How to Break Silence in a Relationship

Human beings are the sacred creation of God, and God has created them in pairs.

This shows that human beings always want companions.

And companionship works at its best when there is good communication.

Whenever there is some communication gap in any relationship, they become vulnerable to breakage.

Here we’ll specifically be talking about Marital relationships.

Marital relationships are man-made and not blood relationships.

That’s why they are delicate.

A little misunderstanding can cause disasters.

And misunderstandings are the result of a lack of communication.


What does it mean by silence in a relationship? 

There can be many reasons why two partners don’t want to be around one another.

They simply don’t enjoy each other’s company and don’t want to spend time with each other.

On top of that, sometimes, they don’t want to sit and talk about the issue so that matters can be resolved.

This is where we diagnose this problem as silence in a relationship.

This situation is hard because no partner wants to come forward for problem-solving.

They start avoiding each other and are not able to express their feelings.

Sometimes, they are unwilling to express their wishes and expectations to their partner.


Causes of silence between partners 

 There can be many causes of silence between the partners.

 These reasons can be genuinely valid, or maybe they are just lame acts of asking for attention.

 Some of them can be:


  • A partner wants to avoid the argument:


This falls under the category of genuine and valid reasons for silence.

When a partner has a bipolar nature, it means that he or she can’t efficiently control their emotions.

Either they become hyper or become over-sensitive.

Then the best way to avoid that situation is to go into silent mode.

Useless arguments at that particular time can be harmful.


  • Relationship transition phase

The relationship between the two partners is time dependent also.

It takes different turns over time. Initially, it has some honeymoon kind of mood which goes through continuous transitions after some time gaps.

Whenever the mood of the relationship resets itself, it may also go through some period of silence. 

It is because the partners now have to redefine their priorities and understand each other’s mental statuses.

That is also a genuine cause of silence in a relationship, and it can be taken along positively to better understand togetherness.


  • Bad communication skills

This may or may not be a genuine cause of silence.

Sometimes it is only people’s stubbornness which stops them from communicating first. 

Genuine in the sense that sometimes, even after trying hard, one can not overcome the lack of confidence in his personality.

But communication is a skill, and skills can get improved with consistent attempts to improve.

And if it is about your important relationships, then struggling for them is worth it.


  • Want to pressurize the partner with silence

Sometimes one partner tries to exploit his importance negatively.

He only wants to pressurize the other one, to make him feel low and to submit In Front of him.

This is a dangerous situation and can harm the relationship.

If the opposite partner is not wise and kind enough, then circumstances can take the most negative turn.


  • Attention seeking

Sometimes, silence is only for attention-seeking.

One partner can give the prolonged silent treatment to the other to gain fake and temporary sympathy.

Not knowing that this kind of behavior will give very little sympathy or sometimes even not that.

But ruining relationships will go a long way.


Be careful before silence makes its place 

Above mentioned causes of silence are very important, but it’ll be ideal that we may stop these kinds of situations from arising.

Here we will discuss some precautions that can be taken to avoid silence.


  • Never prolong a conflict

It is a good habit if we teach it daily in all our relationships.

Never prolong a conflict. It will be much better and easier to resolve the issues as soon as they arise.

Gradually when time passes by, many non-issues take the place of the original conflict, and the situation becomes worse.


  • Talk openly about everything

It is also healthy behavior.

Silence will never make room when we don’t close the doors of conversations.

We have many things to talk about.

We can share our daily routines and discuss hobbies, social or religious norms etc.

Conversation topics can be personal as well as social.

But talk to know each other more.

Also, this way, we will learn to respect each other’s points of view.


  • Do some activities together

This is a very powerful formula for developing a healthy relationship.

When the couple makes it a habit to do activities together, they better understand each other.

They enjoy the time and each other’s company, thus bonding strengthens.


  • Have at least one meal a day together

Also, practice this ritual religiously. Having a meal together, or at least a cup of tea together will bring you closer to each other.

This will induce a sense of being important to your partner, who will wait for that time daily.

This will bring a very pleasant vibe to your relationship.


  • Be respectful of each other’s opinion

Respect each other as a person first, then as a partner.

