How To Find Silence In a Noisy World

“Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything.” ~Gordon Hempton

Silence is very important for everyone; it is an essential part of our lives.

Human beings are social creatures, but that doesn’t mean we are not disturbed by the constant noise of this world.

Too much noise can damage our mental and physical health.

Even if we’re physically alone, we don’t feel alone because of all the noise surrounding us.

We’re never alone because of the technology present around us.

Our phones keep ringing and beeping, the vehicles outside keep roaring their engines, the horns are too loud, and the social gatherings around us pollute the environment constantly.

Finding silence is very important to heal our souls and body.

This article lets us know how to find silence in a noisy world.


1. Try looking for quiet

How to find silence in a noisy world - peaceful place

“We aren’t meant for this noisy existence. In silence we are forced to confront that which is not right with ourselves, while in noise we escape.”- Devin Foley

If you work in an office which is located in a densely populated area, your work may also suffer.

Most of the offices and workplaces are located in such areas.

For that, you must try to soundproof your office.

On the other hand, if you have a routine that doesn’t allow you to have quiet and peaceful moments for you, that too is a back draw for you.

Most people spend their day working in the office’s continuous hustle and bustle.

After the office, some plan to go to the gym, visit their friends, and have some enjoyable family time.

They might not ever experience a moment of silence.

This may become problematic for their mental health in the long run.

It’s very important to take some time out for yourself in silence.

If not every day, at least twice a week, sit in silence and solitude for some time.

This will help you a lot.

If it’s difficult for you to find a quiet and peaceful place in your home, you can go for a quiet walk or stroll near the sea.

It will help you reset and remind you of the calming effect of a natural backdrop.


2. Find joy in the mundane


Be present in the moment.

Enjoy whatever you’re doing, and don’t get upset by the daily boring routine.

Focus on the tactile sensations and be mindful.

When you shower, brush your teeth, or wait for something standing in the line, take these as opportunities for mindfulness.

Sit in silence, and listen to your heartbeat or your breath as you inhale or exhale.

These small activities will allow you to practice silence and solitude.

This will have a long-term effect on your mental health.

And also, this is the easiest way to practice silence, which cannot be done otherwise.


3. Go into the desert of silence

Holy Book

In silence, you get to know God more.

While sitting in silence, you observe everything around you and search for God.

“Christ lived for thirty years in silence. Then, during his public life, he withdrew to the desert to listen to and speak with his Father.

The world vitally needs those who go off into the desert. Because God speaks in silence.” – Robert Cardinal Sarah

In a noisy world full of distractions, it is almost impossible to look for silence.

But we must know how to find silence in a noisy world to speak to God and listen to Him.

Spiritual life requires silence and solitude both.


4. Find silence in nature

Sitting in nature is one of the best therapies to detox your body and mind.

Next time you search for silence, go for a walk or hike in the mountains, where you’ll be closest to nature.

Sit there for a while with your eyes closed.

This is one of the best answers to how to find silence in a noisy world.

Try to absorb that nature, listen to the cool breeze, chirping birds, and the hanging leaves.

This can be the best place to find some silence and solitude away from busy city life.


5. Sensible speech

Speech Bubble

One of the easiest ways of bringing silence into your life is by speaking carefully.

Be silent and think before you speak anything.

Especially in social situations, don’t let yourself speak whatever comes to your mind.

Think twice before you pour your mind out.

Only wise people know the value of this kind of silence.

In this noisy world where everyone is busy talking and try to talk less and listen more.

First, think and then talk only when you feel it’s necessary.


6. Device detox

This is the most effective way to take advantage of silence in a noisy world.

Take a day off in a week to have a break from all the technology.

The constant noise created by your smartphone, tablet, computer and television can greatly damage your mental and physical health.

You may find it comforting for yourself to spend your time watching Netflix or scrolling down your news feed, but in reality, it makes your mind more tired.

This way, you won’t get a break you’ll cause more damage to your mental health.

So it’s very important to get a break from all the technology to give rest to your brain, eyes and body.

Choose a day for a technology break and strictly stick to it.

You will notice that the results are always striking.

Quiet your mind and forget about all the emails or messages you might be receiving.

This way, you can also get time to reflect upon things and process what happened in the past week.

“We live in such a noisy world that many of us have come to be afraid of silence. We think that if only we do a great deal, it does not much matter what we are.” — Mother Mary Francis.

What is silence

Before you look for how to find silence in a noisy world, you must know what silence is.

Consider the meaning of silence before you go buy yourself noise-canceling headphones or try to give yourself a silent retreat.

True silence can not only be found at a remote location, but true silence begins from within.

It does not require a particular location; it can also be found amid our noisy lives.

If your mind is not silent, you’ll fail to find it anywhere, even in remote areas.

Silence helps you reflect on yourself; it does work for you in a way that nothing else can.

Sometimes it’s not easy, and you may feel it like another task on the to-do list.

But try to find time for silence; the only thing you’ll have to do in silence is to do ‘nothing’.

“This is a very noisy world, so we have to be very clear about what we want them to know about us.” Steve Jobs


Silence is golden

Even science has proved that silence is golden.

Noise can harm our mental and physical health; it turns out that this reason should be enough to practice silence daily.

By silence, I don’t mean external silence but the inner silence and peace that only come with deliberate practice.

Even a long solo walk can work if you’re searching for silence.

It will refresh you and reset your system.

This world has become a dangerously noisy place to live.

The World Health Organization (WHO) claims, “there is overwhelming evidence that exposure to environmental noise has adverse effects on the health of the population.”

And can you believe that all this noise is running our lives?

This constant noise is causing a great deal of damage to our nervous system continuously.

You know how your heart jumps when you hear a loud bang or roar, this is because of your stress hormone.

Now just imagine the amount of damage you are facing every day, mentally and physically.

It will do wonders when you give your body a dose of silence.

It has countless and unlimited benefits, including stress relief, improved memory and better sleep.

It will also improve your brain functions.

You can’t imagine how relaxing silence would be until you start practising it.

It is the key to clear thinking and increasing the likelihood of doing better next time.



It’s so essential for us to look for silence in this world, but it’s as rare to find.

Firstly you need to find it inside you and in the outer world.

At first, you may find it uncomfortable, alien, and awkward, but once you get used to its benefits, you’ll understand its worth.

Silence has so many spiritual, mental, and physical benefits for us.

Once you start practicing silence, you’ll see how your life changes.

This noisy world is nothing but a hazardous cage for us.

The constant noise entering our ears only makes us more frustrated and spiritually, mentally and physically unhealthy.

Let us join hands to make this world less noisy for the next generations.

Also, let us make efforts to become more aware of the damage noise is causing us.

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