled shoes quieter using the same methods as for regular heels, such as adding rubber caps or felt pads to the bottom of the shoe.

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