Listen to each other with an open mind and purity of heart.

The more you respect each other’s opinions, the more strong and healthy relationships you’ll experience.


Steps to break the silence in a relationship 

After an argument, initially, both partners are at the peak of their emotions.

Maybe they feel unheard, so they feel low and don’t want to talk.

But after that, emotions settle down, and they don’t know how to start a conversation again.

More time passes like that, and they get more and more confused about solving this problem.


Now we’ll be discussing in detail that if silence has developed between the two partners, how can they overcome this situation?


  • Acknowledge the problem

Firstly, acknowledging the fact is important that something negative exists between you two, and it needs to be resolved.

This should be done for the sake of the relationship without bringing a self-centered mindset.

This is the first step towards reconnecting with each other.

This will go a long way in bringing positive results.


  • Simply start to Talk

The simplest solution to this complication is to put everything aside from your mind and start talking like nothing ever happened between you two.

Indeed, it is a difficult task, especially if you usually don’t show such behavior.

But, one partner has to take a step.

And believe it is a simple and fruitful attempt to break the silence.

The other partner should also behave responsibly and should leave the stubbornness.


  • Contact via phone call

Take a step forward and make a phone call if you are away from your partner or even in any situation you don’t find the guts to talk face-to-face.

The psychological results of such caring attempts produce a sense of being cared for in another person, and things start going towards betterment.


  • Show sentiments through a soft SMS

The use of technology in today’s world is a blessing.

It has solved so many problems.

The idea is to initiate the negotiations and break the silence.

Once you successfully start that, things will go in a better direction.


  • Be apologetic

The ego is a killer of relationships.

Being apologetic does not mean that you are wrong.

But it shows that your relationship is more important to you than your ego.

Time proves that if people gradually start understanding your intentions.

Gestures with good intentions get acknowledged with time.


  • Give another chance

Give another chance and space to the other partner.

Sometimes things become awkward.

Considering other people’s positions, you should always create space for them.

Give them a chance to rectify their mistakes.

This will bring you good books by the other companion.


  • Focus on the positive side of the picture

Always think of the brighter side of the picture. Highlight the positives and suppress the negativity.

Never allow the negativity around you to interfere with your decisions. Think will a big heart and open mind.


  • Consult a relationship counsellor

If you think it is necessary, never hesitate to take help from a therapist or relationship counsellor.

It is okay to seek professional help if you need it.

Nothing wrong with it.

When endorsed by a professional, knowledgeable advisor, sometimes the solution in your mind makes you more confident about the decision.

Thus you apply that with a belief, and success seems easy.



From all the above discussion, we now are in the position to separate the positive silence from the negative one.

Meaning silence is not always bad. If it is for avoiding unwanted arguments, then it is positive.

But when the ego is involved, and both parties have set so-called barriers and standards for themselves, there is a problem.

The longer that problem shall exist, the more difficult it will be to break the ice.

So never have a prolonged period of silence.

And if you feel helpless, never hesitate to seek advice from a relationship counsellor.

They can help in starting a dialogue, and your problem gets solved.



Q: Why is it important to break the silence in a relationship?

A: Breaking silence in a relationship can help improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen emotional connections.

Q: How do I know when it’s time to break the silence in a relationship?

A: If you are feeling disconnected, frustrated, or resentful towards your partner, it may be a sign that it’s time to break the silence and start a dialogue.

Q: What are some effective ways to break the silence in a relationship?

A: Some effective ways to break the silence in a relationship include expressing your feelings openly and honestly, actively listening to your partner’s perspective, and seeking the help of a therapist or mediator if needed.

Q: How can I prevent silence from occurring in my relationship in the future?

A: You can prevent silence from occurring in your relationship in the future by maintaining open and honest communication, setting healthy boundaries, and addressing conflicts as soon as they arise.

Q: What should I do if my partner is unwilling to break the silence?

A: If your partner is unwilling to break the silence, it may be helpful to seek the help of a therapist or mediator to facilitate a conversation and address any underlying issues. Ultimately, it is important to prioritize your own emotional well-being and make decisions that are in your best interest.

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