Do Cockroaches Make Noise?

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Cockroaches are one of the most interesting insects on the planet.

For example, there are about 4,600 different species of cockroaches that can be found almost anywhere in the world.

However, although cockroaches are very interesting insects, no one wants cockroaches in their home.

Sadly, cockroaches, although only about 1% of the different species of cockroaches, are known for invading homes.

Sometimes, cockroaches are so hidden that they can’t be picked out by the human eye.

So how do you find a cockroach?

do cockroaches make noise?

Do cockroaches are able to make noise?

As many different types of cockroaches exist all over the world today, only some of them make noise.


What kind of cockroaches has sound?

Hissing cockroaches, such as the ones that are common in African countries, make noise.

This noise sounds like a slight hiss.

This light hissing noise is made by hissing cockroaches when they open slits in the sides of their bodies called spiracles and force air through these places.

Hissing cockroaches hiss when they are threatened by possible predators as a way of defending themselves by warding off the possible predator.

As well some of the species of cockroaches that are found in Australia also make noise.

The noise that these common Australian cockroaches have sounded like a crisp click.

These clicking noises are often made by rubbing their wings or rubbing their legs together.

These common Australian cockroaches have a sound during mating season in order to attract a partner to mate with.


What cockroaches don’t make noise?

Other than the few exceptions that were made above, most cockroaches don’t make noise.

However, please remember that this doesn’t include the scuttling of their legs or the fluttering of their wings.


In conclusion

To sum up, although hissing cockroaches in African countries and common cockroaches in Australia make noise, most cockroaches found in other parts of the world don’t.

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