5 Ideas to Block Out Snoring Without Earplugs

Most people snore while sleeping, and blocking out snoring without earplugs can be difficult.

When you wake up late at night because of your partner’s snoring, this may be the worst kind of helpless feeling.

Disruptive sleep will not only make you annoyed at that moment, but also it will affect your next day’s energy levels.

For some couples, the situation even leads to divorce.

Snoring doesn’t only disturb your sleep, but it also disturbs the snorer’s sleep.

This article is about helping you block snoring so that you sleep the whole night peacefully and wake up fresh in the morning.

But first, let us see what the actual reason behind snoring is.


What causes snoring?

Snoring is the sound produced while you sleep, and the muscles in your throat relax.

The tissues sag into the windpipe, which becomes the cause of blocking it partially.

When we breathe, the air moves in and out over these tissues causing the snoring sound when these tissues vibrate.

Throat muscles relax more when you sleep at your back; you’re overweight, you drink alcohol, you take sleep aids, or you are a smoker.

So you can say that people who do the things mentioned earlier tend to snore more.

Other reasons for snoring may include the blockage of the nose, enlarged tonsils, allergies or tongue blocking the airflow in the airway.

Snoring is not dangerous, but it is caused due to some health issues.

But if left untreated, this may lead to many more health issues.

The snorer himself doesn’t sleep peacefully.

He tends to wake up every other minute because of his snores.

Not being able to sleep all night can lead to an inactive morning routine and a lazy day ahead.

Snorer’s partner’s sleep also gets disturbed.

When exposed to noise all night, they experience more mood swings, decreased mental performance and feel sleepy all day.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleep disorder that causes you to stop breathing periodically throughout your sleep.

It is dangerous and can lead to obesity, stroke, and all-cause mortality.

In many cases, snoring can lead to sleep apnea (OSA).

How to block out snoring?

Is your partner’s snoring keeping you up all night?

Here’s what you can do to have a peaceful night’s sleep.


1) Use a white noise machine

Using a white noise machine is a good strategy for a peaceful night’s sleep.

White noise has proved to be the best way to remove unwanted noise at any time of the day and night.

If you don’t wake up in the middle of the night because of snoring but are just facing difficulty drifting off to sleep, you can play white noise while lying down to sleep.

Set a timer for an hour so that it doesn’t keep playing all night long.

If you wake up multiple times during sleep because of snoring, keep playing the white noise all night.

This will help you get a more peaceful sleep without any disturbance.

You will also not have to use earplugs to block out the snoring noise; instead, white noise will fade the snoring noise from your partner.

White noise helps drift you off to sleep more quickly and improves your sleep quality if you’re sleeping in a busy or noisy environment.

Long-term noise exposure will reduce the quality of sleep and will also prevent you from having a deep sleep.

So, a white noise machine is one of the best things you can get for yourself to sleep peacefully and wake up fresh and active in the morning.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a white noise machine, you can play white noise on YouTube.

This is the easiest, most convenient, and cheapest way to have a healthy sleep.

2) Sleep separately

Consider sleeping separately from your partner if you have a spare room and a bed.

While it may be very sad to sleep at a distance, imagine how disruptive poor sleep is for your life.

It’s better to sleep alone than to cause resentment in your relationship.

Sleeping alone may also become one of the reasons for you not having a good night’s sleep, but you’ll get used to it in some days.

I think it’s better to sleep alone than to stay awake all night because of snoring.

It will take several nights, and you’ll be fine sleeping alone.

A study was conducted in which the sleep of women was measured who slept with their husbands, and then again their sleep was measured when they slept separately.

You’ll be surprised that there was no difference in the results of both measurements.

Different factors like sleep efficiency, duration and the amount of deep sleep they experience during the night didn’t change.

However, light sleep time and awakening time improved.

So, you can say sleeping separately will not make much of a difference; if it does, it will only improve the quality of your sleep.

This study was conducted on 16 couples, too, only for a single night.

You can say that more studies must be conducted for more accurate results.

3) Go to bed earlier

Snoring doesn’t always keep you awake.

This is because once you sleep in a peaceful environment, you will probably not wake up later.

So if you get disturbed by the snoring sounds, you should adopt the technique of sleeping earlier than the snorer.

Ask your partner not to disturb you by making sounds or turning the lights on when he comes to bed.

When he silently comes to bed, you won’t be disturbed, and by the time you get into a deep sleep, your partner’s snoring won’t disturb you.

If your snorer partner sleeps before you, you will face difficulty falling asleep because of the sounds he makes.


4) Roll the snorer onto his side

People snore more commonly when they sleep on their backs.

Sometimes this problem can only be solved by changing the position of sleeping.

When you wake up in the middle of the night because of your partner’s snores, simply try to roll him onto his side if he’s sleeping on his back.

If you find him heavy and can’t roll him, gently wake him up and ask him to roll on his side.

This will solve your problem very easily.


5) Wake him up

Waking your partner up can be a challenging thing.

As much as you get disturbed by your partner’s snoring, you definitely won’t like it if you disturb their sleep by waking them up.

Of course, sleeping without interruption is important for both of you, but there’s no harm if you wake your partner and tell him that you can’t sleep because of him.

If your partner understands enough, he probably won’t mind.

He must understand that snoring is as unhealthy for him as it is for you.

If you can’t sleep in a noisy environment, the snorer also is not having good quality sleep.

But in other situations, if your partner has something very important to deal with the next morning, don’t wake them up.

So according to the situation, you can deal with the snorer.


Getting enough sleep in a peaceful environment is important for everyone.

Only those who sleep with a snorer know how difficult it is to sleep while you hear a constant noise all night.

The above article discusses how you can block out snoring without using earplugs.

You no longer need expensive headphones and earplugs to block out the noise.

Adopt the above strategies and allow yourself to sleep peacefully without any disturbances.


1) How can you sleep as a couple when your partner snores?

If your partner snores and you’re too fed up with hearing the constant noise all night long, try using a white noise machine, rolling them onto their side, or going to need them before they go to bed.

If you try to encourage the snorer to get them checked for sleep apnea, this would be best because snoring is also not good for their health.


2) How to stop someone from snoring without disturbing their sleep?

If you don’t want to disturb your partner, but you’re also too fed up and want them to sleep quietly, try gently rolling them on their side.

Another option is to move to another room if you have one In your house.

3) Will my partner’s snoring affect my sleep?

Yes, your partner’s snoring will affect your sleep at night.

Even if you don’t wake up fully because of snoring, you cannot get enough sleep.

Not getting enough sleep will increase the risk of increased heart rate and high blood pressure.

So getting proper sleep is very important for everyone to wake up active the next day and work efficiently.


4) How can I block snoring without using earphones?

A: Here are some tips to block snoring without earphones:

  1. Try using white noise machines or fans to create ambient noise.
  2. Use earplugs specifically designed for sleeping.
  3. Adjust your sleeping position to reduce snoring.
  4. Consider using a white noise app or a sleep sound machine on your phone or tablet.
  5. Use soundproofing materials such as weatherstripping or acoustic panels in your bedroom.

5) Can I use background noise to block snoring?

A: Yes, you can use background noise to block snoring. White noise machines, fans, or calming music can help create a continuous ambient sound that masks snoring noises and helps you sleep better.

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