Top 9 Quiet Places to Study

Quiet Places to Study

This post will enlighten all the possible quiet places to study when your home is full of distractions. Focus is one of the essential factors when it comes to quality studying.  However, your house can sometimes be full of distractions and noise.  As a result, you end up with a blank mind and insufficient preparation … Read more

How Does Soundproofing Work?

How does soundproofing work

As the population of the world continues to grow, noise pollution is quickly becoming a serious problem for many individuals. Finding ways to reduce unwanted sound waves can reduce stress and provide a higher quality of life. Soundproofing is the method of reducing the transmission of sound waves from one area to another and can … Read more

Effects of Noise Pollution on Kids

Effects of Noise Pollution on Kids

Kids have a few more things to worry about nowadays than in previous generations. Among many other things, there are TV shows, video games, and extracurricular activities that introduce kids to the modern world. However, one thing has remained relatively unchanged: noise pollution. Everyone has heard about how older generations used to be able to … Read more

How to Deal with False Noise Complaints?

How to Deal with False Noise Complaints

If you’ve received a noise complaint from a neighbor but you know that you’re not in the wrong, the best way to handle it is to remain calm. If you start to argue back or come across as aggressive, it will only make the matter worse. By learning how to deal with the situation the … Read more

Why are Auditoriums Lined with Sound-absorbing Materials?


Auditoriums are important gathering locations for many types of events such as musical performances, plays, community forums, religious services, and political events. One of the most important facets of an auditorium is its acoustical performance, which will have a direct bearing on whether individuals will be able to effectively process sound waves from speakers, instruments, … Read more

Why Do My Ears Move When I Hear A Sudden Noise?

Man thinking

If you’ve ever experienced your ears “moving” when you heard a sudden noise, you’re not alone. Apparently, it’s quite common, and a theory linked to evolution can explain why it happens. Some researchers believe the upper part of the human ear was once more developed among our evolutionary ancestors. Today, this upper part of the … Read more

Why Quiet Person Is The Most Dangerous?

Why Quiet Person Is The Most Dangerous

“Don’t judge me because I’m quiet. No one plans a murder out loud.” Amy Efaw, author. This dark joke says a lot about the stereotype of quiet people. There’s a common misconception that “It’s always the quiet ones that are most dangerous.” But is it true? Are quiet people dangerous? Should you stay away from … Read more

Why Is My Car AC Making A Whistling Noise (& How to fix it?)

why is my car ac making a whistling noise (How to fix)

There’s nothing better than an ice-cold air conditioner keeping you cool during the peak of the summer months. But that enjoyment can end abruptly, the moment you hear a whistling or squealing noise coming from the car. 1) Loud Squealing When it comes to a car’s air-conditioner, there are two possible sounds that can be … Read more

Why is it Difficult to Stay Silent?

Why is it Difficult to Stay Silent

There are many reasons why we choose to remain silent, yet there are many supportive facts why silence is golden. Just like a poker game, being silent is one of the most difficult tells’ unless you reveal body language. Here is why silence is a difficult part for our emotions to deal with when situations … Read more

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