10 Interesting (Less known) Facts About Quiet People

10 Interesting (Less known) Facts About Quiet People

Quiet people are often misunderstood, and they know that too. Their quietness may sometimes be interpreted as arrogance or a bad attitude by other people around them. But research shows that quiet people are very creative and sensitive to their surroundings. Their shyness and reserved nature make them quiet. This doesn’t mean that they don’t … Read more

How to Sneeze Quietly (7 Easy Ways)

How to Sneeze Quietly?

Some people sneeze very loudly.  Loud sneezing can be due to their lung capacity, some allergy, or their natural tendency to sneeze loudly. Even if they try to control it, they cannot, making the situation embarrassing for them.  Are you eager to know how to sneeze quietly? This article will definitely help you out. Sometimes … Read more

How to Spank Someone Quietly

How to Spank Someone Quietly

Spanking is common in many households, but when you decide to spank someone quietly, it may be a difficult task. This is because spanking itself is a noisy affair. Spanking with wooden paddles, belts, hairbrushes, or even hands can get incredibly loud, especially if done on bare skin. Most people prefer keeping activities quiet during … Read more

Top 10 Quietest Animals In The World

Top 10 Quietest Animals In The World

Animals make a sound to get attention or to spread terror to their opponents. They even make noise to get attention.  You may be surprised to know that some animals make no noise. They don’t use their vocal abilities to communicate.  Even if they make any sound, it’s so low in frequency that it’s not … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Get Quiet Confidence

Ways to get quiet confidence

Quiet confidence is when you are so sure about yourself that you don’t think of any other outcome other than success. You are 100% sure that you are never going to fail.  In quiet confidence, you don’t feel the need to speak or announce your plans. You only let your actions speak. You believe in … Read more

14 Easy Ways to Quiet Your Mind

Ways to Quiet Your Mind

Sometimes it’s essential to quiet your mind. Having too much self-talk and mental imagery can be destructive sometimes. Because of all the rush inside your mind, you won’t be able to focus on anything.  Your mind should remain calm and peaceful. You should think only when you need and keep quiet otherwise.  A quiet mind … Read more

8 Ways to Quiet Your Inner Critic

Perfection is Stagnation

  Two types of voices come from inside you. One is encouraging, and the other is the discouraging voice.  Your inner critic is the inner voice that sometimes discourages you. Hence, it is necessary to quiet the inner critics that are destructive to you. This voice makes you believe that you are not good enough.  … Read more

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