Why Trees Planted Along the Roads Reduce Noise?

Road side trees

Ever wonder why trees were never uprooted during roadside construction? Most people will probably say that individuals or organizations protect trees from continuing to live on the spot they’re planted on. Others would say that they provide shade and make the roads look beautiful. Some may also add trees planted along the roads to reduce … Read more

9 Tips to Hammer Quietly & Not Disturb Your Neighbors

how to hammer quietly

Whether you live in an apartment, don’t want to disturb other people living with you, or simply have a really annoying neighbor, learning how to hammer quietly is a must. Hammering is incredibly noisy, so it’s only natural to make sure it doesn’t disturb those around you when you do it, especially if you have … Read more

How to Effectively Ask Neighbors Not To Slam Their Door?

How to Effectively Ask Neighbors Not To Slam Their Door

When people live in close proximity to each other in neighborhoods, apartments, or condominiums, differences between neighbors are bound to happen. One of the most common conflicts is the annoying habit of slamming doors. It’s a practice that is either done intentionally or unconsciously by neighbors, based on their upbringing or their present emotional health. … Read more

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